Microsoft confirms that a 256 GB Surface Pro is on the way [Update]

Surface Pro 256GB

Just moments after we posted about a 256 GB Surface Pro showing up on CDW’s website for $1,199, we have received word from a Microsoft source that the company is in fact gearing up to launch the new tablet SKU officially.

At this time we have no further information except that Microsoft has been “prepping for this announcement” and the release of the tablet on Microsoft’s Store should be right around the corner.

The new capacity for the Microsoft’ Surface device would push its maximum SSD size to twice of what Apple’s iPad currently supports. With the Redmond tablet aimed to be a replacement for your laptop, this storage increase has been a long time coming. The new increase should really allow those on the go to focus on what they are doing, rather than worrying about how much storage they have left.

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Do you think Microsoft’s Surface Pro storage increase is an edge needed?

Updated 4PM ET: Microsoft has notified us that the 256GB Surface Pro will have a "...limited availability...in the U.S. exclusively through the commercial channel and authorized Surface resellers.". So while it is 100% confirmed now, only select locations will have this model available in the coming weeks.


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Microsoft confirms that a 256 GB Surface Pro is on the way [Update]


Haswellness is next to godliness.
If it ain't broke, put a haswell in it.
When the going gets tough, the tough get haswell.
You can lead a surface to hard drives, but you can't make him use haswell.
Two hard drives don't make a haswell
When in Rome, put a damn haswell in the surface pro already

The big news here is that distribution of Surface is spreading out to many more resellers now.  This is great news for large businesses.  We have been waiting on this so we can order from an approved vendor in our system. 

Compared to a similarly equipped notebook/ laptop? People who buy Surface Pros aren't looking to replace their iPad or Android tablet alternative, I'd argue they are looking for more functionality. I'll just add that form factor has always demanded a premium; the Surface packs some great specs in a nicely streamlined durable form factor.

Glad that I haven't picked one up yet as the 256GB version would definitely be nice. Hopefully this will come to the UK at a decent price though most consumers probably won't understand the advantags of SSD and the higher costs.

I'm just hoping that by the time I pick one up they won't announce a higher spec variation shortly afterwards as Nokia will with the EOS! (I love my Lumia 920 but I've been wanting a Pureview WP since the 808).

Yeah, I got a 128GB day one knowing a larger SSD would be on the horizon eventually but only 4 months? It's not a design change! SSDs are all the same size. Larger just costs more. I would have paid more since I knew 128GB was going to be and definitely is an issue. Otherwise I love my Surface Pro. I am not upset though. I get by with microSD and USB 3 high-throughput flash drives for my extra storage needs on the road and additional external hard drives at home. (Gotta love that USB 3 port! Pair it with a USB 3 hub and you are all set.) I will upgrade when the other specs get better. I am sure I am in the minority here but I would actually like better video processing. I use a 27" 2560x1440 monitor at home and while the Surface Pro does a great job with It, video on the monitor doesn't look so good. I don't use it for video offer so not a big deal. It works surprisingly well with PhotoShop but again, better video processing would make that even better.

I like it, but it kinda sucks since I just bought a 128 GB Surface Pro.  Still not that big of a crisis since I bought this with the thought that it's really an interim machine for me until a Haswell Surface Pro is released...

I agree.   But the bump in storage capacity will defintely make some people on the fence happy.

Still overpriced if they are comingo ut with a surface 2 soon and i dont think a touchpad is included, right?
I wouldn't touch this. 

It's touchscreen. Why would you need a touchpad? And if you are referinf to the keyboard... yes it has a touchpad.

Its already on the Surface Volume Orders page for £799 before VAT so I guess that makes it pretty official. I had not realised it was not tbh.

Here we go again with people who don't understand that the device IS NOT AN iPad but a real laptop replacement. It is anything but "expensive" for what it is. Go look at UltraBooks with similar specs and see how quickly you get to the $1,500 mark. Seriously folks... Enough with the "expensive" talk on a device that's in it's own category and packs plenty of value in for the price! Want to know what's expensive? An iPad is expensive for what it is.

I now have two Surface Pro devices (and two Surface RT devices as well).  The bigger SSD will be a welcome addition, but the thing I really wish it would have is more memory.  8GB would be much better for the things I do.  And I know that the magnesium casing did not allow for NFC, I wish they had that as well.  Other than that, the Surface Pro is the best device I have ever owned.  I have gone from using a desktop, tablet, and notebook to fill various needs to using just a single platform.

Same here. Replaced it all for less than I have ever paid for a laptop or desktop. And it works great!!! 8GB, bigger SSD, better CPU, video, display=upgrade. Although, except the SSD and CPU (possibly display) none of those are deal breakers. I must say too that Windows and the Surface Pro can pull off some amazing multitasking with those 4GB. I do watch my memory but don't have to close programs as much as I expected I would.

I have turned off the pagefile completely on my RT the first week, to free up some space on my 32 Gb version, and also to ease on the wear level of the internal eMMC storage. I hope it will significantly extend the lifetime of the storage, although I am not sure about the hibernation / shutdown Win8 option is using any hibernation file or not??
However since the time I turned off the pagefile completely, I frequently get "low memory" warnings if running IE10 with 3-4 tabs open.

Where's the 2nd model ? Seriously, it's time to release something that's finished because the first was just a preview. $1200   for this Pro version is ok but Microsoft should really push RT 2.0 with a 128GB for $700 (+ $50 for the keyboard).

What they needed was a price drop. Or the inclusion of the keyboards with it. 1200€ for the tablet alone is insane. It's not worth that much.

SSDs are around $1 US per GB, so this is too expensive. I have a Surface Pro 128 and have adapted to the 128 GB. My working files are on SkyDrive. My photos are on an external HDD. My XBox music is on my Nokia 822. I filled my 750 GB HDD on my laptop so it will be quite a while before there is an affordable SSD big enough to hold all my files.
I currently have the following installed on my 128: Office Pro Plus 2013, Visio 2013, Project 2013, MapPoint NA 2013, Visual Studio 2012, Photoshop Elements 10, PaintShop Pro X5, VMware Player with a Server 2012 Datacenter VM, vSphere Client, Daemon Tools Lite, PDFXChange Viewer, Primo PDF Creator, P-Touch Quick Editor, networked Xerox MFP driver, networked Lanier MFP, color Xerox and Brother network drivers, Zune, TrueCrypt, and a bunch of W8 apps. I have 25 GB free on the SSD (the system restore partition is still there). My 64 GB microSDXC card is still empty. As an IT consultant I still VPN to around 10 clients and Remote Desktop to 15 to 20 servers. I have 5 email accounts, one of which is an Exchange account.
At this point running VMware Player, I need more RAM more than I need more SSD capacity.
I'm composing this on my Surface with its 3 x 21.5" monitors and full size wireless Microsoft keyboard and mouse.

I honestly never saw the point in the surface pro. The surface rt yes, its a tablet meant to be used to consume media, entertainment etc. But the surface pro is just an ultrabook wanna be. I would rather have a transforming ultrabook like the Lenovo yoga, which could be used as a 13 inch tablet than a 10.6 inch tablet trying to be an ultrabook. If and when Lenovo comes out with the yoga 2 with haswell I will probably bite the bullet and get it. Especially being able to add an msata ssd for even more storage. I guess that's just me though, if you like the surface pro more power to ya, to me it seems to be an in between device that doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.

I agree with you, I love my Surface RT, but for a full fledged laptop I would never get a Surface. I think MS did a poor PR with its naming, most people thinks the Pro is better just because it's called "Pro", they don't even know one it's a tablet and the other is a PC.

I think buying any x86 os that isn't haswell is a waste of money, battery life is key ... always. :)

I think whatever price they ask for is too much without the haswell chip. 
Although i'd love some love here in the ME from Surface. :)

At this point they are probably retrofitting SP1.0s to get rid of inventory. I'll be waiting for SP2.0 as the first revision isn't strong enough, October anyone?

I have the ASUS vivo tab RT with keyboard dock and I love it but the screen is all jacked up. I was going to trade it in for a surface pro but now I'm thinking I should wait for Haswell surface pro, what do you guys think? I really really really want a pro!

This should have been available at launch. 256GB mSATA drives are plentiful and were like $220 at the beginning of the year and $190 now. If you manage to open up a Surface Pro without destroying it due to all the glue then you can install your own 256GB drive. The glue makes it hard to open without breaking. ATIV Smart PC Pro also only comes with 128GB but there is no glue and the back comes right off. And its thinner, too. 

This makes me angry as a consumer. I surely would have waited for the 256 Gb model if it were available. This is an option microsoft should have had on their model list and not come up with this at this time. In hindsight I'm starting to believe that the company is trying to rush things a bit. It would have been logical to offer the 3 storage options from the start. Why this strange loose announcement so far away from the surface launch. Are we becoming too demanding to microsoft? I hate these splitty marketing things. Its becoming a waste and inefficient. Or so Im starting to get a suspicion of. Should we b more thankful for microsoft for the work they have done, or is it a sign that microsoft is enjoying too much comfort in their business road map?