Microsoft giving out an extra free 20GB of SkyDrive to Windows Phone users


Microsoft handed out an extra 3GB of SkyDrive storage to early adopters of Outlook.com. Now it looks like they’re doing the same, but bigger, for Windows Phone users. We’re getting tips from a few of you about a little early Christmas present from Microsoft in your inboxes. How much extra storage are you getting on SkyDrive for being a Windows Phone user? Let’s find out.

It was back in April 2012 that Microsoft dropped the 25GB allotment of free storage on SkyDrive to 7GB for new accounts. That means by default every single one of you using Windows Phone have at least 7GB of storage in the cloud. Of course you’ll have more if you’re grandfathered in with an old SkyDrive account or you buy more. But it looks like you’ll be picking up 20GB free for the next year from Microsoft for using Windows Phone.

Head to your inbox and see if you’ve got an email from Microsoft with a link to redeem your code. Don’t share that link, since it contains your unique code for 20GB of extra SkyDrive storage for one year.

Free SkyDrive Windows Phone

Don’t fret if you’re not seeing the email just yet. For example, I don’t have it, but Mark and a few dozen of you guys sending the tips in have it already. Just look out for an email from Microsoft. Did you get it already? Sound off below. 

Thanks for the tip Bilal, Clifford and everyone else!


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Microsoft giving out an extra free 20GB of SkyDrive to Windows Phone users



See I have my 25GB but this 20GB bonus sounds amazing until you read for 1 year. So if you fill up the memory but don't pay afterwards you lose it. I really don't see the excitement.

Then just manage it so you don't lose the data.  And if you want to keep it, pay for it.  It's $25 a year for 50GB extra.  That's far from expensive.  If you don't really need it or use it, don't pay for it.  It's a nice thing to do for their users.  They don't give the Surface 2 buyers their big Skydrive storage in perpetuity either. 

I don't see it as a gift for loyalty I see it as a gift for them. If you're going to give a gift there shouldn't be any strings attached, that just my opinion.

I agree.  I hate this temporary free storage deals.  But lucky for me I have 125GB for life from going to BUILD :)

Which Build conference gave out 125GB for life?  I got 100GB at Build 2013, but that's only good for a year.

Well to be honest... They didn't have to do this at all. Not like I get this kinda deal from drop box or google drive temporary or not.

I guess I just try not to look a gift horse in the mouth and thank them for giving me anything at all.

To be honest they didn't because they take it back next year unless you pay lol... Its want was referred to as an Indian giver now I hear that's politically incorrect to say lol...

My paranoia says to not take this offer. I'm afraid of losing my 25gb, and I only used about 5gb of the 25 so far... So I'm happy to skip this offer. Not taking any chances of losing my 25. And yeah, I can read and I see that only the bonus 20 is supposed to expire, but like I said, I'm paranoid. Not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

I got to keep my original 25 (I've had a Hotmail account for over 13 years) + 200 from my S2 + 20 from this = awesome. It actually is more storage than any single one of my computers. I have 128 & 256 SSDs everywhere.

I'm a 25GB user already. Not sure if they'll reset the storage from 45GB to 7GB if we add 20GB and don't pay after a year. I'll stick with the existing 25GB. Unlikely that I'll reach that in a year anyway.

Indeed Skydrive is awesome to use with all the Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs and 25GB is more than enough. Why people need so much storage is beyond me? if you need huge storage space to store pictures and videos, use Copy instead like me where you can get TB permanently with its referral scheme.


Let's say you have 20GB of videos, pictures, documents. So what happens to all that when the time on 20GB expires?

You cannot upload new content but the existing data stay for a while. You will receive mail on when it will be cleared.. At least in my case..

I received mine. Whoohoo! But its only for a year. :-( It's a trick to make us buy a subscription. Damn!

Thnx for this news.... Saw the mail bt ignored it but after reading this chckd again... awesome 27 gb skydrive... 64 gb SD card... 8 gb inbuilt and just upgraded my plan to 10 mb/s .... Just speechless

I got the message TWICE and used the codes and now I have an extra 20 GB of storage for 2 years...expires 12-21-2015! This is my second windows 8 phone and I originally registered my phone through my old google domain address....about a year ago I switched everything over to a new domain. This morning I had that coupon in both inboxes...and both codes were valid!

Oh wow! Lucky! Lol
My Skydrive has been full for a couple of weeks and was planning on going through it to make some room. Not anymore :D

Woo Hooo!!!!!

I just the email. I missed the original "Gradfathered" offer by a day. But this makes up for it (for at least a year)

What do people use SkyDrive for? Just curious. I use it for documents, one note and backup for my photos but I've only hit 1gb so far.

I'm a college student so I use it for every document I create. I have about 3 GB of documents on there. I also have every photo I've ever taken on there. I have a grandfathered 25 GB account and I pay for 50GB more. I have about 5GB free currently so I'm using around 70 GB.

I have all my photos and videos up there, means I can always show friends and family things wherever I am and allows me to clean up my phone and get them off there. I also have a bunch of SNES games for when I feel like getting nostalgic.

Finally a stack of documents for learning Spanish too, I write up the stuff I learn so I can reference it anywhere.

I have all the work I ever create on SkyDrive; its absolutely indispensible cause now I never have to email myself docs or touch a flash drive. Although I could just as easily use google drive or dropbox... Whatever.

I'll be royally pissed if this is only for WP 8 users.  I've got an original Trophy until March... Show me some love MSFT!

its for windows phone users... if you have an account and you had a wp phone, you dont even need to have it working. I dont have a windows phone anymore and i got it (I dont have other phone) and if I got the email not even having an active windows phone account everyone should get it.
and even my sister with her lumia 800 got it, so its pretty much for everyone having a windows phone account.

wow thats bad luck! I havent had my phone for a while, but I still got it. even my mom got it since I just checked!, she uses an old WP7, and since she doesnt care about fancy stuff I gave it to her sicne it was better and easier than WM6. but I just checked and she got it, she wont redeem it since he doesnt use that stuff, but its bad luck if you didnt get it!
maybe you have to wait to get it? (like the stupid skype voucher for premium I got 2 days after I signed up) I hope you get it =)

Same here. I was hoping that it was a permanent thing. Something to compete with AT&T locker where I currently have 50GB permanently.

I'd not refer to anything offered by any wireless provider as a competitor. Ever. Even if they provide 1TB free permanently.

so if you stop paying AT&T the 50gb storage will be yours forever?
Im sure it wont... but see the difference?
its the same but in a different way, also you pay AT&T montly to have access to these kind of features. you stop paying and you wont get access to them.

I sense this is for US coz i had like 3 windows phones and didnt have an email came in yet. Lumia 800 was my first so I think i go under the criteria of an early adopter. MS is heartless to me. But hey i really dont need that much of space since i only store documents and couple of pictures. And enjoying SkyDrive services all the time.

I've got it, I'm in France. I am an early adopter of WP day one with my LG Optimus 7 and my MS account in the hotmail.com format. I have now a Lumia 920 and a free 25gb Skydrive account. I just open the mail and click on the green link, it activate a one year free subscription for additional 20gb, for a total of 45.

Same for me, living in Sweden. Got a Lumia 920 and has a registered account with my own format. Great addition to my other free 25gb of space now :D Thanks Microsoft!

I'm in Indonesia and I've received the email. I don't know whether I will use it or not though. Until someone cleared that this won't effect my permanent 25GB.

EDIT: Since everyone has try it and it works, I tried it myself and indeed it works. Now I have 45GB :)

never got the outlook promo either(us only indeed or could've also been limited supply based on signup date time) but as of 30mins. ago i got the email

Everybody seems to always jump to blaming Microsoft... How many people actually realize that the reason things are restricted to the US are because Microsoft is based there and other governments don't make it easy for any company to extend promotions and giveaways?

Because blaming is easy, however, the blamer don't have to provide reason for their blame.

If you blame someone and goes to court, only then you need to provide proof for that blame. 

Because we don't like feeling like second class citizens all the time. Even a lot of the hyped WP features only came out in the US and everyone else had to wait 1-2 years. Some countries are still waiting. Take that and couple it with 80% US-exclusive promotions and it's hard not to take it personally.

I'm in Canada and I got it this morning. I don't need it as I already had 28GB (25GB original and 3GB store credit when I bought my Surface) and am currently only using about 15GB, but I added in the 20 for a year anyway. I figure it's there if I need it. I can see using it for temporary storage of a lot of files that I might want access to when traveling light with a tablet. Or if on vacation I can save a lot of pictures there temporarily to save space on the phone or a camera. Free is always a good deal. Thanks, Microsoft!

I'm from Maldives, and I got it. First thing I got from Microsoft like this (I didn't even get the outlook.com early adopting thingy, but I started using the early preview)

Awesome, I still have the 25GB account, plus an extra 20 GB from Office 365. I'll be rocking it with 65 GB for a while :D

+1 Ohh boy 65GB. My 920 photo footprints are to small to fill up all this cloudspace. Must tell wifie I will need a 1020 for Christmas.

Negative, just got 25+20=45Gb totally. Recheck if you want this addition, its simply a voucher as if you've bought it.

Tried it multiple times. Doesn't work. I will have to contact SkyDrive support. With a Lumia 1020, I could really use the space.

the key should enter by it self,, if my some error et dont check the link in your email, if you check the url then the key is in that..


There seem to be a few of us in the same boat.  We got a link with no redeem code - it takes you to the storage page and will go no further.

I was online with windows phone support for 3 hours. They couldn't explain it. Waiting to hear back from a supervisor.

My guess is this is by account, not phone. If both phones use the same account, they will both have access to the same SkyDrive with bonus storage.

Hah, true story. Now I sometimes have to explain "click the button with a diskette" - "with what?"

I thought it was a spam because it was too good to be true but I guess I will go ahead and get it. Another good reason to choose Microsoft.

Same here. Was checking out the sender adress properly and didn't just click the link before checking it out to. It was good that they didn't use one of those email link tracking URLs or I think alot of people would have passed on it :D

I got the free 25GB upgrade when it was offered, and now the 20GB extra, now I'm up to 45GB of free storage. Wow, I've basially got my own free hard drive, it's awesome!

Very nice, I just got this and also sent in a tip with screenshot.  This would have been even nicer if the 20gb did not expire.  I now have 65gb total for free on my skydrive = free 25gb hotmail/outlook, office 365 subscription with 20gb and now the enthusiast bonus for 20gb.

Nice of MS, although truthfully ALL Windows Phone users should have the SkyDrive camera roll not count against our quota. I have the original 25 GB plus 25 GB more I purchased and I'm at 35 GB just on the pictures back up. It'd be nice just to have all our WP pics and videos not count against our quota as long as we have a WP being used.

Thanks for the article. I had actually deleted the email thinking it was trash luckily I was able to get it back. 65gb total storage for free is pretty awesome.

Yeah I got the mail but the mail mentioned 7 GB. However, I am grandfathered in the 25 GB plan which I haven't used up yet. I mostly back up documents and files I need transferred. Skydrive pretty much replaced my flash drive. It's a sweet offer but I'm content with what I got. I also got 50 GB of Box and 15 GB Google drive. My Pictures are backed up to Flickr (a whopping 1 TB) with Flickr central and with private setting.

I haven't gotten the email yet, but if I do, can the code be transfered over to another account?

I've had my windows phone for a long time now, and since then I got a new outlook account. If you know windows phone, then you know it's not easy to change your primary email (you'll lose games and aps). Just wondering if it was posible.

This is what I thought but I changed my primary alias that use to be a @sbcglobal.net domain to a @outlook.com and my games are fine. How it this possible? I thought i would have to re-download everything.

I received the e-mail from Microsoft about 30 mins back. I felt 7GB was more than enough for me. And now I have 20 GB extra. wondering what to do with that much space on my hands.

Condom, yes. Gun, no. There's simply no need for a gun in civilised countries. Perhaps if you're in the US and live in fear as everyone else has a gun because everyone else has a gun.

Got it, too, and also wasn't sure if it was spam at first.

Anyway, while I appreciate it, I also recognize its a bit of a con. Maybe that's not the best word. What I mean is, say you get the extra space free, and you use it. After a year, what happens if you don't want to pay to continue with that space? You either lose what you stored or have to move it all down to a hard drive? I think they are counting on most not wanting to deal with the hassle and just paying for the storage from then on...

THIS!!! Why aren't other people mentioning this? Will Microsoft hold your stuff hostage if you fill up these 20GB until you pay for a renewal??

It did not click at first so dumb of me. Yeah that is a serious issue with this temporary data and now I need to think about it.

According to others, at the end of the year, if you are into the 20Gb space and you don't want to upgrade permanently, you'll no longer be able to add to SkyDrive, and will be given a grace period to move the files elsewhere. You will still be able to access all the files.

You will never lose access to SkyDrive files, you just can't store more. Either way you're not losing anything use it for a year of temporary storage. Who knows, they might do this on a yearly basis so that only CURRENT windows phone users get the benefit instead of anyone that ever used a Windows Phone.

No love for me yet (I'm a grandfathered 25GB user). Personally I feel that only for a year is a bit pointless. Say you fill it up, after the year you either delete or pay them to maintain access.

For some reason, my email had nothing after "redeemCode=" in the link.. Just takes me to the skydrive storage page..

Interesting.. I just sent a message to @WindowsPhone and @SkyDrive on twitter, might be worth replying to if you see it! :)

same here.. opened it from the phone first, asked me to get to a pc and got this when I tried from the pc.

Yeah, that seems to be my mistake, I opened it from my phone, it chucked a hissy, and now on my PC it just goes to the storage page.


Yup.working. Click on the green link in your mail. Redirects you to skydrive site. Redeem your code and get 27 gb !

Whats the biggest file size u can upload to skydrive? I have 25 gb since the beginning plus 200 from surface 2 plus this one

Not really. Don't get me wrong, I really like WP8, but Google gives you a free 15GB for unlimited time. The 7GB for owning a WP device are nothing and those extra 20GB will be gone after a year.

How does this work? If i use the 20 GB up... After a year what would i have to do... Delete the extra space I've used or start paying to keep it ?

The apparent solution is that you're not allowed to upload anything till you're back to the allotted amount of under 7GB. So you'll have to delete or download files till you're below that threshold.