Microsoft begins rolling out Microsoft Account logins

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The new Microsoft Account page is now live but no longer 'Live'

We’ve reported on the slow rollout of 'Microsoft Account' for a few weeks now. The replacement for 'Live is slowly transforming as we’ve first noted it back at the beginning of June with the commerce site showing the new style.

Today, we’re getting reports (and have verified ourselves) that Microsoft Account is showing up on the https://account.live.com/ site, allowing you to create a new account (if you already didn’t have one). We saw this a few days ago but now it seems to be finally go wide today. You can of course login but you’ll be taken to the familiar services like Hotmail (still a terrible name) but they have not yet had their Metro makeover, which along with SkyDrive should be happening soon...

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Although it’s perhaps not the most amazing news, we think the idea of Microsoft Account is quite appealing and makes much more sense than the whole 'Live' branding which they’re finally phasing out. In fact when we signed into SkyDrive in Mac OSX Mountain Lion, it too was branded with Microsoft Account instead of Live (please don’t ask why we’re playing with OSX—sometimes we have job requirements too).

For some users though, the https://account.live.com/ is not showing up for them as new (for instance, our George Ponder is still seeing the old site) but up here in Manitoba and over in the UK we do have the new site.

It should be exciting to see Microsoft go through this rebranding over the next few weeks and to see how people take to it and the new Metro UI. Thanks, Nick P., for the tip


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Microsoft begins rolling out Microsoft Account logins


It looks like the web guys working on the Microsoft Account changes were unaware of the 25->7 GB change the skydrive team was doing and kept the old markup. will probably get fixed quickly...

When Microsoft changed the default size to 7GB existing users had a limited time to upgrade back to 25GB. If you missed it then you're stuck with 7GBs.

If you are not satisfied you are of course free to sign up with that other free cloud storage service that gives you more than 7Gb... God luck finding any... ;-)

Personally I still believe that when the new domain name come into force Microsoft will use the .microsoft one it purchased to make an account.microsoft site with all the new accounts getting names like username@account.microsoft or something similar

We are Americans so we kinda have to feel entitled...........i wish I was Canadian most times. When I travel im Canadian lol

What the hell are you talking about...that kind of thinking is the reason America is going down.

Missed the sarcasm did ya? For me to really believe that we are that entitled means I must really be drinking the coolaid. No I truly despise the state of my country. But my view is not gonna change things. For you to think that makes me wonder if you didn't dip into the coolaid yourself. /s We are americans, and we have a voice. s/

Excuse me? Frist, how very rude. Second, it has nothing to do with being entitled it is getting what is advertised. Whether it be a person spending money or being advertised to you can't 'lie'. I know it was a mistype but do new users? Do returning older users? NO. Again it is the little things MS needs to get right.

I'm seeing the option to pay using paypal next to CC.
Is that new? Does that mean we can pay for apps now also using paypal? Or is this for Xbox only?

Nothing wrong with Hotmail as a name. It's stood the test of time. 16 years, in internet time that's like 80 years.

Hotmail isn't that bad of a name how they branded live was a bad idea but live in itself wasn't such a bad name. But Microsoft was never really good with names windows movie maker. But at least you know exactly what it is. In a way it's a good and bad thing. Good because you always know what it is since they always have a long name but it's bad since it's not unique and sometimes too long to remember.
To me hotmail isn't much more offensive than gmail, yahoo or me.com
Live is nice but how they used it wasn't that great. 

I really hope you can change your account COUNTRY in order to use other credit cards if you change your country of residence. I still can't buy apps/games for my Windows Phone because I opened my Live account as being in the US (it was the first public availability of the live.com domain) and I live in Mexico :(
They said were working on this since Windows Phone launched but they haven't delivered on this front yet.
The new Microsoft Account name should be unified across services and devices, which is a good thing.

Just get a US credit or debit card. That's what I did. I set up my account in the US, added a US debit card and I use it in Mexico all the time to buy apps, music, etc. I even have a Zune Pass and can stream and download music in Mexico.

it's so annoying that you have to type out your whole email why couldn't they provide a drop down box for the email extension. like @hotmail.com @live.com @bing.com @ whatever.com

If you log into your hotmail and go to "account" you cane see that the page now has a new metro look to it and on the top left of the page it does say "microsoft account." I so want a metro-fied hotmail already. I hate how it looks right now. And maybe they can change the name to "Winmail" or "Metromail" at least.

Same here. I just love that feeling when I'm using something new. Metromail kinda sounds like metrosexual though.

Not sure if anyone else picked up on this yet or not, but it seems that I can now change my MS Account email address from my (very) old and (very) terrible account I created years ago and is unfortunately linked to everything - Zune, Xbox, Windows 8 RP logins, etc. I know there was a tutorial posted a while ago about a workaround for locked email addresses that involved the 360, but I just couldn't be bothered to do that.
The warning that I get shows that I'll still have to do a hard reset, but I'll wait and see what the new domain will be for email addresses before I go through anything that drastic. I recently setup an at live dot com alias, but I guess that was a waste of time.