Microsoft expected to introduce Office for iPad tomorrow, new enterprise management suite

iPad Office

Tomorrow Microsoft is expected to announce a version of Office for Apple’s iPad. The event takes place at a private location for selected members of the press. It’ll also be live streamed for everyone else to join and watch remotely. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will kick off the 10 am PT event personally. We might even see a sneak peek of a product codename ‘Gemini’. You’ll know this as the modern ‘metro’ version of Office coming to Windows 8 devices later this year. There’s also one little twist to this event. Microsoft will introduced a management suite for iPads, iPhones, Androids, Windows devices and more.

The information comes from Mary Jo Foley (@maryjofoley) over at the All About Microsoft site. Last week she originally reported that Office was coming to the iPad tomorrow. Today she heard from sources that we’ll also see the introduction of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

EMS is expected to be a suite for customers to better control bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios in enterprise. You’ll find Windows Intune, a new Azure Active Directory “Premium” offering and Azure Rights Management Services.

Windows Intune (www.microsoft.com/intune) is a cloud-based management solution for business to manage devices. Intune is being upgraded to manage thousands of devices. It’ll also obtain support for Windows Phone 8.1 and Samsung’s Knox security platform.

The live stream to the event starts tomorrow morning at 10 am PT. We’ll be watching and blogging the events.

Source: All About Microsoft, Via: iMore


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Microsoft expected to introduce Office for iPad tomorrow, new enterprise management suite


Correction. They "were" a software company. Now they deal in software AND hardware. And while the bulk of revenue comes from software still, they shouldn't treat their hardware as second rate to the competition cause soon the people that do buy their hardware will start feeling the same way.

They are predominantly a software company that releases their software on other Operating Systems (OS) before releasing it on their own OS first, and the software they do have that runs on other OSes have more and better features months before you read about Windows Phone possibly receiving the same up date. It not only shows a lack of support for their products ( software and hardware) it also shows a huge lack of confidence in their own products.

I am not saying that Microsoft should not release products for other OSes, but they should release it on their products first, because what they are telling me now is I should purchase an iDevice instead of a Microsoft product because I will receive their software faster on a device other than one running Microsoft 's OSes, and the software on other devices will have more/better features than those on the Windows OSes.

If anything, I would expect "Windows with Bing" to replace RT. That way they're still able to differeniate the Surface from Surface Pro. This would also lock the standard user base down to Microsoft powered services without the sacrifice of losing legacy applications. Sounds like a win-win (for Microsoft & customers) to me.

Whoever needs Office for business purposes already have to buy either 365 or the standalone edition. Besides if you want to compete in the hardware segment... you need to offer a product that, in the eyes of potential buyers, is more appealing than the ones from the competition. Deny to the software arm of your company to offer their products to a huge, already existing, number of buyers would be dumb.

No one will ever buy a Surface 2 again once iPad gains Office (assuming it's a decent version of the suite).

Really? You think the only reason that anyone would buy a Surface was for Office? Wow, what a slap in the face for the Surface team. Lets ignore the beautiful hardware and innovative software, yeah, I'm sure its all for Office.

Not the only reason but it was the definitive reason for me to buy a Surface instead of another tablet (though I would have bought and Android one, not an iPad).
So yeah, Office is a big deal for some of us ;)

Um, I bought a Surface Pro 2 for about 1000 reasons over all other tablets... The 1001 reason was because it ran Microsoft Office.

That may be the dumbest thing I've ever read on WPC and that is saying a lot.

Apparently you know nothing about the Surface tablets. There are many things it does/has that iPad doesn't, and Office is just piece of software.

while you and I may know these things, the average tablet buyer currently knows office as the biggest differentiator.

the surface and most smaller win 8 tablets have offic preinstalled which does not cost extra. ipad users will need to have a 365 subscription too

Have any of you guys hung out or been to a Best Buy or even a Microsoft store? Everytime I'm there the first thing the reps state to the potential customer is that it runs Office. So yeah Office is a major selling point for average consumers who have little or basic needs and this may swing them away from a Surface

All I have to say is that while the iPad might get office, you still can't install legacy applications on it; this is where the surface pro and all win 8.1 tablets come into play.

The Surface Pro doesn't compete with the iPad. It competes with the MacBook because the Pro isn't a real tablet. It's a laptop with a removable keyboard.
The Surface RT is what competes with the iPad, really.

Stop being stupid! What do the majority of iPad user connect to it? Bluetooth keyboard/mouse, therefore using it more as a PC instead of a tablet....your arguments are getting old

Office is a strong selling point but the Surface 2 still has a built in kick stand, nearly FULLY functional USB port, microSD card, full browser experience, ability to print from virtually any printer, micro HDMI/display output, solid hardware from Microsoft, better multitasking and so much more... Need I say more?? This is leagues ahead of the iPad...

And probably the highest differentiator is support for mouse and trackpad. Fundamental for effective use of Excel and PowerPoint and always will be. Office on iPad will highlight the intrinsic benefits of Windows tablets perfectly. Everybody adds accessories to tablets when its time to get more productive, but iPad hasn't got cursor support.

I would never buy an iPad because it had Office. I bought my Surface because it was a solid piece of hardware with a perfect tablet OS. The iPad is a sized-up iPhone without the phone. The ecosystem might be better on an iPad, but it doesn't have a full-size USB port, side-by-side apps, or simple but powerful gestures across the OS.

Oh, and probably the biggest reason I'll never actually switch from a Surface to another tablet is the kickstand, and lets not forget the keyboard that transforms it into practically an ultrabook.

The funny thing is, all those were reasons off the top of my head. I may sound like an advertisement, but come on now, Office was never a reason people bought a Surface, it was an oh yeah it has Office but I never used it thing.

Office on any Apple product is no where near the feature set that Microsoft keeps for it's Windows products, trust me!  I use Office on Windows and Mac and I always lean towards the Windows Version everytime!

I hardly ever open Office on my Surface. It's not often that I check Word docs or Excel Spreadsheets. I mainly use OneNote on my phone & desktop.

Look at this guy below calling me a troll, and saying I'm not really a WP fan... Lol!!! I think he's serious❕

True, but most people or salesmen are too dumb to know the other stuff! So I think office was a big selling point for most.

You can call them lost, but those are the people that MS needs to stay in business, not us.. Those are the majority❕... We're not, so in essence we need them more than they need us... That's MS's problem..

Sorry, but MS hardware will never be "cool" enough for the masses. Not when it's advantages are technical. Only people who regularly use devices for more than Candy Crush and YouTube will ever care about technical advantages and those people are a minority.

Yeah, MS can't afford to think that way... That's just making up excuses, and justifying the situation... Glad you're not CEO.. Lol!

Me too. Thankfully you're not either, because apparently you'd restrict one of Microsoft's biggest money makers to a device with 2% market share.

I never said that they should restrict it.. I said that there has to be a better way.. Not sure what that way is, but something serious needs to happen. You're just to closed minded..

You can get that on Android tablets, which combined outsell iPads... Oh, god... What's the advantage of RT tablets?... I mean, what makes them better than the competition?.... I understand that MS separate divisions have to operate independently, but to shoot the other divisions in the foot?... There's got to be a better way.. I don't know what way it is, but there's got to be a better way....
Look, while Google is making little sticks that plug into TV's, super glasses, and developing smart watch OS's, and Apple continues to hold on to their loyal customers with every new product,,,,,,, MS isn't really innovating at all, or coming up with new products... Instead MS is loosing PC users, struggling to get WP even known by the average consumer, and seriously not even in the 21st century as far as the average consumer is concerned.... Right now even HTC is creating more buzz in the AC's mind... There's got to be a better way....
The biggest WP fan in the world is gonna say something that a lot of you guys don't want to hear.... As much as I'm excited about WP8.1, and as much as it is better then 8.0, it's just still playing catch up, and still not better, as far as features, than the competition.. It may be considered equal, but not better... This is what the average consumer will think if they don't see somthing EXTRAORDINARY❕.. Because it's going to take more than Cortana to turn heads away from the current popularity of Android, Google, Samsung, and Apple...
MS is so far behind it's sad... It's actually kinda scary if you open your eyes..

That's a big, wide ranging rant and I'm not even going to read all of it, but to use your "shoot the other in the foot" analogy, the Office team would be shooting themselves in the foot by only allowing their software on a device that holds only 2% of the market. I don't think holding back your cash cow to benefit a device that may never profit makes good business sense.

That's fine, I wouldn't expect you to listen to an on topic point when you obviously would rather rant on multiple off topic opinions.

Are you American? I'm just wondering why you say 'I could care less'. That means you actually do care what the other person said...
'I could not care less' makes far more sense...

I'm not going to judge Windows Phone 8.1 by the feature list it has and say it basically is Windows Phone 9 but to keep it aligned with Windows for PCs, they kept it at 8.1. No, Windows Phone 8.1 is a very small update for Windows Phones. Considering how long they've taken to get where they are now, universal apps will be the minority of the store while legacy Windows Phone apps will be the majority of what the store has to offer.

I'm not excited for Cortana, like at all. I've used Siri before, it's a novelty feature. I've used Google Now, and only because it is powered by Google and Google is practically the best at finding what I want, I look at Google Now like the future of Google where your searches will already be done for you. But Cortana looks as if it competes more with Siri than Google Now and with Google searches being more relevant to me than Bing, I'm not looking forward to this novelty feature.

Apple executed the notification center wrong. It's implemented very poorly. And instead of improving it, they tried to reinvent it. They took the control part of it and created control center a year later. I prefer the powerful notification system Android has implemented since day one, because it has it all together in one familiar place, not split into two different places. Now will Microsoft's action center be as extensive and customizable as Android's system or will it flop like Apple's implementation and take longer to perfect past 8.1?

The UI redesign I'm looking most forward to is getting pushed further and further back. Windows Phone 8.5 slated for release this year might not have the new tile features that they are working on. It might take until Windows 9/Windows Phone 9.

How will new universal apps behave? Will they behave quicker and more fluid? Mango 7.5 did a lot to improve the speed of sandboxed apps and introduced multitasking, but it did not bring them up to the speed of stock apps, the animations of tapping on clickable text isn't as fluid or animated as stock apps, and the animations in general look goofy depending on how the developer did it. Also, with multitasking, apps relaunch instead of resuming when you open them back up from the start screen.

I haven't had any problems with WinRT apps, they are very smooth and they multitask very well. They are a major improvement over how Windows Phone 8 apps behave. So it is important to me to know when Windows Phone universal apps will begin behaving this way if they won't with 8.1.

Also, to make it clear. Windows Phones needs a major UI redesign because they are too simple in their current state. I've said this before and nobody agrees because nobody tries to see the problem, they simply ignore it. Windows Phones focus on using the most screen space as possible, and optimize for AMOLED screens, but with better specs and bigger screens, they need to redesign the UI to compensate.

For example, a back button in Internet Explorer has been badly requested. But Microsoft kept it simple and gives us less options, only one button and an address bar. Now after not answering this request and updating Internet Explorer, I've upgraded from a Lumia 920 to a Lumia 1520, now the screen is huge but Internet Explorer is now totally useless for me as all webpages scale to a screen of the size my Lumia 920, not my 6 inch display. I now have a huge useless address bar that shows huge text and one huge refresh button. Thanks...

Meanwhile Android is designed to scale to any device, from phone to tablet to portable media player to flip phone. The Galaxy Note 3 can scale any Android app without problem, the apps don't look too big at all. Windows 8.1 is similar in this fashion, it can scale much better than Windows Phone 8. This is why I want the whole Windows 8.1 UI to be carried over to Windows Phones as quickly as possible because I love the Windows UI but have grown to dislike the inconveniences Windows Phone's UI throws at me.

I agree with you. They're just doing the basics and not customizing for screen sizes or different devices.

MS is missing the point and it's been so long to bring a WP OS update that whatever they're bringing "new" is already LATE.

I really don't understand that a worldwide "leader" company is doing so poorly in what they do. MS needs to bring YOUNGER people with FRESH NEW ideas from the STREETS where anyone would notice what each of their products really NEEDS to compete (at least) but more important to LEAD WITH INOVATION and EASINESS to USE.



Come on now, this isn't just some silly rivalry. MS doesn't have to compete with and beat Google on every front. Heck, why should they? To satisfy the egos of die-hard MS fans? This is a business, and ultimately the decisions they make have to generate profit if they are to stay competitive, let alone just afloat. Right now releasing Office for iPad makes the best business sense because Apple does hold a considerable portion of the tablet market, so MS stands to generate a lot of revenue with that.

Uau dude what are you talking about? What´s the advantage of advantage of Surface 2? There are almost too many to mention, here are a few:

- USB port that compatible with thousands of peripherals

- Being able to snap multiple apps to the screen at once

- A UI far superior to any other with awesome touch gestures and live tiles

- Office built in FOR FREE (100 USD or more makes a huge difference)

- Built it kickstand

- Very high build quality

- Full file management available

There are a few on top of my head. And you can say witht a straight face that Microsoft does not inovate? Even XboxOne is by far the most inovative console of this generation, and so is the WP UI, which, while laking in many respects in functionality (which will be adressed with 8.1) is still the most inovative UI by far. And no 8.1 is not just playing cath up, Cortana will be better that Siri and google now, and with all the under the hood changes that will finally make the live tiles update every minute if necessary, the superior action center, and countless other under the hood improvements, 8.1 will make WP surpass iOS by a long margin, and give it most features of android while keeping much higher stability, security and speed.


True. My friend had been on the fence about purchasing a Surface 2 for quite some time, but once she saw me pop in an SD card behind the kickstand she had ordered one within the next week.

REPEAT:Office is a strong selling point but the Surface 2 still has a built in kick stand, nearly FULLY functional USB port, microSD card, full browser experience, ability to print from virtually any printer, micro HDMI/display output, solid hardware from Microsoft, better multitasking and so much more... Need I say more?? This is leagues ahead of the iPad and even DUMB people will realize some of these advantages..

You miss the point that NONE of that matters to the tens of millions of ipad owners, its a selling point that no one wanted to buy in the first place. Otherwise Surface's would have been flying off the shelves instead of costing Microsoft $900 million.

How do you know its a "selling point no one wanted to buy" in the first place?? When the first iPad came out, different companies laughed at Apple since they though "nobody would buy it" and yet they were wrong and that is one reason they are a leader in tablet sales. Apple created a demand for a device that nobody thought they wanted in the first place.. Same with the iPhone.

So, what is MS going to create now?... What are they going to innovate?... Instead of being way last... Way last.. Lol!
That's the problem.. By the time MS decides to make a product someone else already has the market sowed up!.. iPads, iPhones, Notes, Galaxy gear... Where's MS❔

Wish I knew lol. I am reading one of Bill Gate's books(Business @ the speed of though) and he talks about several topics, one of which is managing data and how companies that build a solid, what he calls "digital nervous system" and can flow information relevant to them through their company easier can constantly adapt and learn and will be winners in a competitive market. Funny that he wrote this book over 14 years ago and it is till relevant today... Its obvious that Microsoft has fallen back in many of these areas, one of which sounds easy but is easier said than done, is listening to their customers.. Hence why they are last in many cases... But they have been successful in other parts of their business and that is why they are still around today. He also mentioned about taking risks and those afraid of taking risks will suffer bigger consequences rather than learning from a 'failed' attempt at a product/service. You should read the book and quit trolling so much... :) But seriously it's a good book and very well written in my opinion.

They took HUGE risks by entering the smartphone and tablet markets that had for years been dominated by Apple, Blackberry, and Google. They took a HUGE risk entering the videogame market that had for years been dominated by Sony and Nintendo.

2 different leagues. Surface 2 is more work oriented. iPad is obviously more for entertainment and other "work apps" are bonus'. Entertainment-wise the iPad is leagues ahead.

If they don't make it cross-platform, someone else will. Better to have them locked into Microsoft's services than sacrifice their services for their devices. I'm happy they're learning this lesson faster than blackberry did.

So true. Look at Amazon/Kindle, the Kindle app is cross platform but they still sell bucket loads of Kindles. Imagine how much income they would lose if it were only Kindle specific.

It will probably sync the theme as well as recent documents since OneDrive is the default saving location for documents.

i hope they charge $49.99 for it. At least Surface RT owners have a justified reason for their purchase...imo

I support this move. Services seems to drive customers more than hardware madness. Office and windows are microsofts most important product. Windows failure to gain significant traction to mobile world of phone and tablets should not limit offices continued dominance toward every platform. Timing is everything now. You cant be late. Adapt or die. Remember nokia and blackberry.

Exactly. Moreover, they could also use this to lure consumers over to the Windows ecosystem since it's bound to be more seamless across Windows devices. So it's like "hey iPad consumers, you got Office now, that's cool. But if you used it on Windows tablets, you can also do X, Y, and Z. Go ahead and try it." iTunes I think played a major part in why Apple's handheld devices did so well. Same with Google's services and Android. Get more people on board with using Office on their handhelds and eventually they'll start looking at other MS products.

Why bother?  Apple fanboys will just tell everyone how much BETTER and cheaper Pages Numbers and Keynote are.


Office "compatible" suites are the bane of my existence when trying to complete documents that span across mutiple companies and contractors.  Eventually the document always hits some anti-MS contractor that edits the doc in google docs, Pages/Numbers, open office, libre office, quick office, etc and royally screws up all the formatting.  And then tells us it's our problem because it looks fine on HIS computer.  I wish you could bitchslap people through email.  

Yeah no kidding.  Especially when you are trying to hit a deadline for a huge contract.  We almost lost a 12 million dollar software contract because this one idiot contractor used iWork to edit the 120 page MS Word proposal and screwed up all the pagebreak positions on all 120 pages, and all the tables got garbled, and all the embedded excel objects disappeared, 1 hour before the RFP deadline.  We told him to get onto a computer with Office on it, and he adamantly said, "I would rather die than use a microsoft product".  Like seriously WTF?  How can you work in the corporate world and avoid Microsoft?  It's a given whether you like it or not.  I mean, I didn't like MS back then either, but this guy was an idiot.  He actually had to email us the text he wanted to put in and we had to insert the text into the document (in all 40 locations in the doc) for him.


People like him make me wonder if Office for iPad will take off.  So many apple people hate MS with so much passion it's ridiculous.  

I like Microsoft and prefer to use their services but if I have to use other services in a given situation, than so be it. Right now in my school university, our class has basically decided they are going to use Google docs for just about everything with a few exceptions. I use it weekly because it is what they have chosen as their go to service. I don't mind and in doing so makes it function well for everyone. I don't see how this guy can't set aside his dislikes and work as a team for the better of the team especially when there is $$ involved...

Fanboys tend to have reactions like hate to certain companies.  I know many very normal people (pretty much the majority of Apple customers), who like their iPads and still use Office.  I think we in the tech world are slightly disconnected from reality.

And the funny thing is, a large percent of the anti-Microsoft following have no valid reason for it. It's just become the cool thing to do.

I feel you I made a PowerPoint presentation on google docs formatted it to office and it look terrible! That's when I gave up on google docs. But I do use pages on my iPad(its free on iPad) and mac.

Microsoft is attacking google from every angle and I only applaud that, making apple stronger with office only helps the cause :|

the more devices office is on the better for ms as userbase for the cloud goes crazy, ios and android users will have to pay for a yearly 365 subscription to use it.

They said that a few years ago about iPad too, see how long it took... They might but only when they are ready ;)

It already has, office 365. Lots of subcontractors I use at work already have it installed on their Galaxy S4 phones.

Okay, all I'm saying is the office being available on android and apple really isn't new as friend of mine user office on either platform via 365 now

Is...is no one else excited about EMS? Seriously, for enterprises this is a gift from the gods. Anyone who has used GOOD for Enterprise can attest that these services are awful. Finally MS can get in on this.

This has to be done. MS can't afford to let someone else dominate the productivity on iOS. They rarely if ever lead in any consumer technology these days. They need to at least win the office suite war on Apple products

I feel like one of the only ones who likes this move. Although most would use iWork, as it is free, Office has a bigger name, and does a lot more. And Windows users get it FREE, while iPad users have to have Office 365.

I agree. And people pretend there isn't Office for Mac already. And the fact that Office RT is free still gives people a reason to swap. Office for iPad still requires a Office 365 subscription, which the average person won't bother with.

Honestly,I don't think Microsoft should be introducing office for iPad tomorrow unless they had new products (surface hardware) and the Gemini version of office to show off on their own hardware to counteract some of the ipdas attention tomorrow as well. I guess that would be to smart for them to do.....getting office everywhere isn't necessarily a bad thing, but diverting some of the attention would be smart.

MS is introducing MS Office for iPad now so they can talk ONLY about MS devices and services for those devices in the big MS event that's coming up in a few days.

agreed. office RT is not touch friendly. proof? they are developing Gemeni as an admission that office RT is totally not suited for touch. Reality: MSFT doesn't care to support its own platform with AAA apps, why should devs?

...and now we know why Microsoft has discontinued the one product that could place the iPad on equal footing with the Surface....  Goodbye Touch/Typecover Wireless Adapter, we hardly knew you. :'(

Lets not forget all you people quick to say Surface is being undermined here that Office for iOS devices is not free. I can't imagine this being used without a subscription model and Office comes with Surface so that with multitasking abilities and running x86 apps (for SPro) is still a huge advantage.

wait here , they have pages , numbers and keynote which are made available free for new devices with icloud sync across devices , so why would one use Microsoft office which could cost them ?

i know office is far better than apple own word processing software but . ? 

because. office is still the gold standard for many people. i think they'll gladly pay for office. because it formats on the PC as well

true , i will surely try this on my iPad , but think this time as an isheep :-p

they are used to keynote , pages and numbers from many years

I'm a teacher and use Office on a daily basis so it's important to me. I was about to bite the bullet on an RT just for the portable capabilities of Office.

I recently switched over to an Iphone and I like the simplicity of it. My current laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad and the battery like is horrible.

If Office for iOS has decent capabilities, the battery life alone is worth it for me to buy an Ipad (4 or Air) instead of a RT or Surface 2.

Better don't get it on android now. Please. Microsoft i know u are powerful as a software company but in devices you are killing yourself

Meh, just buy a Surface and get Office for free, plus USB and HDMI ports. No contest.

except if you want the only surface that is powerful enough to really handle office. surface pro. then you don't get office for free even when you're spending way more. MSFT, making sense as always.

It will be but you need an Office 365 subscription to use it, Surface doesn't need an Office 365 subscription.

Hello everybody. I bought my first wp8 device 2 months ago,a Lumia 925 at full price and I have used the surface 2 for some time.I am a windows 8 fan as opposed to other platforms. I wanted to be a windows phone fan too and also a Windows 8 rt fan but that seems unlikely,even with the big updates we are expecting next week. I have to say that I am a power user and I have used every major mobile a lot. My experience from WP was disappointing at least. Apart from lumias 925 build quality (which,except the beautiful design,SUCKS:serious overheating always followed by slow ,cheap plastic back and the aluminum on the far up right has melted from the heat causing a bump on the corner,battery life is the worst I have ever seen in a smartphone...) the wp8 os feels so immature that I am selling my phone and probably going back to android again in a month. I really wanted to see wp8 getting better,but until now it was treated like a toy os from Microsoft and yes it doesn't offer anything more than android or ios. Nothing. Also windows rt was treated like a cheap version of windows 8 and the outcome is a fast and stable os with nothing to do on it,so why would anyone buy it over an android tablet or an iPad? Recently I had the opportunity to buy an iPad air with 128 GB storage at a very cheap price. I did so,to try the ios and find where it lacks,and if it is really so bad as people say.well I am sorry windows fanboys, but this is the best electronic device I have ever used. I have no complaints for the first time after buying a device. Everything is really fast,like A LOT,screen is great,battery life is unreal,yesterday I got a day and 10 hours of total standby time and and freaking 12 hours of constant use with screen on!!!!!!And apps are AMAZING!!! I am only keeping my 1000 € vaio for my university projects.everything else is just iPad.call me as you wish but IPad air is superior to the surface 2 and now with the the office support it's gonna be over for surface,except if something magical happens!

Billion of people are ignorant they don't even know what is operating system, but yes they use ipad ,Android,windows.. Only 1 out of 10000000 people know about operating system.. They just buy what are popular devices as their default choices.

regardless of how the spinners spin this, this is only bad news for windows 8 tablet adoption. all of their ads touting office just became irrelevant, while I'm sure apple will have new ads touting the ipad has office for touch while RT/8 users are stuck with a desktop dinosaour that is as touch friendly as my cactus.