Microsoft delays Xbox One launch to 2014 in eight European markets

Xbox One

The Xbox One was originally announced to be launching in 21 markets in November, but Microsoft has now revealed that eight European countries will see the launch of the next-gen console pushed back to 2014. The company has stated that it's committed to getting the Xbox One to affected markets "as soon as possible" next year. So which countries are affected?

Should you reside in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, or Switzerland you'll be affected by the news. The console will now launch in 13 countries in November: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, US, and New Zealand. 

Why the delay? Microsoft didn't reveal much in its blog post, but it's noted there are "many factors" leading to the decision to delay the launch. These include localised Xbox One dashboard support, additional voice and languages, as well as app partnerships in said markets. Fear not if you've already pre-ordered the console and will have to wait until 2014 as Microsoft will provide a "pack-in game" when the Xbox One finally launches. 

Source: Xbox, via: The Verge


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Microsoft delays Xbox One launch to 2014 in eight European markets


Priortizing larger markets does not mean they are late/behind. Sony has a large presence in Europe, the 8 markets that are being left out of the first launch cycle have the lowest amount of 360 marketshare. I'd rather they ensure a good showing in their essential priority markets then spread then to markets that they don't have a strong prescence in.

True perhaps... but its no wonder they have a low market share in these countries since they are treating them like second class customers.

That's a valid comment, once you start treating you customers as second class or low priority, the customers too will treat you on a lower priority and go for competing products like PS4 in this case.

360 is already a low priority in those markets. These are areas in which the 360 did poorly in, why would Microsoft waste valuable resources in markets in which they have little chance to make any gain? 

It's also not like these places won't get them eventually, they have to wait a few months.. it's not the end of the world.

That's the MS's decision, if they don't want customers in those countries and concentrate only in their few strong markets, then its fine, PS4 will be  accepted by those countries. Anyway both the consoles are pretty similar, it's not the end of the world.

First of all I'm not trolling and second this is just my opinion. For the HARDCORE GAMER the Xbox One has become the "me too" console for next gen. The 360 brought great improvements to consoles such as robust online features. But ever since E3 MS has almost completely thrown out the plans they had for the Xbox One, and they have been planning this thing for years! Now the two major console will be more alike than they ever have been. The only difference is that Sony have had it right from the beginning. All of these things that MS have done are great but I feel like most gamers made up their mind during E3. The real question is which console the general public will want. This could come down to what console the hardcore gamer in their family chose. If that is the case then Sony will win (sales wise) if it isn't then its anybody's game and I think the Xbox one wins.

So why can't someone from Belgium jaunt on over to Germany and grab one? Or any of the other markets not getting it, grab one from a neighbor country? Isn't Europe all the same region code?

All Xbox One consoles are region free. However, it is not as simple as asking someone to 'jaunt' into another country for many reasons, such as logistical or costs for example. It may work for some but certainly not for the majority. Also, I would imagine all the launch consoles have been preordered, with no more availability until 2014.

From Brussels to Essen it's a 2 hour ride by car. Those who can afford to spend 500€ on a console can afford a 2hour trip to Germany to get the console.

Can you live with censored games and broken online marketplace?
It's easy to forget that Germany always gets the shitstick when it comes to gaming.

Asia no needa Xbox Wun. But..it kinda sucks cos im loving my Windows Phone and it would go great with the console. :S

Asia was already left out of the first launch cycle, no surprising since Nintendo and Sony both own Japan, 360 has paltry sales their.

It wouldn't really be a success in Asia.. Especially south Asia.. Here people never connect their consoles to net and they like to share games as much as they want.. That's why ps3 rules here.. I've never even seen an Xbox 360 here except for in stores..

I was hoping this would not happen. It doesn't affect me because I'm in the USA but Microsoft needs to get their act together. They always seem to have some of the good stuff but when they finally release, the hype illusion is gone.

XBox sales in The Netherlands are really high (especially after the launch of a new one) so MS is shooting themselves in the foot with this.

Lol are you lost? No one is going to answer you in the comments from an Xbox article bro. I have 6tagram ☺ Beta of course! Go to the developers twitter and ask to join his beta.

Nytherland, swiths and belgium ease can buy consoles from austria france or german its not problem

I kind of had a feeling this would be a difficult target for them to hit. They need to collaborate with so many different tv providers. I'm assuming that's the issue anyway. Hopefully they surprise everyone and have a quick turn around in 2014 for these markets. At this rate the Xbox One is off pace to keep up with the successes of the 360.

Shared this with a Danish friend of mine. I think she was going to get an Xbox One so this would affect her. Not good given she's only just started warming to her Nokia Lumia 920.

This is the worst console launch ever!!. Microsoft completely ruined the Xbox brand with all their money grubbing BS. I dont see anyway Xbox can recover from all these missteps

Although the population is not so large in these countries, except Russia, one must note that these countries are "rich" countries where people have it well financially. Such a simple thing that parents want to buy a console for their kids as christmas gift, it will be impossible to buy an Xbox One on time for christmas. These parents will buy PS4 or Nintendo. Whatever the reason for the delays, Microsoft should have had the situation under control by now. Everywhere!

Sony gives equal priority to American, Asian and European markets, so they will definitely launch earlier in all those markets.

Don't worry everyone.  Next weeks headline will read "MS backpedals and says Xbox One will launch worldwide in 2013 afterall".

Everyone (including me sometimes) seems upset Microsoft is not doing all it can to beat the competition. Consumers need to play our roll and purchase products that are useful to us and not squabble about the Company's marketing strategies or lack there of. Come on guys, pick a NextGen console and enjoy yourselves.

Really guys? Let's try to have a little bit of perspective. This also only affects a small amount of the market. Most of us aren't affected but even if you are it's a 60-90 day delay on a platform with a 7-10 year life expectency. A large portion of the games released at launch or near after are also available for 360 so we know already that it won't be until year two that we start to see the full capabilities of the XBOne anyways.
I understand the disappointment and envy of seeing your neightbors get something before you do but time flies. Read a couple of books, finish up your 360 games, hug your dog, and before you know it you'll have One in your hot sweaty-with-excitement hands.

They was not thinking till last minute and now this delay will set them back to better provide localization of dashboard and apps

This makes two bungled hardware launches for Microsoft.   First the Surface RT, now the Xbox One.
So much for becoming a 'devices and services' company, per Ballmer's initiative?  I also suspect that the Xbox delay in Europe, likely has more to do with a production/supply chain issue.  Of course Microsoft would never admit that....

LOL at " Devices and services" company when they can't even launch their products properly.
First they screwed up with the surface launch and now doing the same with Xbox One.

Should be noted that MS confirmed to pay this delay out with a "free" game. No info which exactly but better than nothing.