Microsoft to go big with Xbox One panels and games at San Diego Comic-Con

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Microsoft has some big Xbox One plans for the 2014 Comic-Con International: San Diego, with a series of panels at the massive pop culture gathering along with a way for its 125,000 attendees to play preview versions of a number of future games for the console.

Microsoft will be hosting four panels during Comic-Con, which will be held July 24-27. Two of the panels are Halo related. One will offer up information about Halo: The Master Chief Collection, the Xbox One bundle of Halo 1-4 that's due out this fall. The other panel will revealed the first information on Halo: Nightfall, the live action digital series that will be included as part of the Master Chief Collection package.

Yet another panel will focus on one of the Xbox One's biggest exclusive titles for 2014, the open world action game Sunset Overdrive. Finally, Microsoft will host a panel centering on its upcoming documentary "Atari: Game Over", that looks at the fall of the game console company in the early 1980s that will be shown exclusively on Xbox Live later in 2014.

In addition to the panels, over 20 upcoming Xbox One games will be available in preview form for Comic-Con attendees to play at the Xbox Lounge in the Manchester Grand Hyatt, next to the San Diego Convention Center. Microsoft and Major League Gaming will also host a number of "walk up and play" tournaments during the convention.

Are you one of the lucky folks attending Comic-Con 2014 this year and if so do you plan to check out the Xbox One content during the event?

Source: Xbox Wire


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Microsoft to go big with Xbox One panels and games at San Diego Comic-Con


Me too. Meh. I wish I were from US and could afford Xbox One for myself. Since I'm in Ukraine, that's not gonna happen pretty soon :S

Xbox...the name that brings me joy & happiness. Thank Microsoft for Xbox although it has a bad app and services on my Windows Phone :)

I have had my Xbox One for 5 days now. Excellent console, Skype with group calling, Xbox Fitness, Amazon Prime Instant/Netflix, UFC Demo and Killer Instinct Ultra Edition are fantastic. I am impressed by the Kinect 2.0 system and the Xbox voice commands as well.

It will be amazing when Cortana comes to the Xbox One. I am not into console gaming but the fact that the Xbox One can replace many different machines in the living room won me over. We utilize Skype often as we have friends around the world and the Skype experience with the Kinect 2.0 is simply amazing.

Microsoft should buy one or two big new studio, My suggestions are Zenimax (Bethesda) for about 1 billion dollar which gives microsoft a catalog of valuable IPs and developers. The other one is Ninja theory which is cheaper (around 400m $) but it can make games like god of war and devil may cry, even uncharted which can be a gem for xbox one. It makes a big hype and turn around the negative atmosphere.

ha zenimax is worth around 1.5 billion so no they wouldn't buy that or ninja theory as ninja theory isn't for sale the best microsoft could do is buy capcom (that actually has a catalog of good ips) but even then that is a expensive aqusition microsoft are best to do what phil stated this gen which is just buy exclusies and have there 1st party teams make the best ones they can and not focus on other stuff ala kinect sports.

With rare making a brand new non kinect ip lionhead working on a new ip, and 3 other studios working on you guessed it new ips its not that hard. to see that some could be triple a titles and with there partnerships to remedy (who stated they want to make quntum break  triology) and a few other studios I think ms is in fine shape.

Not to mention they stated they have a few surprised at gamescomm outside of quntum break footage

You guys dont even bring up the Esports stuff they got going on with MLG. MS the only console company backing Esports.

My xbox's 360 and one have brought me hours of entertainment. Love what Microsoft has done thanks! :)