Microsoft discontinues the Zune HD, part two

Earlier we reported that Zune players had been removed from the Zune.net sales channels. We then were informed by Michael Yeager, a Zune Team member, that such removal was a mistake due to a publishing mishap and that the Zune HD was still listed on Zune.net.

While the Zune HD is still listed and available for purchase (albeit through Walmart.com and out of stock), the Zune support page tells a different story. It clearly states that Microsoft will no longer be producing Zune players and Windows Phone will be the focus of Microsoft's mobile music and video strategy.

Microsoft isn't leaving current Zune owners hanging in the wind. Existing warranties will be honored, devices will continue to work with Zune services, and support sites will stay operational.  Which makes sense seeing that the Zune software is still going strong on the Windows Phone and Xbox Live consoles. 

While Walmart is out of stock, we did find Zune HD units at Amazon.com but BestBuy is only offering refurbs.  So if you want to get your hands on a Zune HD, you better hurry as the device has started it's journey into the sunset.

As we mentioned earlier, the Zune Player was good for what it was but it's time we move on to bigger and better things.

Thanks goes out to Theo and Cori for tipping us on this!


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Microsoft discontinues the Zune HD, part two


I think this is a bit of a mistake....as the success of Windows Phone could help support a stand alone MP3 player that is cheaper, contractless, and more likely for me to take running with me. But....yeah.

I completely agree, though they went the way of Apple, producing an MP3 player that transformed into a phone (WP7 is much closer to Zune than WM6), the only difference was that the Zune was marketed too poorly to make profits even half as good as the iPod.

Also..... **** ...we all know how many kids have iPod touches. Let's breed em into the eco-system Microsoft. The Zune HD may have even been far more popular had they had an open ecosystem.

meh at this point I think any non phone/non ipod portable music device is fighting a losing battle and honestly the ipod probably wont be relevant for much longer. Nearly everyone already owns a cell phone why bother with another redundant device?

Reasons for a stand alone PMP:1) Size. Try strapping a phone to your arm while at the gym or on a run2) Battery Life3) Storage4) Not tied to a contract or data plan

ipod classic is huge, ipod touch is huge. Both are same size as iphone. ipod nano could be amazing if they put iOS on it. I think it runs its own OS. All mp3 besides nano are big.

Microsoft Store is also showing out of stock, would be interesting to see if the brick&mortar stores still carry them.

y would they do such a thing!!! i love my wp7 but its just that my phone and for quick entertainment, also i would not want to fill up my device with music and videos, thats y i have my zune carries all my music and videos and give really good sound quality

Can't see any Hardware partner agreeing to do this base don the WP7 units shipped. Simply not a popular enough base for someone to take the punt and offer PMP only version I would have thought.And MS clearly are not going to be a hardware company for WP7 or PMP'sBut good luck! ;)Sheeds(More WP7/Zune coverage pver at my blog)http://www.wpdownunder.com

This is legitimately depressing. I love my Zune HD but I was hoping for a new one that had the UI and functionality of my WP7, but the 32GB storage space of my Zune. An 8GB phone is not sufficient enough for the Zune Pass in all honesty. The Zune HD complimented the Zune Pass perfectly. Well they even changed that too, the main selling point which got me to join Zune Pass, at least I won't lose that.