Microsoft announces winners for frustrated Blackberry/iPhone users contest

Last night we reported on how Microsoft was giving away 25 Windows Phones to frustrated Blackberry users (and later expanded to iPhones), who were in the midst of a near worldwide disruption of RIM services. Today, after more than 1,500 well thought out responses to the question "Why do you want a Windows Phone?", twenty-five winners were announced, including their reasons.

Here are the top five:

  1. Jon404: @BenThePCGuy I'm sick of drinking the Apple Kool-aid! I need some Mango to take the taste away ;)
  2. mattymorgs: @BenThePCGuy with #iOS still stuck on its bubbly look from 5 years ago, #windowsphone is the true 'Think Different' of UI style today.
  3. jdnorthwest: @BenThePCGuy As a frustrated #DearBlackberry user I was shopping the Bellevue @MicrosoftStore yesterday for a #windowsphone
  4. sweeneyben: @BenThePCGuy #DearBlackberry my Storm2 was great if I went back in time, but is so outdated, with poor service. I want to go back to Windows
  5. joegaus: @BenThePCGuy i want a #windowsphone because only Beyoncé Knowles' beauty can compare to those DAMN SEXY LIVETILES

What's even better is Microsoft via Ben Rudolph, will be giving away a Windows Phone once per month using the same criteria: send a story about why you want (or need) a Windows Phone. Then, they'll turn that story into a blog post on the Windows Phone Blog. Seems like a decent enough idea!

Congrats to all the winners! We hope you enjoy your new OS, in fact we know you will!

Read more at the Windows Phone Blog.


Reader comments

Microsoft announces winners for frustrated Blackberry/iPhone users contest


That's awesome for those who won, and that monthly giveaway is sure to increase Windows Phone's brand recognition and eventually sales, hopefully.

Wow awesome, thanks to your post guys, I actually won @sweeneyben! I have a Storm2, and really wanted to upgrade, but Verizon only has the Trophy, and I was waiting for the new releases. Not sure if I will be able to pick that phone, but thanks again, caused me to finally sign up for this site as well, instead of just lurking the fourms.

Well like I said, im currently on Verizon, so if I get the Trophy I can stay with my current carrier, if its another device, guess I will have to switch. I would prefer to stay, so I can still keep my 2 year upgrade, when it rolls on in March, but we will see. Thanks for posting the info Daniel, used to always be on crackberry, but looks like i'm switching now!

Honestly, if they would just give away free windows phones for like a month straight, market share would increase dramatically, and long term sales would increase to balance the initial loss. The biggest thing here is to get people to use it for more than 5 seconds.