Microsoft has high hopes for WP7 marketshare

Microsoft has said that they are predicting Windows Phone to capture more than 20% of the smartphone market over the next few years through clever and effective marketing as well as support from manufacturers. Remember when Pyramid Research predicted the OS to reach top spot by 2013? Well the software giant is looking to smash that prediction.

Achim Berg, head of Windows Phone marketing, had this to say at IFA:

"HTC and other partners will run advertisement campaigns for the Titan and Radar phones, and the company has joined Microsoft in training hundreds of salesmen worldwide to better demonstrate the product. Microsoft plans to build on Windows Phone’s initial success with female consumers as well as with young and first-time users to win market share."

Berg also stated (and quite rightly so) that it took Apple and Google time for iOS and Android to catch on. Granted that Microsoft has arrived slightly late, but they still share the same obstacles when starting out. Apps wise, the Marketplace has shown positive signs of growth and developers are creating superb applications.

With regards to manufacturer support, if the HTC event in London was anything to go by, I'd say they're fairly confident in Mango and it shows in the beastly hardware that's going to hit shelves later this year. It's great to see in the above quote that Microsoft has been actively training salesmen with HTC to better demonstrate products, something carriers could also partner for.

Source: Bloomberg


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Microsoft has high hopes for WP7 marketshare


its about time... Love how they say HTC will step it up .. Nokia Taking a nap?? ?as for Ios taking time to take off, thats simply not true LOL . day 1 , Iphone 1 , they had line ups and sold out world wide in like 4hours lmao!

Clever marketing is what leaped Android up and feature/spec heavy phones is what's keeping them there. I can't see any reason why MS can't duplicate that. I can't wait to see what they have in store. They should be happy to have 15% marketshare by this time next year. It would be a major win. Saying that it will be #2 by .... time is only opening door for critics if it isn't.

I prefer for them to aim high, shows they are serious and will pull out all the stops to get there. Thats what I want to see, an aggressive push to make WP7 the best OS available.

I was really pleased to see what HTC did at IFA for WP7. They really grasphed the simplicity with their press videos and the hardware was not bad at all. The Radar was a bit underwhelming, especially with that chin. But it is their budget devices. It would have been nice if the storage capacities were higher tho.

I really do hope that WP7 reaches a tipping point and gains mass market adoption. But I have seen no indication of that so far. Enthusiastic OEMs and salespeople who actually know what a WP7 is will be a welcomed change from the platform's less than stellar first year; but it'll be interesting to see if that has any real effects on the marketplace.One thing that worries me from that statement is that I'm not really sure who these "female" and "young" early adopters are that Berg is talking about. The only WP7 users I've come across are .Net developers and they're overwhelmingly male and not-so-young. Sure, they're trying to target the female and young crowd, but I've seen little that says they're remotely succeeding in that area. I hope this isn't an indication that Berg's got his rose colored glasses on.

Enthusiastic OEM's will make good hardware, get good reviews and positive word of mouth. Knowledgeable salespeople will actually sell you the product. Good advertising will raise awareness which will lead consumers to look for WP7 devices. All together should definitely have a positive effect on marketshare.

I think more if MS markets this right. Because it's not going to be coming by way of the carriers. MS is needs to market blitz this fall hard and fast with smart adds. adds that show what the OS can do and how it's done. simple right to the point. it's about the OS. show it demo it in all the add's that is it. she will sell.

Hey I believe that WP7 will take off with some support from the wireless providers. Even the folks at "This is my next/The Verge" have sung the praises of Mango last week on both the Titan and the Radar on their podcast. Pretty great to hear.

I don't see WP7 gaining much more market share than it already has. Microsoft failed when it allowed carriers to control the update process. Do you see iPhone doing that? No. Mango RTM'd in August. How soon do you think us AT&T users will see it. With how AT&T handled NODO, I don't see AT&T releasing the update until late spring/early summer of 2012.

Their new marketing campaign needs to focus on what the OS is capable of. I thought the "really?" commercials were funny but they weren't informative. Just show a device and say something like "Facebook? You don't even need an app for that. Twitter? You don't need an app for that, either." As the user is tapping showing how these services are built into the phone. If I'm a consumer, I want to know what it can do. Show me. Convince me to buy a Windows Phone.**I already own one. :)

Salespersons are the most important here. I had heard they were ignoring WP7 but never really tried it before yesterday. Went to Target and talked to the sales rep. He said, it's Windows 7 on the phone..lol. Asked me if I've had any experience with Windows products and went on to say, it's not good at all. No apps, and that they're still not sure whether they'll continue making the phones. Told me to stick with iOS and Android. When I told him about the stutter in base Android scrolling, he acted surprised and looked at me as if I didn't know much. This is the level of awareness the salesmen have. I don't see improving sales unless this thing gets fixed. No amount of hw and updates will improve the sales unless you wow the salesmen first.

You actually have a Target that sells WP7?! WP7 has been pulled from the shelves of the three Target stores I frequent. The local Wallys seem to be following that trend.Microsoft, please do something.

Maybe Microsoft should launch an ad campaign that directly addresses the misinformation carrier salespeople spew. Maybe Adam and Jamie are up for being spokes-Mythbusters.

Teaching sales reps the ins and outs of WP7 is a waste of money. Sales reps are consumers too. They are fanboys like the rest of the consumers. They have their favorites and they will sell what they feel comfortable with. Just use all that money for advertising, advertising, advertising. Sales reps watch tv. They too will be affected by the subliminal and hypnotic effect of advertising. One more time... advertising...

Is it just me, or did a number of you see that picture of Steve and think to yourself, "Puttin' on the Ritz!"? He's just missing Gene Wilder.....