Microsoft highlight's Xbox One design in new video

Microsoft wants to take you behind the scenes of Xbox One in their latest YouTube video, “Xbox One and Design”. The six minute video discusses the coherency that the team achieved between the Xbox One Console, Kinect 2, and Xbox One Controller.

Highlighted are the number of concepts that were thrown around before settling on the system’s final design. Microsoft wanted their latest console to blend in with your living room and feature a high grade, yet simple, appearance. 

The Redmond boys also took the time to highlight other changes such as the console’s body with “liquid black” coloring, the Kinect 2’s hidden sensors, and the Xbox One controller’s impulse trigger technology.

Carl Ledbetter, createive director of industrial design at Microsoft, stated that:

“Xbox One needs to serve our most loyal gaming fans and deliver unique entertainment experiences, so its design has to make an appropriate statement that reflects its capability as an all-in-one entertainment system.”

I won’t keep you any longer, check out the video and let us know what you think!


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Microsoft highlight's Xbox One design in new video


Definitely. It's much better looking than either the original Xbox 360 or the S (with its bizarre asymmetric angles.)

Hmm, I love the 360S but hey, I'm 23 and I keep growing, my style is changing as well. That X1 is as classy as they come and I know I'm giving this baby a big kiss when I unbox it, just like I did with my 360. :p

You designed one of the ugliest modern consoles. And now you do a 6 minute video trying to justify your poor choices.
Well...I commend you for standing by your mistakes, Microsoft.

No wonder they even disabled comments on YouTube...=P

In many ways I agree with you. But... they did make a 6 minute video pointing out the "beauty" in the physical design, claiming it would make your entertainment center shine. To each his won, I also think it looks, well, plain. It has some gloss, but otherwise it's a box much like my DVR is. True, I don't look at my DVR much, but there also isn't a video about how awesome it looks upped by the producer on the interwebs.

I like the way the One looks.. It looks like it belongs in a media cabinet instead of looking like a toy. I fail to understand all of the hate directed towards the One. I am glad that Microsoft is taking a more multi-use direction with it.

I should point out that the only thing I hate about the One is its design which makes it look like my old VHS player (ok, the design and the stupid "used games fee" which is a bigger deal breaker to me than the looks).
Apart from that...
Though I will wait to know more about the PS4.

Do you have a copy of this record? I can't find it anywhere. Where did you hear Microsoft say this, at least?

That's a rumour. The article cites sources close to Microsoft. Microsoft has not gone on record to state this. In fact, the article mentions that Microsoft has not addressed the used game fee.

You're comparing it to a vhs. How about the home theater systems? Don't they look pretty similar to this? This will be in a media cabinet next to the home theater av receiver and a set top box. I don't think it will look worse than either of those pieces of equipement. I guess people have it in their heads that if it's new technology, it should be skinny. It will be interesting to see the PS4. It will run a little hotter than the xbox. I bet the case will be about the same size.

I happen to think that it's a more mature design. Fits In better with the living room and doesn't look like a toy.

I think the squared design is more masculine than a rounded design...now they just need to change the name.

I agree.... It looks more like a media pc that would look nice on a tv cabinet, blends in nicely with my other accessories

It's only Orwellian until you realize that almost every device on the market now has either a camera or tracking device (or both) inside of it. Then you'll realize that we're already way beyond Orwellian. Good luck!

I'm an Xbox fan so I know ill buy one, but why did they go back to a bulky console after trying so hard to make the 360 slim. It almost looks like a first Gen ps3 to me.

i personally think the design is streamlined, bulky sure but definitely nice and sleek and thats all i care about.

Dude this is nothing new and makes perfect sence. The first iteration of any console is always bulky because they are not yet able to minituarize the tech inside to make it smaller. The same thing happened with the 360 and ps3, which are then followed by slim versions of themselves. The same thing will happen here.

I liked the music, better than the terrible dubstep that I keep getting shoved down my throat the last few years.

I'm not paranoid about Kinect. If we want technology to become more integral in our lives, this and Google data mining are what we have to expect.

TAKE MY (*#@%*&ING MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's kind of amazing how much work can go into something and yet still come out looking super bland. It's one of the least distinctive pieces of tech I've ever seen. I don't know, maybe it'll look better in person.

I'm very excited that MS is realesing a higher quality gaming system, I'm very wxcited about the hardware and the controller. However, the design of the box reminds me of a comcast box. Uuuugly.

I've rarely heard so much marketing BS in my life!  Don't get me wrong, I think the XBOX One looks ok, and ultimately it's how it performs that matters, not how the box looks, but these guys are hilarious.  "Special colour"?  "Suspended in a sea of liquid black... that creates a magical presentation of XBOX in the living room"? "A whole design language about the 16:9 ratio of entertainment"?  Genius.

Nothing wrong with the design, nothing 'magical' about it either. Steve Job's legacy is going to be every design tosser mentioning that word when they describe a product. And acting like they've reinvented the wheel about making a glossy black is pretty daft as well.
Design doublespeak aside, looks good. Will certainly be less embarrassing having this under my tv as a grown up. That sits cross-legged in front of the tv like a kid playing games

The console is big for the bloody cooling, after few years you can expect smaller sizes due to die shrink.

Well yeah they will blend in alright. I will mistake it for my VCR regularly. XD I keed I keed. But still not liking the recycled 360 logo....

I like the design, to me it looks more adult, and classy. Those keyboard warriors that hate on Xbox One are just ignorant, because although they didn't understand that games will be at E3, they still trash about games. They're mad at the used games fee, its the world we live in and I guarantee the next generation of console won't even have a disc drive and will be digital only. People need to grow up, this thing is hott!, and if you own a 360 you WILL enjoy this. If you ask me, after all the updates for 360, the Xbox one is exactly what Microsoft wants from their game console, how many system updates on 360 are game related....none! All the updates thus far have been entertainment oriented. As for always online, if your not only with your Xbox, your not experiencing Xbox, simply put. You want that always offline experience go and buy a N64, and stop whining. This box will play games, very well, will keep your entire family entertained, and will be the better console on the market, period. Ps4 is a great console, but they have tendencies to always be 1 or 2 steps behind their competitors and play catch up. Enjoy E3, where everything will change.

Yeah the thing is cool to me but wish they had used a more metro logo instead of the one on there or even used a splash of color in the logo.

Waiting for proper ps4 info before I figure out what I'm going to do. I love gaming on my ps3 but some of the additional features on the "one" are mighty tempting....

There can be only one!!!!!

I'm waiting for E3 to figure out whether the Xbone or the PS4 will be sitting under my TV this holiday season. I'll probably get both eventually, but only one is coming to my house this year. All the media functionality and other crap these things can do is nice, but the reason I buy them is for the games. Whoever shows me what I want more at E3 is the one getting my business.

That's a lot of talk for what's basically a black box. Lol. Not that there's anything wrong with black box - I understand thy want it to blend in with hifi components. But it's a lot of talk

Do I understand correctly that with XB1 that I would have to pay a monthly rental fee for a set top box from my provider to use it? That was the main reason I got a 360S was to avoid that. And not to mention the additional extortion fee MS charges to access the already built-in feature like Netflix and Hulu? Could MS really be that stupid?

Why must you be rude and insulting? I asked a legitimate question in a forum for which people do that.
I read that the XB1 requires a STB and Verizon charges a monthly fee for a STB and MS charges for an XBL account. So since you are so smart, why don't you tell me specifically what is so stupid about my posting?

Xbox One is so cool, I'm going to stop using my Netflix app that comes with my tv's software, go outand buy a Xbox one and pay for a live subscription so I can access the same Netflix app.

I like how it looks. Everyone is bashing it but I find it very elegant.  At least it doesn't look like a George Foreman grill ala PS3.

I mean I am not sure what game system I will buy as I can only get one console,
With what I can tell sony will have *very very close to* or exactly the same drm system as the xbox one due to them have the isntall a disc then you no longer need it as well Just like the xbox one.
So it comes down to what games are to what and if I can transfer my gamertag back and forth between the console ala I have my account on xbox one but then want to play xbox 360 I can just plug in the usb stick and pick it up and run with it from there

LOL.  Spinal Tap's hilarious.  I was thinking it could be a SaturdayNightLive sketch, but that clip was even better.

Its a not an ugly design, but to make a video and boast about it...No. I see their concept of blending the xBox with other TV gadgets and make it stackable. One thing to make it cleaner is get rid of that cheap looking metal material around the disk slot. A simple slot is good enough.