Microsoft begins selling the Xbox One console without Kinect bundled


Microsoft has commenced the selling of its Xbox One console without the Kinect sensor for $399.99 (£349.99) through its own stores in the UK and US. A similar configuration is expected to go on sale in other markets later today, bringing the rather controversial move by Microsoft to many gamers around the world. The company is looking to tackle Sony's lead in the console war by offering skeleton bundles at more affordable price points.

The unfortunate situation for many is now consumers are able to pick up the console at a competitive price, while early birds had to fork out for both the sensor and console itself in available bundles. That said, we've thoroughly enjoyed using the Kinect sensor, but the terrible outcome of this move is that Kinect is effectively dead.

At least cheaper bundles are available, just in case you'd rather grab the console and get loaded in Titanfall.

Source: Microsoft Store (US, UK), via: The Next Web


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Microsoft begins selling the Xbox One console without Kinect bundled


Well I wouldn't say I agree with the decision as I feel kinect is actually quite good and has alot of potential now that potential will never come to light as MS just killed it. But from a business perspective I can see why they did it.

Yeah me too, but I still think that actually it's MS fault. They should have released an awesome game with the power of Kinect, like the wish of many people of an Avatar Game (The last Airbender) or whatever.. Sports or Kinectimals isn't for everybody so it's much better that way. MS can still release something big which make people want to buy the Kinect. So right now I'm happy with that decision, even though I'm a huge Kinect fan.

Yeah but still want my kinect. Got used to it since the days of the 360....can't do away with it now cuz of less price and 10% GPU.

I assume they considered that option, but dropped it because it didn't make financial sense or because they didn't want to devalue the Kinect. That said, I would also have preferred a price drop with Kinect in the box.

Anybody else not care about the fact that they had to pay for Kinect,but more the fact that there will undoubtly be less effort put forth towards Kinect features and games in the future due to it not being standard?

That's not a true statement, the only reason to not own the first one for the 360 was lack of space, but 2.0 took care of that, for a peripheral in all of its functions outside of gaming, it's tops... For Pete's sake, why else would they have made the Kinect for Windows? It's still pretty awesome tech, we all just think to small. =[

Except for telling my XBO, DVR, TV and Surround Sound to turn on and off every day. Funny story, my nephew was visiting at his Mom's house, got up one morning and commanded, " X Box On", and nothing happened. After the second try, he realized he wasn't home. The $100, amortized over the 5 year life of a console, is about a nickle a day. Not to mention the increased resale value. Just a bunch of stubborn cheap bastards out there. It's only a matter of time before Kinect becomes absolutely essential. And expect the add-on to cost $149 to cover extra packaging, etc. That's only fair.

Yes, but it's been almost a year since the XBox One was released, and so far there hasn't been too much effor put in the Kinect either, so keeping the Kinect wouldn't have guaranteed anything.

"kinect effectively dead" errm no that's BS. There is no reason why kinect cant still be successful being sold as an accessory..and the fact that its being released for PC also bodes well for the future.

Well who is going to invest into kinect now in the development phase knowing that they dont reach 100% of the clients with this added development? can believe anyone really bothers. they already didnt knowing it was bundled.. This generation Kinect is dead but there is always a next generation

There are 25 million Kinects out there that developers haven't been able to figure out what to do with. Nothing has changed this generation.

Exactly Im really sad that this stupid idea that just because the Xbox can now be bought without a Kinect that the Kinect "is now dead" is propagating even in this website. It is most definitely not the case. People who want the Kinect are in the majority and will continue to buy the Xbox with Kinect, those who don't want a Kinect can still get an Xbox now and, when they change their minds after seeing how much they are missing out, get one latter on. Only next year will the true potential of the Kinect be unleached on games and it will keep getting better as a device as the voice recognition gets better and better.

But they are not going to be missing out on much because no one will develop games for a peripheral that is now separate and not cheap (not many will buy Kinect now) it's sad and true

It's has to be about games to become viable! Voice commands are cool but a 100$ mic is not good! Voice commands is all I can use mine for! My games are titanfall,battlefield,forza......how else with these sweet games can i use my kinect besides voice commands? I think if Ms was wanting to explode the Kinect they would have added it to titanfall........they didn't! I use my Kinect for voice commands but that all I found to use it for.

Right! Everyone is acting as if there will be no more Kinect.. They will still exist and you can still buy them if you want to.

Don't be such jerks about it, being able to have purchased a bundle is awesome and the picture for this article is wrong. I really can't believe this site is actually trolling the Kinect... The console really should be called Xbox minus One now. =/

I have to agree, stating that the Kinect is now dead is band out of order. Far from it! It just remains more of a niche product.

It's still obviously not ready for prime time. Until you can use your Xbox Kinect on PC and vice versa, with no additional purchase, it never will be. But it's far from dead.

The biggest mistake by MS is putting out a console that was more expensive yet inferior to their competition power wise.

It's not more expensive for what you get. PS4 doesn't come with the Eye. Also Xbox can do so much more with its software than the PS4 can. So that's easily worth the negligible price difference.

Inferior? Xbox One is so much more feature-rich and ambitious that it makes the comparably boring PS4 look like a half-hearted PS3 spec upgrade. Unfortunately, most consumers are idiots, though we already knew this by the fact that these yahoos keep buying crappy Android phones too.

Dropping the Kinect was a good idea. But that doesn't mean no new games wont be made for it either. There's a whole lineup coming on games/apps specially for the love of Kinect. Giving the fans what they need. If u buy a $399 Xbox one. The dashboard will be slightly different than the one with Kinect. Easier controller interface. (No one was asking, I'm just telling :D) BTW off-topic: Recent report from Microsoft is Crackdown 3. Cloud-gen Coop and multiplayer. A game that cannot be made on any other console. It might get announced today.

Kinect is dead? Guess I better throw it away and not be able to Skype with my family that is 3000 miles away everyday like I do now. Worth the $100 right there. The added bonus, the voice commands to quickly navigate the console when I don't have a controller in hand, and the voice commands in Battlefield 4, "I need a medic!"

Everyone I know has a PS4. I only had one experience with the Xbox One and Kinect.

I went to pick up something from this guys house I bought on Craigslist. When I got there he was playing Xbox One...i asked him how it was and he was telling me about the cool stuff the Kinect would do...he proceeded to try to give me a demo. I say try because 50% of what he tried to Demo didn't work and the Xbox didn't do what he was saying. So not good, then later his son comes in and plays while we take care of buying/selling and during the conversation across the room he mentions Xbox and something else, and the Xbox recognizes it and switches off of the game his son was playing.

That is really annoying...something like this needs to work 100% of the time and if it doesn't (which it doesn't) then its useless. Maybe Microsoft is figuring that out, that its just a gimmick.

In my experience, it works about 90% of the time with me and about 75-80% of the time with my mom, but that's because she insists on yelling at it.

The biggest different though is that Microsoft touted the Kinect a lot more than Sony showed off its Eye

I don't understand why it will be dead. It'll be an accessory just like on the 360. I have always liked, or more accurately, didn't mind the Kinetic as an option, but I never liked it as a requirement.

Now what are they going to do with the features that required the Kinetic, like "record this"? I hope that they'll do DVR like thing that work across all games so I can go back later, but that probably wont happen, maybe not even possible.

Fools, how will 'the machine' know where to send Finch and Reese if your number comes up? :-)

To be honest, if Microsoft release the kinect as a standalone option then it might be easier to buy the Xbox One without the Kinect first and then be able to save up for the Kinect afterwards. I think that would definitely be an option for me as I'm pretty poor.

Although I would like to get both at the same time, it would be easier for me to get the Xbox One on it's own and then get the Kinect later on. That way I don't have wait longer and can enjoy the Xbox experience a lot sooner. I can then add to that experience by getting the Kinect at a later point.

I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way and think that the Kinect will definitely still make it into a lot of people's homes. I do also wish that I was fortunate enough to have the money when it first got released, but unfortunately I wasn't and now I need to save up and wait for the right time.

I don't think Kinect is dead. Since there's now over 4million consoles out there with Kinect attached. 1/3 of sales will still be the Kinect bundle I'd imagine, and with the release of the separate Kinect that'll likely increase to half or 2/3. Even as just a voice command addition the Kinect is worth it.

I wouldn't say Dead ... They are trying to find a middle ground, a solution that works for everyone ... Not everyone wants or needs a Kinect ... A 100 dollars may not sound like much, but in other countries it makes a difference ... Especially when you factor in Currency rates, Duty\Customs fees, Tax, Seller's profit ... Etc

As an aside Microsoft just don't know how to utilise the Kinect properly, the tech is phenomenal but they just aren't doing anything incredible with it. When you look at what people are doing with it in the PC sector it is depressing how under utilised the system really is.

Microsoft only have themselves to blame. First off they told everyone that the XBox required DRM and cloud storage for play. They lied, and we now have the console we have. They also told everyone that the Kinect was too much integrated into the XBox architecture to have a Kinect free model. They lied on this as well.

Microsoft told us the Kinect will deliver a compelling experience and they haven’t done so in the time it has been out. Also by removing it, they have virtually killed off any bright future the new Kinect had.

The XBox One is now basically a more expensive XBox 360 with better specs, and in some areas like video streaming and USB support, it's worse.

New technology just doesn't take with some people, even though the potential for something is there with it. I say give it a year. :) as for me? Now I can FINALLY afford an Xbox One! ((saving cash))