Microsoft aware of Xbox Music streaming issues on Windows Phones, has implemented a fix

Xbox Music Error

This morning, shortly after Microsoft published an update for its native Windows Phone music app, the Xbox Music service encountered some issues. We received reports from readers stating that they're unable to access their music collection on a Windows Phone, which we were able to confirm with our own access severely hampered. Luckily, Microsoft is well aware of the problem and is actively rolling out a fix as you read this article.

Attempting to stream a track in a collection would show a "C101A011" or "805A0193" error, while others have reported being able to access just 30 seconds of each music file (as though their Xbox Music Pass somehow became invalid). According to the Xbox status website, this has been resolved and we can expect to be able to enjoy our beats soon enough:

"We have good news, Xbox members. If you were having trouble streaming content from Xbox Music to your Windows Phone, we're happy to say we've fixed the issue, and you can once again enjoy your favorite tunes. Thanks for your patience!"

If you're still experiencing trouble with the service, attempt a reboot of your Windows Phone and give it some time for Xbox Music to recover.

Source: Xbox; big thanks to everyone who tipped us!


Reader comments

Microsoft aware of Xbox Music streaming issues on Windows Phones, has implemented a fix


The phone miggt not react to server side changes immediately due to caching, etc. A rebboot might force it to do so.

i want the LIVE TILE back... i like the transparent but it should be coupled with the live tile like in windows phone 8.0.

It still won't work for me, even after rebooting my phone. Oh well, not like I expect Xbox music to work anyway. So flawed it's disgusting.

If its a server side fix you might be successful if you try a bit later. We are not all on the same server. Hope so!

Option?... That's some peoples issue.. It's not an option... I like it just fine, but I agree that it should be optional in settings..

My XBox Music has been failing to update since the last several weeks. Always get the Error 80070127.

Reboot couldn't fix it. I remember hard resetting once, and I still couldn't update it.

Changed my Region to US and back to my native country didn't help either.

I'm losing hope with XBox Music tbh


My device: Lumia 1520 (RM-937)

OS version: 8.10.12393.890

I have 3 albums in my phone. Side-loaded them from PC.

I listen to them "locally" on Xbox Music app without any issue.

Am I missing something?

Exactly! I don't really stream music. I have my playlist synced with iTunes so that i have the same music collections as on my iPod. I just need a local Music Player FGS!

How the f*** can they have such an issue with listening to music on your phone. Like you'd think it would be an easy thing. Have never heard it being an issue for ios or android. Bugs me!

Wonder if WP users will get the ability to listen to "artist radio stations" without subscription like how it is on Windows 8.1 (not the FM radio).

I agree. It needs to be set ablaze. I'm seriously losing faith in MS.. they'll never get this junk fixed.

That's pretty unusual. Might be worth chatting with MS. 8.1 is a 'preview' - almost a beta so perhaps your issue will go away with the official update. Still sucks but MS might be able to get out the issue.

Microsoft wouldn't be wasting their time sending OS updates for 8.1 unless we were running pretty much the final version, there is no way this is just a preview let alone a beta. Especially this close to final release.

It ain't final till its final. When I first put 8.1 on my phone it was a buggy, studying mess. MS has been constantly improving it by releasing updates, so I'd say it's just one step past a Beta test. Don't install it if you are intolerant of problems, wait for the Official release.

In my whole life, and at any time, I have never ever seen any piece of software on any mobile device and platform, that was worse than Xbox Music. Microsoft: if you employ (and pay) programmers like these ones, you do not need enemies.

Not one that could survive. I'd it had to stand on its own it would be defunct now. That said, they understand and agree working on it. Again, some of this relies upon them also addressing issues in the Win 8 and web versions.

I have to agree with you. Even Beats Music is fluid and far more stable than its inception and plus I'm not being charged for it cause of some glitch lol. Also the Xbox Music app no longer works on my 1520, I just get a blank screen with loading at the top left corner. It's been this way since this past weekend

Riddle me this: What does it mean when the Xbox Music app has significantly higher ratings on both the Android and IOS app stores than on the Windows Phone store?

How about they just remove the Xbox branding from their music and video apps and just go back to branding them under Zune and reassemble whatever team was responsible for that. I miss Zune, and I'm not a hardcore gamer.

Yeah, try to convince the average consumer that. Xbox will always be associated with video games first because Xbox is Microsoft's gaming platform, just like PlayStation is Sony's gaming platform. But at least Sony differentiates their gaming and entertainment platforms with Sony Music Unlimited and whatever their movie service is called.

I still get a black screen whenever I return to the app. Every. Single. Time.
I've rebooted, and even factory restored. Still get that issue. Plus, it still takes a second or two to do nearly anything.

I have seen an improvement and my access to music improved. I did consider rebooting, but will wait until I get home and sacrifice the chicken I have kept as a last resort.

Well I bitched loud about this earlier, afraid it was a sign of how the 'old' Microsoft was short changing the music experience on WP8, so let me say Props to the Windows Phone Team for exemplary customer service on this one. Well done on what was probably a long night's work!

After splash screen, I just have the white loading... And nothing else. App won't get past that. Even with a restart.

When were these issues fixed? Because I updated last night and now have a transparent tile, but I still can't play some of my own music!

This is the the first update that actually seems to make an improvement to Xbox Music. It resumes much more quickly and reliably (though I've seen a few black screens). Streaming is faster. It still isn't as fluid as WP7, but it's improving. Still no "new releases," which is annoying and dumb for a fee-based service.

Sorry to tell you this fellas, but Zune is DEAD. Its not coming back. Ever. Please stop beating a dead horse over Zune.

The only thing I care about is Album Art Support!. I used to use MPATool in WP8 but now it is not working on WP 8.1... It is impossible to put album art in WP8.1

Have u tried Nokia Mixradio? Album art works there for me but of course you miss everything else you should be able to do (backgrounds, deleting, playlists... that don't work)

I loved using the Music app when it was part of the hub.  Since it was split out it has steadily gone downhill.  It takes a ridiculous amount of time for it to even start, and then when it does it spends up to minute looking for music.  Flipping over to a category (Albums, Artists, etc.) it takes several seconds to even populate the screen.  And this is with ONLY having it configured to look at music that's on my Lumia 1020.  I turned off streaming because it's a complete waste of time.  This is such a mess.  I'm getting more disappointed with Windows Phone every day.  I've gone from being one of the biggest chearleaders to NOT recommending it to people.  That is sad.

Can anyone tell me, why this Xbox Music app replacing album covers and artists names in my offline libary?

Or better question. Anybody have the same problem?

I'd like them to fix the background on the lock screen.  When I reboot, the artist appears on the lock screen, but after a couple hours, it's just the regular bing background.  I don't know why, rebooting will fix it again, but only for a couple hours.  This got broke with the 8.1 upgrade

Xbox music sucks. Most of my music doesn't even show up as being in my cloud collection and those that do, won't play. Any thing that does play is 30sec long.

Gee Microsoft, how about fixing the issue with missing music and mislabeled albums and artists? FIX THAT CRAP FIRST WHY DON'T YA?!?!?!

What I don't understand is why my playlists from my PC are showing up even though I've turned off the streaming setting. And why it shows these 50 or so ghost playlists "on phone" when really I've only manually synced 2 playlists from my PC. I hate having to scroll through these empty playlists every day to find the one that actually has music attached to it. 

We need the old music+videos interface back with some tweaks.This really sucks a lot.The old one was best to access recent music + videos as well as related apps to open them directly.I'm just using this becoz there is no option.

My app is going past the green start splash screen and I cannot even play locally stored music. This preview thing is killing me

Has Microsoft (or if anyone knows) have a solution for duplicate songs on my WP8? To clarify, I have some songs listed more than twice. I have one song where I have 2 of the same song on my MicroSD and the same two songs listed with the "streaming" icon. Does WP8.1 fix this?

I would like avoid a factory resetting the phone as some of the forum post suggests. However, with the crappy piece of sh!t of software that the Xbox Music is, I don't know what options/solutions exists!

Frustrated music lover.

I am having issues with my Xbox music and Xbox video. The tv store and the movies store is empty. once in a while it will say my region in the xbox account and the phone's location is not the same but it starts working after that, the web store becomes active. Xbox music on the other hand has never shown any live feed in it's live feed. Please tell me what I should do to make them active