Microsoft further extends Smoked by Windows Phone challenge until April 12

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The Smoked by Windows Phone marketing campaign has been extended by Microsoft until April 12th. Those with competitor smartphones will be able to pop into participating Microsoft Stores and attempt to challenge an employee to best the Windows Phone. The campaign recently came under fire for employees supposedly bending the competition rules, ensuring Microsoft's platform won regardless.

Those who manage to beat the Windows Phone will not be receiving a limited edition Hunger Games laptop, priced at $1,000. Instead the store will offer a $1,000 gift card ("hello fancy new Windows 8 tablet") to the first 10 winning participants and a $25 gift card to the first 250 who lose. Are you eligible? Check against the below points:

  • Your smartphone must be activated with a cellular carrier;
  • Your smartphone must be able to fully power off prior to the Challenge;
  • Your smartphone must have the basic functionality required to compete in the Challenge including, but not limited to: check weather/movie, take pictures and post online, text, post on Facebook, find nearby restaurants, update status on social media, and translate web pages into English; and
  • Your smartphone must use the original, unmodified operating system that came standard on Your smartphone.
  • Smartphones that have had Challenge scenarios pre-loaded are excluded.

What's different about this wave is employees will ask the participant to pick a challenge card at random, which will dictate the scenario (example: take a photo and upload to Facebook). This will help prevent any future issues that could possibly arise.

Source: Micrsoft Store, via: AnythingbutiPod; thanks William for the tip!


Reader comments

Microsoft further extends Smoked by Windows Phone challenge until April 12


I'm really tempted to dig up my HTC Evo, go over there, and after losing a challenge start arguing that they have their phones with challenge scenarios pre-loaded (two weather tiles? really? no one does that)
This whole you can't prepare your phone to compete on tasks Microsoft claims are tasks you perform all the time is just stupid. If it's something I do alot, my phone will be set up for it. Set up your windows phone to do the same thing and now we have a real challenge.
Microsoft is trying to solve the cheating problem in a bad way. I guess they need the 1000$ prize to draw people in but that's what causing the problem. cheating for 100$? too much hassle. 1000$? whole other story

I had my windows phone set up with two weather live tiles all this weekend.. One for my hometown and one for the place I was currently at.. So I guess it depends.. If I'm in town, I typically just have one weather live tile.. If I'm out of town, I have two..