Microsoft details Windows Phone developer summit in June

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Microsoft has announced an upcoming Windows Phone developer summit, which will be held in San Francisco on June 20-21. The company is set to activate plans to attract more developers and big-name brands to the platform. One of the major complaints with Windows Phone is the lack of popular apps that are available on competitor platforms.

Microsoft has done a good job thus far with bringing companies to Windows Phone to build apps for consumers and broaden the Marketplace inventory. Some developers are even swayed without the software giant intervening - Windows Phone owners have proven to be a stubborn bunch when it comes to showing interest in a much desired port. DrawSomething is a good example of this with the community urging the developers to support Windows Phone.

What's interesting to note about this developer summit is that it's a week before Google I/O 2012, and is even in the same city. It would be a smart move for Microsoft to make it as convenient as possible for developers on other platforms to attend their Windows Phone event. Even if the attendees show no interest in building apps, for them to actually be present during the presentations could be enough to motivate the poor souls.

We'll of course be there for the event should you not be able to make it.


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Microsoft details Windows Phone developer summit in June


Or at least it will be by the time it gets ported to Windows Phone. No worry though, when WP8 comes out we'll be getting these kinds of apps at the same time, or nearly the same time as others. •fingers crossed•

So I'm curious.. the media has been invited to the "Developer Summit" but I a developer, who pay for my subscription to publish apps for the platform haven't heard anything about this. Has Microsoft already invited a select group of developers or is dev invites pending?

They need to get Epocrates. It's a must have app for doctors, med students, and health industry workers. I know two doctors who won't even consider switching to WinPhone until it gets that app.

I concur. I still got my Focus without having this app, though. Hope they do come sooner rather than later (been waiting for a year now...)

The best strategy for Microsoft is to announce the APIs in June (hopefully full WinRT support) and withhold most new consumer features until much later.

How original. Can't hold an app market on your own so you have to LEACH on to Google's I/O. Just like Apple stores. Same old MSFT. And their conference was sold out in...oh wait, it didn't. Might want to lure audience with a free concert. Or something.

I want Goodreads to come to WP7. I already contacted them about an app. If anyone else wants/uses Goodreads, please contact them to show interest.