Microsoft demos new, touch-focused Office apps, coming to PCs, tablets, and phones

Microsoft demos new, touch-focused Office apps, coming to PCs, tablets and phones

Microsoft will be releasing a redesigned version of Office which has a focus on touchscreens. While it's still fairly early, Microsoft demonstrated the new PowerPoint application during their Build keynote. The applications will be available for Windows PCs, tablets, and Windows Phone. The new apps have been built using DirectX, and Microsoft has been focusing on opening documents smoothly on all devices in full quality.

Office will feature unlimited Undo and Redo, with all versions automatically saving to OneDrive. Microsoft did not demo new versions of Word or Excel, and no release date has been announced.

Keep your eyes on our ongoing live blog at Build 2014 for all of the latest news.


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Microsoft demos new, touch-focused Office apps, coming to PCs, tablets, and phones


Oooh... "we" are? Thanks for including me in your demands... I mean even though I don't give a damn about BBM.


"We" could be any group he choses to refer to. It coudl be himself and his family. Stop trying to force your way into his life, man.

Pay very close attention.  Look at the recently-released touch versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint for the iPad.  Now, add a ton of functionality on them and put them on Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices.  THAT'S what you'll see coming.  In other words, HUGE improvements in the touch realm.  Simply scaled to fit the device.

They did mention in the keynote that the Modern UI version of Office is a Universal App so I don't see why it wouldn't have the same features.

Will this require office 365 to use on WP? I wonder since the current office is free for WP. Would hate to see that lost and just another app that anyone can get.

Odds are good that devices under a certian size will get ti for free while anything bigger will either requier a 365 sub or (hopefully) a out of the box purchse.

A bit bummed that they didnt release it. Hopfully not that far away cause we are deploying Thinkpad 8 in a few weeks.

Correction, they showed powerpoint, which they had shown before. no word, excel, outlook, you know, the stuff people want to see.

I hope the picture doesn't show us the actual app, where is the metro interface? Ugh, whatever. I don't believe the apps will bring in any data-connection or VBA. This makes it as good as useless for my company anyway. I hope however a kind op Siena (see the Windows 8 app) will be included, which allows non-developers tot make business apps. Like a kind of Access, which makes it possible for non-developers to create valuable programs. That would be a huge dealbreaker for us.

So the iOS version is done and shipped and the in-house operating systems are "still early"?  It never ends...

It makes sense when you think about it. A completely new program sometimes takes less time than trying to take an old one and revamp it, and that's likely what they did. I doubt this is a complete rewrite or anything.

iOS one has been in the works a lot longer supposedly. That being said, id love to have touch office already

Will it give the option to truly edit Excel spread sheets? Copy and Drag cells, etc?