Microsoft details plans for dealing with Marketplace publishing slowdowns

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We reported a few days ago that Microsoft was experiencing a unique problem: the Windows Phone Marketplace has grown so much, so fast that their servers and backend getting hammered, resulting in app-publishing slowdowns. Everything from submissions, to certifications to the App Hub itself was getting slower.

Today, Microsoft's Todd Brix addressed the problem in a blog post noting that they have an immediate method for addressing these problems and a more long term one. The addition of all those new markets over the last few months has taken its toll on the App Hub experience, more than they had anticipated. As a result they will be re-working their backend, which will take some time:

"We’re already in the process of developing a more robust and scalable Marketplace service that will address current problems and pave the way for the even more rapid growth we’re expecting in the years ahead. But engineering work this significant doesn’t happen overnight. Our plan is to have it complete by late summer."

For the short term, they already have started to work on these two areas:

  • Adding more server capacity to better handle the increased load.
  • Streamlining our processes to accelerate the rate at which apps can be ingested, certified, and published.

As a result, developers are now seeing shorter turnarounds from their submission to publication dates, which is a good thing. However, the more substantial changes won't be felt until later this summer.

So once again, good news and bad news as Microsoft is adjusts to the sudden influx of new developers and markets for Windows Phone.

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Microsoft details plans for dealing with Marketplace publishing slowdowns


Me and my friend are writing apps for WP first. This is a good news a lot of developers are coming over.

Something tells me that in time WP will surpass iOS in app count. MMW! I'm not just saying that with bias. With the W8/WP8/Xbox circle, and good marketing, MS will have app counts in the millions. Just wait and see.

I think you're right. I always tell people it will be a 'slow grower', but In time will get a decent market share

Now if only they would do something about the glacially slow rate of OS updates from Carriers we would have a phenomenal ecosystem!
Can you hear me now AT&T ;-)

I wonder why it takes so long, if you see all the scam apps that get published... Testing doesn't seem so hard...

Totally agree. Why are there so many non-metro-style apps. Hate this crappy iOS or Android UI -.- and another thing are the payment options. I had to make a prepaid credit card just for the marketplace... I thought MS wants to make money... All the younger once without a job can't pay...

Microsoft is so cheap  it started to cheate poor  devs from india  
MS cheated the devs in india  by  telling it will offering wp7 phone for the devs how are able to publish 3 apps in app hub in a month
                  here is how they did it
It started in jan  around 20 devs were given lumia 800 and extended the offer for a month by seeing lumia 800 lot of people registered for app hub 99$ and submitted there apps in fed but there where not given the phone they where told to wait they will get the phone and also they extended the offer till 31 march (here is where MS showed its evil ness read till the end u will know how )
now lot of people registered for app hub in excepting nokia 800  in march also 
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more over they sent 1th gen crap htc phone and   1gen  thc proto types some of then dont even have gps some dont even have imei numbers 
they new all the way if people know these are the phones which they are going to offer no one will be intersted in it so they they wanted delayed the sending of phone  and created the hipe  by sending few people lumia 800 so that every things they will get 800 
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