Microsoft dives into the Office for iPad design process

Office for iPad

Microsoft has provided a look behind the scenes on how they developed Office for iPad and highlighted an impressive 27 million download milestone. They made plenty of smart moves, such as designing for the iPad, rather than simply porting a desktop version to a tablet. The devs considered core usage scenarios, like making last-minute changes on a presentation, or powering through a draft to meet a deadline. Subtle touches like a lightweight but customizable menu ribbon, and tweaking the standard iOS 7 design principles with their own spin helped make Office the app it is.

We're fans of Office on iPad, even with the subscription cost. There are plenty of productivity apps out there to handle documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, but Office has traditionally done really well in that area, and has managed to continue the tradition on iPad. For a deeper look at how Microsoft pulled it off, check the link below. There's also the Reddit AMA the development team did not too long ago.

How many of you guys are using Word, PowerPoint, or Excel for iPad? Is it worth the subscription cost?

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Microsoft dives into the Office for iPad design process


They could have decided to wait to release it for both platforms simultaneously at best. It should have been easier for them to develop for their own platform but I guess h they feel the same about it as app developers ; )

Exactly... And no offence but why are you asking us if we use office for iPad? Do you think any of your readers are stupid enough to buy an iPad?

Who cares if they ask? It's a microsoft product.  This forum has a vested intrested in Microsofts wel lbeing.   The survuval of these companies and the sucess of the products Microsoft makes for theses companies are key in the developement of things like the Surface and the Windows Phone.  Please dont tell me you think that the R&D departments are being funded on Surface and Windows Phone sucess alone hahaha.  


Microsoft either be a hardware company or a software. Your like following the steps what Blackberry did with bbm and killed their hardware. The same your doing with surface

What's wrong with being both? Apple is both and they work just fine.

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MSFT makes not just surface but xbox, and now they own nokia. They also own perceptive pixel which makes huge tablets seen in the fox news room. Yeah, that makes them a hardware company with a big hardware focus.

apple: basically tacks software on their hardware. the software is just adding value, not a separate division like MSFT has. FCP and aperture are the only two ventures of software apple has any traction in and both are much smaller than MSFT's hardware divisions in terms of profit and revenues.

And that's all that matters. If I laugh at my own joke then I'm happy.
My original point still stands though.

So, we don't have a touch version for our Surfaces and what they do is show us videos about how they made the iPad version? The hell with that..

+720 as I mentioned microsoft isn't going well with hardware. Either be a software and services company. Doing that they are indirectly de selling surface and wp

One of the HUGE BENEFITS of our Surfaces is that we can run the FULL version of Office which is 10000x better than any touch version. Try that on an iPad LMAO

Yeah bro but one cant convice huge amount of ppl to buy surface pro 3 device. Ppl find pc and laptops cheaper. They have to reduce price or else request OEMs to keep good offers on laptops. Still there are ppl in remote areas who cant afford a pc. Microsoft can work more on targetting such ppl.

Not sure I understand...if they want a cheap PC or laptop they can still run office. And cheap laptop is not going to have touch so then who cares about touch version of office?

it is. it is however the case that the windows version will be better than the ipad even in its touch form. But for now, it does kind of mock their own tablets. Hey at least it's coming :)

It's okay with me. Let them get a little more experience with designing Office for a touch device, then bring the best features to my Surface Pro.

Microsoft should get a deal going with Google. An Office app for Android in exchange for a Google Docs app on Windows 8 and WP8. As much as I prefer Office and OneDrive, my school uses Google Docs and a well-built official app would be great.

I've never seen an app with more follow up victory laps than this one. It is like they are trying to document a box office hit or something. I bet the windows version won't get any of these A&E-original insider stories.

It should have been released for windows first with better features, more intuitive interface and a hell of a lot better support. We will be repaid for this when it finally comes out but I think MS has a thing for missing "deadlines".

The new version of office which is touch optimised (Gemini) is coming... The question is when will it be released.