LinkedIn profile references Windows Threshold and LG, hinting at larger partnership

LG Tab

A Microsoft employee in Korea has a LinkedIn page that shows references to "Threshold', the code name for the next major version of Windows, along with vauge indications of a collaboration with LG.

The LinkedIn page of the employee, Joong-Young Lee, shows that he has been responsible for "OEM PM (project management) work with LG PC, Phone, TV on Windows Threshold & Windows Phone Blue". The only clear thing on this listing is the "Threshold" mention, which has been rumored to be Microsoft's internal title for what may or may not be called Windows 9 for some time.

The other listings on the LinkedIn post are more vague. It may or may not suggest that LG is working with Microsoft on new Windows Phone devices, along with perhaps some kind of TV collaboration. LG does make Windows-based PCs that are usually sold outside the US, such as the Tab Book 2, but there's been no real indication that the company is planning to release any new Windows Phone products, much less a TV with some kind of Windows component.


The simple fact is that LinkedIn profiles, especially ones that are in English but are written by non-English speaking users, could suggest something that the employee did not intend. In other words, take this page with a grain of salt.

Source: LinkedIn via @h0x0d


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LinkedIn profile references Windows Threshold and LG, hinting at larger partnership


LG's engineers are in Korea.

Their American reps are southern-based and  IMO technologically incompetent.

So they might send some misinformation your way about why they are unable to pass through dolby digital sound from HDMI through to the optical port on your tv.

Take it with the grains of salt leftover from your tears of wasting your knowledge on employed incompetence.


sidenote: their panels are absolutely gorgeous!

MY HALO RANT on the LinkedIn profile of Bonnie Ross, subsurvient head of 343 Industries

Bonnie Ross lists on her LinkedIn profile that her current employer as Microsoft, not 343. That is either true or a very self-promoting display of panache. Kiki Wolfkill lists her employer as "Microsoft Game Studios/343 Industries". Josh Holmes lists his current employer as 343 Industries. Ironically, Bonnie Ross is not alone. Frank O Connor also lists his current employer as Microsoft. 

It would appear Bonnie Ross' loyalties lie away from 343.

A manager who might have an mba and understands narrative propaganda, but who knows squat about what made Halo great did very bad things for the franchise. 
She's made horrendous business decisions thus far which have damaged the reputation and future of the franchise. Her near monotone presence on stage is just awful. No passion, no excitement. For four years in a row, she keeps pushing the fictional aspect of the franchise and character development, blah, blah, blah, "Master Chief is a person with feelings". My only thinking is her cunning with superiors has kept her where she's at so long now.

There's the larger agenda that this series has come to represent with tie-in to other Microsoft technologies. All very complex but the vision for a grandiose universe of novels, comics, toys, TV backfired. Time for a change back to the basics. And change has to start at the top.

If she and Frank want to work at Microsoft, then let them. Stick them in a corporate VP spot which is clearly the track they're looking to get into. 

Keep 343 stocked with employees and management who are happy and want to stay with the studio.

Point: LinkedIn profiles are important and give insight to a person's mindset... At least when they speak your language.

Secondary point: Take all LinkedIn profiles with a grain of salt. Most are horrendously out of date, and most of the rest don't quite match reality.

I would like to ask why there is an image which looks like a store display with Surface tablets using Mac keyboards? What store was that in?

Hmm there may be some merit. A few of my friends won a holiday sales contest and it was 60" LGtvs they got from MS.
I'd be super excited to see a LG WP to give the Nokia a challenge. I'd be even more excited to see a LG tv running off 8.1rt but with built in Kinect like sensors for navigation.

is it possible that Microsoft is giving away Xbox Software OS to OEMsmfor entertainmenmt?


if they do. it's gonna be like this.

Xbox TV OS for OEMs entertainment Only while an Xbox One is need for hardcore gaming