Microsoft bringing 4G LTE Surface 2 to UK in May, pre-order today!

Surface 2 LTE

Eagerly awaiting the Surface 2 4G tablets in the UK? You won’t have long left to sit through as pre-orders have today kicked off with availability marked down as May. Consumers will be able to pick up their own unit from participating stores, including Currys and PC World. Better still, you’ll be able to rock out with LTE connectivity.

This is a 4G Windows RT tablet, so you’re not going get the full Windows experience, but it’s an exceptional tablet nonetheless. How much will this Surface 2 4G set you back? The tablet will have an estimated price of £539. Microsoft will also bundle free Skype calling to landlines and unlimited Skype Wi-Fi at more than 2 million hot spots worldwide for a single year.

There’s also 200GB of free OneDrive storage include. Will you be picking one up?


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Microsoft bringing 4G LTE Surface 2 to UK in May, pre-order today!


You know I was in Curry's PC World the other day and the employee was telling me that Surface was their most popular tablet! I find it hard to believe...but he was adamant about it. Even more, it was the original surface pro that was selling so well!!!

Ditto. I see very little sense in paying so much extra for the cellular data version of any tablet.

I could front the cost of a 4GLTE MiFi cards plus a year service and spend less...and it'd be something I could share between 5 devices instead of just one.

Can someone let me know how the future of Windows RT tablets look?
I know there'll be an integration with WP going forward. So getting this tablet would translate in having a huge windows phone in hand when threshold releases?

in 2015 with Threshold, WP and RT will merge and Share nearly 100% kompatibility with the APIs and APPs.

The GUI will stay diffrent of course, but will there be an "Desktop" left at RT? i don't know

Spot on Nikolaus. The interface will look the same for the main UI but the "Desktop" wil disappear from RT to ensure it's properly differentiated. The touch versions of Office products will be bundled in and the rest of the options will have ModernUI counterparts.  As well as that you will be able to buy a title on the Windows Phone and use the same app on your RT tablet.

I have a big fancy HP Laptop that I bought recently because I wanted a bigger screen and keyboard etc (that and my work paid for it) but it's currently busted and I am doing EVERYTHING on my Surface. That inculdes client support for over 1000 users - SCOM as a remote app, remote desktop etc etc. 4G would be nice but I've got a mifi for £40 + data contract (£8 pm) so I don't think I could justify the extra spend even if I didn't currently have one.

Same here... I have no idea why someone would want to pay an additional £200 (not counting the cost of a mobile broadband plan for your tablet) just to save 5-10% of phone battery in the exceptional scenario where you're nowhere near a place with Wi-Fi.

I got a friend of mine in the US to get me 5 of them at Best Buy for $499 £293 each. Not sure if the LTE will work over here in the UK but even if they don't they are still cheaper than the regular Surface 2 here. 

I would be interested, the price seems fair and the Surface 2 performance wise seems good. For those worried about the future of RT you probably need to consider how long you expect to use this tablet. Typically 2 or 3 years for me so I would be comfortable then I think the Intel chips will effectively remove the competitive advantage and my replacement would be an Intel based full fat OS.

LOL, vs £359 for a regular Surface 2? You would need your head examined. Use your phone or a portable modem for £50  - then all your devices can use it and it won't drain the battery. Pure nonsense.