Microsoft fires out invites for Surface 2 event in New York on September 23rd

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has begun firing out invitations for an event which is to be held in New York City on September 23rd. The media have been invited to what we expect to be the unveiling of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets, running Windows RT and Windows 8.1 respectively.

We've got some bad news for those who are looking for something slightly smaller as sources familiar with company plans have confirmed with The Verge that Microsoft will not be launching the rumoured "Surface mini." So what can we all look to expect from the event?

It's believed both tablets will retain a similar design to existing models, but Redmond will look to upgrade the Surface Pro 2 to sport Intel's new Haswell processor chips. These new processors are said to provide an extra 2 hours of battery. For those who enjoy multitasking and running intensive applications while on the move, it's said units with 8GB of RAM will be available. 

As for the Surface 2, Microsoft is sticking with Windows RT 8.1, though the "RT" will be removed from the actual product. Being bumped to a 1080p display, owners will have some magic to work with thanks to the Nvidia Tegra 4 processor. Oh, and there's a two-stage kickstand too. We expect both tablets to be revealed at the event on September 23rd, along with some accessories and a new Power Cover.

Some cracking internal upgrades are on the table. We'll look to be on the floor as the show kicks off, so remain tuned to our feeds.

Source: The Verge


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Microsoft fires out invites for Surface 2 event in New York on September 23rd


My bad. Sorry. What about gdr3? Is Nokia going to showcase gdr3 for the first time with their 1520?

now you dont know how to use Bing or Google? wow your intelligence its really less than what i thought.
stupid name and stupid comments and with no apparent brain. I wonder why are you even here, im sure you dont even have Windows Phone, but you know you can click "log out" and make us a favor not to read your stupidty again :).
I mean, your comment is a reply to someone that has nothing to do with your question. thats how stupid you are im sure.
but type in google.com or bing.com "firefox OS news site". im sure that will work, did you understand what i just said or what an easier way? i dont know if this is too complicated for you

When is the next Nokia event in that case? Wasn't it supposed to be at the end of September as well?

Flood the internetz with your name everywhere, Nokia this Nokia that, Microsft here and there.

Mind share needs to get built. I love that Nokia is trying to get on the paper every other month with a product release.

Thats more "OK" so far. Im expecting a release date and not just for the US. I want to know when I can get a Surface Pro 2 here in Sweden. That will be Nice. But if we yet again have to wait another 6 months after the US release, then that is NOT Nice.

Be glad you people are getting it. India and I think a lot of other countries can only dream, unless they get an opportunity to import.
This US centric approach for MS hardware division is not going to bode well after the Nokia aquisition. Just look how Nokia targeted the developing world to stay in the top and thats what Samsung is mimicking now. Even Google started to ship Nexus 7 here. MS needs to move global fast and rise above the mouse and keyboards. Brand awareness is all these days.

Have no idea what you're talking about because the Nokia distribution channel, which is part of Devices & Services, will also get transferred to MS. Not yet since the transfer is not final yet, but next year, we could probably see both surfaces, and Xbox too, make use of that distribution channel as well.

Anticipation is part of the game.  I'm learning to be patient with this platform. I'm not always but the fact that we are getting official announcements of things to come rather than speculating from wikileaks and blurrycam. This is encouraging.

Just biught my 32gb rt, love it but im thinking i should return it or keep and look into a surface pro 2.

I just bought a Surface RT 32gb as well. I'm very happy with it! The Surface 2 will cost a lot more when it's released.

I got one too off the eBay refurb deal.  Definitely keeping mine, but would like a Surface mini still, or maybe an 8" tablet from an OEM.  Probably would get a full Windows device even at 8", but I would look to get one with a docking station that I could hook up to a big monitor to use as a desktop.

I got the 64G Surface RT and will give it to my neice next month and get the Surface Pro 2 or whatever its called.  That said, I like the RT and use it just as  much as my iPad.  They Surface RT failed because MS refused to drop the price and horrible marketing.

I hope it will be available this year or better the week after the event. MS could learn here from Apple. I generally hate seeing new products in the press and having to wait ages before i can actually buy them.
I keep my fingers crossed but doubt it.

Both will launch with 8.1 launch I hope. Also hope they learned their lesson on releasing each separately..

Indeed. It took Lenovo ages to get their stuff to market, they felt old at release. Both these devices need to ship worldwide before the end of the year or they are just too slow.

Would quite happily go for an upgraded RT and give my old one to my girlfriend - although depends on the UK release date - if they screw us like last time and have us wating 2 months for a limited availability first run i wont be happy - although saying that a UK release delay would allow me time to save funds after my Xbox One purchase.

I would hope that their distribution will be better this time around now that they've gotten some experience with the initial Pro and RT launches.

Actually I might.  I got a Surface RT for free from BUILD last year.  Honestly, its a nice device, I'm just not happy with the CPU inside of it.  Apps load much slower and there is noticeable lag when compared to Intel devices.  Because of that, I've been very down on RT tablets.  But if the tegra 4 performs well enough, I might actually get the Surface 2 RT as a laptop replacement for me.  Would be perfect for those daily train rides to work I'll be doing starting in October.  But I'm to cheap to be suckered into $500 price tag, especially since RT tablets have a history of hitting the bargain bin.  If they do $350 I'm sold.

It depends if I really needed it. My girlfriend loves my surface rt and wants me to upgrade and give the rt to her. Her iPad mini is only used for candy crush and reading. She wants more surface usability.

MS screwed up with their prices last time. I hope they get it right this time. If they do then I will definitely upgrade.

Really depends. I've been running around with my Pro since February and it hasn't failed me yet in any way save for one irritation... That accursed placement of the stylus. They MUST have changed it and made it either slide into the body or at minimum moved it to the top rather than the side, right? I would have lost my stylus long ago were it not for a little foresight and a strip of Velcro to place mine on the top of the unit (landscape mode). Really hoping they have addressed this and also hope they have made the charging adapter smaller and made sure that the fit was better in the charging port itself. It's frustrating sometimes having to wrangle it each time without the magic "click" seen in other devices by that fruity company that shall not be named. oh well, it was a pretty amazing device for a 1st-Gen device and it relegated my laptop to "eternal dock", where it hums along with very little attention from me these days. I'd say that makes 1st Gen Surface Pro a winner.

I'd still like to see the Surface RT be replaced by something sporting Nokia's design...after all it is more akin to a phone (than a PC). The 1080 is a must. Hopefully they will upgrade that lousy camera (another reason Nokia could make it better).

Oh..and make the keyboard magnetically stay closed and have the device recognize when the cover is closed like max-iPad's do.

Man, the camera is the last thing I care about on a tablet. Would rather MS focus on better CPU and battery life. Hell, they should just get rid of the rear facing camera to shave off a few bucks.

Oh totally.... at least offer pen support as a higher model option.
Pen input is fabulous on the Surface Pro.  My only complaint is that I think the pen should stow into an integrated slot in the tablet.  The magnetic attachment is decent, but easy to snap off.

Just curious. If you can link me to a comparison between these two bad bitches?

I know the krait 400 is the latest and greatest, but how far off is the Tegra 4 really? Im assuming the tegra 4 should run circles around the tegra 3 inside the surface right now..

Sweet !!!! Can't wait.
After some one-on-one time with an Asus VivoTab , I'm really tempted to retire my Xoom & get an RT tablet . Hopefully the price is right.

Can't wait. Surface RT is a pleasure to use compared to other products I've owned. New generations are always fun.

I have a Surface RT and I was really hoping for a 7"-8" Surface mini. Bummer that there aren't any plans to release one yet. I doubt I'll upgrade to the Surface 2, unless they've made it a lot lighter and thinner. I'll be eager to see Nokia's rumored tablet.

I am so excited. I got the original Surface on launch day (didn't know it was launched the day I bought it) and have loved it ever since.
Better resolution, processor, and 8.1 are all winners. Here's to hoping I get an active digitizer for pen support on the RT version... oh man what I would give for that.

Exciting stuff! If the Surface Pro 2 is priced well and has significant advantages over Sony's Vaio Tap 11 I'll probably pick one up!

I'm disappointed that there isn't a smaller sized surface coming. I have no need for a that large of a device. I prefer to work on a desktop. But I could use a 7-8" tablet. Guess the Lumia 1520 will have to hold me over.

I wish they'd just remove the desktop support in RT so it would be a more consistent user experience.  Of course, they need to convert all of those other desktop applets to RT - i.e. the disengaging experience of swiping to settings and tapping control panel only to be thrown into the desktop and the old applet.
If they'd get rid of the desktop, I think people would better understand the difference in the device and think of it as a tablet.  Of course they'd need to update Office RT to be, um...RT (like the OneNote app is on RT).

I love the desktop mode on my Surface RT and use it all the time. So I'm hoping for the exact opposite of you.

It should at least be hidden (i.e. power user option) and have no dependence on it whatsoever.  It's what makes the RT experience so half-baked.
For most of us long time windows users, it doesn't feel too unatural...but for someone coming from iPad, it is clumsy at best.

If surface RT or whatever is $500-700 dollars again, you can expect it to die in the future with more writedowns and huge discounts. Why would anyone buy a surface when OEMs are selling w8 and pro tablets starting at $300.

Well, now that my 2010 Macbook Pro is giving me the "service battery" message, I can throw in another 4GB of RAM and upgrade to Mavericks...when all is said and done I might just bite the bullet and get a Surface Pro 2 if it looks appealing enough. The price needs to come down a bit though.

If it's US only again...it's gonna suck big time! There is a WORLD outside US you know...
The current generation still isn't available in Eastern Europe, outrageous!

completely agree. will be deeply dissapointed if we europeans have to wait another year for the release of the Surface 2's. it's bad enough that xbox one is delayed to next year. then again, microsoft is known to not showing the netherlands much love. 

I've been trying to get an answer to that question for a while now. If the Surface Pro 2 doesn't have 4G/LTE it will seal Windows doom as a device manufacturer.

According To Me Surface Is The Best Tablet If You Check By Build Quality,Design,Hardware,Etc But The Price Is A Little Bit Hefty Here In Saudi Arabia.

I sure hope this time around I don't have to wait almost a year for the Surface 2 tablets to be released in the Netherlands. I highly doubt it, but a man can dream right? Gettin the feelin MS hates Netherlands (had to wait almost a year for Surface RT and Pro, meh Bing search, still no voice control on my Xbox 360, Xbox One delayed to next year with still no release date announced). I love MS but they really need to step up their game here in the Netherlands...

Love my Surface Pro. Feel absolutely no reason to upgrade when the new Surface Pro is released as mine's fast enough and does everything I need.
I'm most excited about that new power keyboard! When I bought the Pro I took a gamble with regards to the battery life (although I tend to get around 6 hours on average so never been a real issue) and I actually held out on buying the touch/type keyboards in the hope they'd release a keyboard with a battery so looks like it was worth the wait :) I just hope they don't stick a ridiculous price on it!