Microsoft announces Wallet for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone Wallet

Today Microsoft has officially unveiled Wallet for the forthcoming Windows Phone 8 OS.  Windows Phone Wallet combines two popular features into one, specifically near-field communication (NFC) support for transaction in addition to an account manager for your frequently used credit cards, frequent flier passes and other personal data.

The Wallet feature will be built into the existing “Hub Model” of Windows Phone giving users quick and seamless access to their personal financial data and enabling wireless near-field communication payments where such systems exist. The storage aspect of Wallet enables users to store payment instructions, deals, and loyalty cards.

Even more impressive is the fact that developers can add and manage items in the wallet, define payment instruments and interact with NFC, giving them yet another opportunity on the WP8 platform. Developers can also link to Wallet for in-app purchases, which is also a new feature for Windows Phone 8.

While Android has NFC payments via Google Wallet and Apple has introduced Passbook to handle and store personal information, only Windows Phone 8 combines both into a single feature accessible to all users with new Windows Phone 8 hardware.

Finally, transaction service Paypal is officially supported in Windows Phone 8 directly through Wallet, enabling users to avoid using credit cards or carrier-billing, giving them yet another option for external payments or new the new in-app payment system introduced in Windows Phone 8.


Reader comments

Microsoft announces Wallet for Windows Phone 8


Good! That was the only feature I was jealous of that iOS 6 and Android has, and now we have it better!

I meant the Passbook feature. I wanted it because you don't have to carry around unnecessary cards.

The issue I have with current Windows Phone "wallet" offerings (and I know it's not the app developer's fault) is that they synchronize everything through the cloud.  From a security risk standpoint, I only want wallet data to exist on my personal computer and my Windows Phone.  Maybe the new synchronization software allows direct synchronization without having personal data transit other servers.

This is brilliant, I always misplaced and have lost my wallet plenty of times so I cant wait to use Wallet!!

Are there any updates on Wallet? I saw at my local supermarket you can pay by Google Wallet. But I don't see the utility of WP wallet. Anyone?