Microsoft’s Belfiore says they’re working on a fix for 7.8 Tile update issue

It was just a few days ago where an MSDN forum thread prompted a response from Mark Chamberlain, Microsoft Principal Developer Support Escalation regarding the Windows Phone 7.8 Tile issue. The problem stems from some Live Tiles not getting updated or using too much data, neither of which are viable options for must users and is one heck of a bug to slip.

Last night, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, who leads the Windows Phone Team, even acknowledged the issue on Twitter. Responding to a question about static tiles, Belfiore noted that “We identified a minor issue where some 7.8 tiles stop updating and we are working on a fix now”.

What form that update takes is anyone’s guess as presumably it will require an updated OS and not just a software patch. Since Windows Phone 7.x doesn’t do over-the-air upgrades like Windows Phone 8 does, apparently this will be a little trickier.

Windows Phone 7.x users will also require some sort of OS update to address the Google Gmail CardDav and CalDav login issue, which is set to expire mid-year for current users. So far it is not clear if Microsoft intends on lumping that fix into one for the Live Tile problem.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Amran N., for the tip!


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Microsoft’s Belfiore says they’re working on a fix for 7.8 Tile update issue


Naw man, I don't think that the US carriers were never onboard with this update.  That's why the L900 was the only phone to get the update in the first place.  -oh that and bc Nokia pushed AT&T to give the update. 

I've had the Lumia 900 on AT&T since May, and there's no update for me. They can't even resolve the 'pink spot' issue (now green) with its Carl Zeiss optics camera (replacement phone has same issue).

HTC and windows phone support told me that the hd7, which I am using to type this, will not be getting 7.8. That prompted me to use the 7eighter tool to manually update it.

Used 7eighter on my T-Mobile USA HTC HD7. Works great with no bugs....and I have seriously checked for bugs.

I have used the 7eighter tool to upgrade several Trophy's (on Verizon) and have not had any problems with it.  Worked great, was dead simple and it's breathed new life into my phone.   I never had a problem with my Trophy before but it seems so much nicer with the different tile sizes.

Cr4p joke which I believe stems from a remark on Engadgets comments.
Windows CE was not a beta. I wonder if they changed the push servers for WP8, and that broke something in 7.8.
Either way suggesting WP is beta, when its THE _most_ stable Phone OS out there is a little daft to say the least. Only bitter L900 and L800 people whine abou it, but WP had been out 2 years!
I'm much happier on WP than say Android for updates, you never know on *droid if you'll get any.

really, my 7.8 Lumia 710 is faster than ever - and battery life is even better. I get 2 days now.
My L800 sporting buddy says his phone battery is better too, and does not have lag at all.
(In fact I've never heard anyone refer to lag due to 7.8. Is it common?)

Well that's great for you but my phone had gone from a great device to a pain to use. It lags while doing most tasks and it seems to have eaten my battery life in half. Not to mention it feels like my service gotten worse. I used to cab method so i could be because i didn't get it the official way but idk.

Sad to say most likely 7.8 will probably be it for 7.x devices. MS obviously expended minimal resources for 7.8 being that it only brought 2 features from wp8. Legacied after 2 1/2 years sucks.

I see non functioning live tiles on my WP8 phone Lumia 920. Will this also get an update/fix or does Microsoft not yet acknowledge a problem? Over on Reddit someone said it was a known bug in WP8 but did not give specifics. 
Do you know more?

Hmmm, haven't seen anything like that on my 920. But now I'll keep an eye out for it. Hope it isn't something that will eventually start up on mine also.

hate to say this...sorry wp7 users...but I really think Microsoft Windows Phone team should really focus on solely WP8. WP7 is a dead end...please switch to WP8 to support this platform.

I own a WP8 device, and I have to disagree. There are still 7.8 phones under contract, and those users deserve the same level of support from Microsoft and their carriers until they are eligible to upgrade.

Do you think we all live in Beverley Hills and own fast cars? Thank God you do and have more money than sense.

You're exaggerating; Beverly Hills?  Fast Cars? 
For some WP7.5 users, it may be about money, but for others it isn't. 

Lol!  Well, I could have purchased a WP8 device off contract in November, but chose to get a new Lumia 900 off contract instead - the differences are just not that significant in my opinion, and I have roughly 80%-90% of the same functionality as WP8 devices. 
Nokia and Microsoft pledged support for WP7.# devices - why on earth would someone just ditch their device for a WP8 device?  Because you think Microsoft should solely focus on WP8?  Lol!

I'm on 7.8 as well but honestly the difference with WP8 is huge. OS-wise you do have 80-90% of the functionality (and 10-20% is already a large difference) but in terms of ecosystem the difference is huge. Right now it doesnt seem that way because there are few WP8 exclusive apps and you're on Nokia (meaning HERE is build in while its WP8 exclusive for other OEMs).
But all new apps are moving towards being WP8 exclusive. Even old apps like Whatsapp have a better version of for WP8 then for WP7. And if we ever do get Instagram it wouldnt suprise me if its WP8 exclusive (if only to have a basis for a Windows 8 app as well). Speaking about Windows 8, W8 developers often say in their FAQs that they might do a WP8 version but they ignore WP7. So in a year WP7 will be dead. Even Nokia is releasing budget phones with WP8 on it. If they had sticked to WP7 for budget phones then WP7 could live as a second world OS but as it stands it will get replaced before Android 2.3 does.
I'm sort of pissed of by Microsoft. Not bringing WP8 to old phones is one thing but they're slow to bring updates to market (not just for WP7 but WP8 as well). As a WP7 customer they need to watch out because when I do upgrade I might just go Android or BB. Microsoft is lucky that they got Nokaia on board because otherwise I would have walked already. I just love the design on the Lumia 720..

@TaichiSurface. If Windows Phone 7.8 is a dead platform while I'm still under contract, why the f$$%^ would I switch to Windows Phone 8??? It'll be dead before my new contract expires. Look at Microsoft's track record. Look at Messenger, nice tight integration with Windows Phone. Users can easily text other users to their phones, computers, or hell, even Facebook users. It was really easy to check someones status, or to change your own status. A really good tool for a small business office to use for inter-office communication. NOW?? We've been "upgraded" to that POS software called Skype and we've lost all that functionality. Went to send an SMS from Skype and was told "You need to buy Skype Credits!"
My business moved to Windows Phone 7 on my recomondation and now thanks to Microsoft, I look like a F^#@ idiot! My boss asked me this week, why don't we go with Blackberry and Blackberry Messenger? I've been a Microsoft user and fan for nearly 30 years, but I'm loosing the faith.

I agree with Mustang fanatic. 
If Microsoft doesnt support their "Legacy" users... why would anyone buy another MSFT phone?

I also disagree with your statement. I can get an upgrade to a wp8, but cant afford it. If you desire that we upgrade, I will gladly accept the money you send me to do so.

I'm on an HTC Arrive through Sprint running 7.8. If Sprint were to have more WPs then sure why not upgrade to WP8... But my next likely choice is getting the One or an iPhone. Just ditching one thing to focus on something else won't be beneficial IMO cuz that shows you have no faith. Why should I invest in WP8 is they just drop WP7.x? I may be wrong, but I'm not doing it.

They've already had month to work on fix, we'll be lucky to see by April. At this rate my two year contract will over

The other storage problem hasn't even been acknowledged by Microsoft. Although it has been reported by users for months now.

I Just read on the internet that Joe Belfiore also acknowledge this problem in a tweet of him. I'm looking forward to further updates!

That's good to hear. There's still hope I'll be able to play Asphalt 7 on my 820 this year without resetting it to defaults.


Microsoft needs to get a damn fix released for this asap. I enjoy the multiple size tiles on my L900, but now that a majority of my live tiles don't work I really wish I could go back to 7.5! I don't understand how a software company could release software with such a huge and visible bug.

There will be a 7.x update beyond 7.8. Nokia has pretty much alluded to that, at least for their Windows Phone 7.x phones. As to whether this will come to other manufacturers 1st and 2nd generation Windows phones, not much is known right now. Possibly not. Windows Phone 7 is not dead yet.

I think I will keep my wp7 phone as long as it is still kicking...and wait a year...maybe two...to upgrade. Same reason I'm not upgrading to Windows 8 on my laptop yet...