Microsoft details custom ringers in WP7 Mango

The big question on everyone's lips is "What about custom ringtones in Mango?" It was teased at MIX11 but even with out preview release, not much info was available on the process or what the limits would be.

Now Microsoft, via their Windows Phone Blog, have come forth with an outline of how custom ringtones will work in our updated OS. We'll summarize:

  1. Third party devs have access for creating ringers: basically, any sound app that plays or records can have an option to "Save as Ringtone", allowing you to directly and dynamically create a ringer
  2. Create your own ringtones via the Zune software: Yup, you'll be able to sample any of your non-DRM music (i.e. you own it). There are some caveats that have to do with size and limits: "It must 39 seconds or shorter, smaller than 1 megabyte (MB) and saved in MP3 or WMA format."

From what it looks like, the Zune software will do all the heavy lifting for you. You'll just point it at the song you want and you can sample it for the ringer, so long as it doesn't go over those above limits (which seem fair enough).

Finally, Microsoft mentions that they've added nine new ringtones to "Mango", so you'll have even more built in.  We're assuming that these custom ringtones will show up with the native ones (see above pic), allowing you to assign them seamlessly to individual contacts. Overall, we're happy with the strategy and like Microsoft, we envision many 3rd party apps showing up this fall that will take advantage of these new tools allowing customers to really create some new and unique sounds for their phones.

There, everyone happy now? If not, sound off in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Blog


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Microsoft details custom ringers in WP7 Mango


"One thing we notice that seems to be missing, at least for some, is the ability to assign individual ringers to contacts, which is a bit of a shame seeing as that was a key feature in Windows Mobile."I don't know what "at least for some" is supposed to mean, but I have no problem assigning an individual ringtone to a contact. Choose a contact, tap the edit button and the +ringtone button is right there.Do you mean to say that in Mango, you can't add a "Custom" ringtone to a contact?

does this mean REPS are gona start selling the freaking phone now??? *quote from other post* = I cant sell a wp7 it doesn’t even have custom ring tones** now im gona say it again WTF kind of rep is that... WELL HERE IT IS!!! What apparently MAKES a phone GREAT is finally here! Now shut your face and sell wp7!!!!lol ;) ( and for does who dont know , homebrew has offered custom ring tones sints week 2)

Store reps cannot push homebrew capabilities since the means to acquire said homebrew often violates a devices warranty. Also, attempting to explain XDA-Developers and XAP Deployment to a soccer mom just wanting a Justin Bieber ringtone sounds like suicide.

Yey.....woooooThough I wonder if the Nokia phones will let you choose the whole tune like their Symbian brethren. Still cool nonetheless...bring on the Wookie !

Yeah this is why Mango is worth the wait for Sept 2011 launch. Just hoping new phone models will be arriving also with dual core and front face camera.

I think a front facing camera would certainly make sense, especially given Microsofts recent acquisition of Skype. However if they didn't really mention it for Mango, I wouldn't count on it being present, though the Nokia WP7 might HAVE a front facing camera that can be used. I would say Apollo (or Tango) will definitely feature video calling as a part of some serious Skype integration. When it happens, it will be a beautiful thing.

While having custom ringtones is a great thing to be praised about. I really want custom sounds as well. For example making my own text tone or email alert, ringtones are really just the tip of the iceberg. I dont want wait 6 months after mango for that feature in the next big patch.

I'm hoping XDA will get their butts in gear and start producing some real beneficial hacks for WP7 once Mango hits. This one would be at the top of the list, because as far as I can tell, custom sound options are not available.

How about custom text tones or email alerts per contact, rather than choosing one for each alert. I'm more apt to look at my phone if I heard her specific text tone, or if I heard an email from my boss came in.

Couldn't agree with you more diggfurious, Saljen and Giddygoon. Guess custom sounds didn't get enough request though I know many of us asked for it. This ticks me off that it wasn't included, though I am grateful to finally get custom ringers.How long is it going to take to get back to WM capabilities? Don't get me wrong, I love WP7 just as much as the next guy/gal but those of us coming from WM gave up alot of customizing capabilities to stick it out with MS while they restarted their mobile OS for the better. Are we asking too much for these ancient capabilities to get put back in the new OS?

This is great news, I've been using The Good The Bad And The Ugly as a ringtone since I got my first blackberry in 2004,But since I got my Focus no luck. Hurry up with that Mango Microsoft.My Ringtone275 KB17 seconds longReady and waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I switched from my Palm Pre to my Focus I thought I was going to miss having custom ringtones. Now I can say that I don't care a single bit about having a custom ringtone. My reason? I'm on the cheapest plan, minutes wise, that I can get. Of the 450 minutes I get each month, I use about 50. Most of my communication is done via text, email, facebook, etc. The few times I do hear my phone actually ring, I answer within a couple seconds.Now, with that being said, I am still looking forward to it and love the way they plan on implementing it. I've got a lot of music on my computer and really like the idea of being able to pick any song I want (and from the sound of things any part of the song I want) and make a ringtone out of it.

Nothing worse than forgetting to cut off your ringer in a meeting, then have 2 Pac yelling obscenities. I'll never do another custom ring tone again.

ouch, but then again... my colleague doesn't seem to appreciate my ring tone where a girl sings "romantically" loli guess custom ring tone is a double edged sword

Nothing screams professionalism in a business setting like most of the custom ringtones I hear everyday. Even better when the ringer volume is really loud and goes off in the middle of Upper Management's presentation...

Great news. I saw a presentation last summer on the audio design that went into aspects of WP - from the audio that you hear when typing on the keyboard to the native ringtones. I thought it was interesting that that kind of effort went into things like that (at least with WP). Given that, customization wasn't that big a deal to me, but it's good that the customization will now be available. If you're interested (around the 8 minute mark for ringtone audio clip comparisons): http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Jaime+Rodriguez/Windows-Phone-Design-Days...

To those of you saying "now im gona say it again WTF kind of rep is that... ". I'm that rep, and I have 1 purpose... to sell. If a customer comes in and says "I need a phone that has custom ringtones" What in the **** do you want me to do? Sell a WP7 that doesnt have ringtones then have a return and a charge back on my commission? No thank you.And to the person who pointed out that we are not allowed to sell a phone based on homebrew applications, you are absolutely correct.So yes, with the addition of Mango, it will make selling WP7 significantly easier. I will continue to push WP7 as hard as I can as I do now, but in the end I have to make the customer happy and as of -right now-, it is easier to make a customer happier with an android, though I do wish it were different.

Your job is to push the best phone. So you should be pushing WP7.Don't worry the smart buyers will know it is the best choice and won't return it :)

That's fine if a shopper specifically asks for features that WP7 doesn't have to sell them another phone. The general problem is that most salespeople, more than likely including that one in question, don't consider WP7 at all, even if it fits the consumer better; they'd rather push one of the lower-end Android phones over any WP7.

My job is to push the best phone, and right now a Motorola Atrix 4g is much better than a Focus for example. I own the focus myself and attempt to push it at every opportunity but right now I cant compare it too:-4G-Custom Ringtones (Fixed in mango)-150,000+ apps, 70% of them free (Yes I know most of them are poorly made)-Front + Rear facing camera-Dual core processor-Full multitasking-Skype-Full Flash support (alot of business customers need this for specific websites they visit)-Significantly better notification system (Push notification for facebook, facebook chat, news apps, and more) (Should be fixed in Mango)-Custom backgrounds (Not available even in Mango)-Multiple homescreens (Customers dont like my homescreen when I show them my focus because they look at the live tiles and think the tiles are so big for such little information presented on the screen compared to an android)I'm a microsoft fanboy at every level. I run every service they offer that fits me even though I know they are inferior to their competitors in some (aka skydrive vs googledocs). I know they will come around sometime, I just want you to understand that at this point in time right now they are behindAnd to the guy who said sell the Windows phone 7 anyways because its the best phone, I've had more returns on WP7's than on Androids, and I sell about 30 androids for every WP7 I sell, and I'm positive I educate my customers on the ease of use and productivity of wp7.Heres to hoping (and knowing) that WP7 will one day be the phone of choice for everyone!!!

The screenshot shows only a single custom ringtone. Will it allow for multiple custom ringers? I would think and hope so, but they could overwrite the single "My Custom Ringtone" each time an app saved the audio as a ringtone. I'd definitely want a different custom one for several of my popular contacts.

I'm not into custom ring tones; there is nothing more annoying than your fellow passenger’s phone blasting out Beyonce in the train. Saying that, if the are allowing custom ringtones then its great but you need to be able to assign it for individual contacts – that’s the whole point right?

I wanted custom ringtones, but haven't missed them. My phone is on vibrate most of the time. I'm still glad they are coming.

"everyone happy now?" No, but I may be when Mango actually gets released to my Focus. As long as I can get my Transformers sound effect back for my text alert. THEN I will be happy. And to those who find custom ringtones to be a frivilous thing; well, yeah, but what are smart phones but frivilous appliances that are not TRULY neccessary in everyday life?