Microsoft Canada reveals NOKIA Sabre and other device code names

We first broke the new about the Nokia 'Sabre' last month--namely that it was in engineering for tests, that it has a 3.7" screen and Micro SIM card. Besides that we also had the name 'Sabre' which till now, has not been verified anywhere else. Going back even further, one Micheal-Dallas in our forums mentions the 'Sabre' back in July, noting it's for AT&T in Summer 2012 (we think that's too far out).

Now, Microsoft Canada has accidentally leaked the name in the rules for a Mango-app contest. From the page itself, it notes:

"The estimated retail value of the phone is $600.00. The type of Windows Phone 7.5 will vary and will be selected at Microsoft’s choosing (examples include Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley, NOKIA Searay and NOKIA Sabre)"

Interestingly, only the Searay is the familiar one out of the bunch. The Yukon and Wembley are also unknown devices, presumably variants of the Omnia W and Focus S. The Sabre however, is new and evidently different than the Searay--perhaps a mid-range offering. All we know is what we already mentioned above: Micro SIM, 3.7" screen. Interestingly, Vodafone is adopting Micro SIM cards soon, something we and Pocket-lint think will be for new Nokia Windows Phones.

Good thing we'll learn more in late October at Nokia World.

Update: That was fast. Microsoft Canada has now modified the page and removed the device names. See our screen grab for the old version.

Source: Microsoft Canada; Thanks, 'tipster', for the news!


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Microsoft Canada reveals NOKIA Sabre and other device code names


Frankly, if this is the design Nokia's coming up with. I'm out. I'm gonna be sticking with Sammy. There's been so much hype and expectation around Nokia, they really have to pull an "Apple" and wow us all with their design. This falls woefully short if it is to be believed.

Actually, it's not. He downplayed some of the other OEMs and said that the Searay was really wow worthy. Watch him in the video on TWiT TV later--it wasn't a sales pitch.

Nokia Will have many devices out in 2012 don't be hating just b/c one device is not what you are looking for, For many people it will be perfect.

I'd like to think that Samsung is not that stupid to leak new device names all the time. Besides it is very easy to change one - so perhaps they are using old ones until devices are ready to launch :-)

I think Sea Ray might use Micro Sim b/c the N9 does and it shares same Design philosophy.Can't wait Until Next Month everything will be revealed at Nokia World.

Interesting and looks quite good, but the right screen size and tech is hugely important to me, 4.0"-4.3" AMOLED is where it's at. I guess I'm out for now.