Microsoft expands to cover more markets with Surface tablets for businesses

Surface Pro

Microsoft has announced that the company has expanded its effort to cover 17 more countries with its Surface tablets. Redmond is attempting to get as many units sold to businesses through numerous authorised distributors previously unveiled in the US. With these distributors in place, bulk ordering can take place from education, government and business customers.

Countries added that can now purchase both Surface RT and Pro tablets through distributors include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.K.

As well as offering Microsoft's extended warranty and accidental damage, resellers bring a variety of additional services to Surface products, including asset tagging, custom imaging, kitting, on-site service and support, device recycling and data protection. It'll also be a huge improvement for owners when Windows 8.1 for full and RT tablets is released.

Source: Surface Blog, via: Neowin


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Microsoft expands to cover more markets with Surface tablets for businesses


I can see many Portuguese companies who are currently providing iPads to their employees switching to the much more affordable and cross-platform friendly RT.

Really? Any examples? I am really curious?
I just have a feeling that RT would be much more popular if they added Outlook at launch. I am sure they regret that decision.

Oh yeah brilliant idea switching your business to a platform where you cannot even get exchange attachments at the moment.

RT is nice for surfing the internet at home on your couch but with its current lack of features/apps and performance issues it's just not ready to replace Android/ipads in business.

What's funny about them catering to businesses (to me at least), is the fact they totally hosed Google Apps customers from using the calendar. I can switch to Outlook for personal email all I want (and I don't necessarily "want" because it seems silly the two can't play nice so I'm pushed down that path), but when it comes to my work email/calendar/contacts, my employer uses Google Apps.
That first update to the apps took away EAS, forced IMAP,  and blamed Google. To this day, I've never seen a solution to this. They haven't disclosed a path to CalDAV or CardDAV like WP8. In reality, EAS is still supported for Apps customers, but Microsoft yanked it only to post webpages saying Google dropped support. False.
I dislike Google as much as the next guy on this Microsoft friendly site, but this aspect of Windows 8 has always bothered me, which I tried to explain loud and clear in my Surface survey. I can only hope 8.1 and/or the Outlook app make things better.


Well, I guess I could dislike Google a little more...IF I TURNED ON CAPS LOCK AND LET MY INTERNET RAGE FLOW.

You have the situation completely backwards.  Please explain how the company that drops support for an enterprise oriented protocol that was already in place is the company that is "catering to businesses".  Google dropped support for EAS in order to weaken the experience with Google services on competing platforms (including Apple).  They are doing this in hopes of driving people to their own Android platform(s), but in the end they will probably lose a lot of users of their services instead.  At the moment EAS still works, but only because Google keeps extending support for a few more months right before the deadline. 
The people in your company that decided to rely on Google services for enterprise use need a good slap upside the head. 
Here is the official announcement from Google stating that they are dropping support for EAS...
Here are other articles that describe the issue further...

I think you're missing the part where EAS is still supported for Apps customers. http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2716936

Don't get me wrong because I don't like Google in this scenario, but Microsoft is playing it off like all EAS support was dropped, which is not true.

As far as my employer, part of it was perception of Microsoft, which is annoying, but the bigger part was when they and Google came to town 2-3 years ago. I sat through both presentations and Microsoft's was full of "it's coming soon" and the product wasn't free at the time for higher ed. Since then they've put together a nice solution but they just brought very little to the table at the time.

Is Poland on that list already or not yet?
I have Surface RT and people are asking me: "Hey, I would buy it, but if it breaks would I need to send it back to US for repair?"

What, No India...!
M$ is crazy, they just havn't a clue where their products can sell. I hope NOKIA puts some sense with their marketing and gets their tablet here.