Microsoft to host new Publish Windows developer days with awesome prizes

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Microsoft will be kicking off a new worldwide campaign for developers to help drive some new apps and games to its app stores. Next month, the company will host a number of day events for content creators to pop along and receive some advice and support from experts.

Attending the days, developers will enjoy free consulting time with a Microsoft engineer who will provide guidance on a number of Windows development related topics – perfect if you're eyeing up the Windows and Windows Phone ecosystems for your next deployment.

It doesn't matter if you're unable to attend the events themselves as online sessions will also be available. To serve as an added incentive, Microsoft will be offering everyone the chance to win a trip to the 2014 Formula 1 US Grand Prix. All that's required is to publish an app to the Windows or Windows Phone Store.

Publish Windows

Not only are there Grand Prix tickets available, but also $10,000 for development, a MakerBot 3D printer and even some Lumia 1520s. Lucky developers will be rewarded in the following categories:

  • Best Windows Phone 8.1 app
  • Best Windows 8.1 app
  • Best cross-platform app
  • Breakthrough in App Innovation and Design

Check out more details on the promotion, as well as where (and when) the developer days will be over on the Publish Windows website.

Source: Microsoft (Publish Windows)


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Microsoft to host new Publish Windows developer days with awesome prizes


Me. You need to set the region at united states. I also downloaded the keyboard for us and try to restart your phone

before upgrading to 8.1 I changed my language+region to us. now as I have installed 8.1 still cortana is not there.

If I want to sign in on that page with my microsoft account it says they want me to authorize permission to 

'View your profile info and contact list'

'Access your emaila addresses'

Why are they asking permission to acess my account contact list !?

Hey guys help I have update my Lumia 820 to 8.1 but the store is not opening showing an error service not available. I have rebooted my phone also. It was opening when I updated phone.

No I haven't change my region its India only. my friend is also having same problem he's using 720 wp8.

Uhm make sure your time/timezone is your Country/City and check the time/date if it's right
go to emails+accounts and try to resync or fix if there is any, i've never faced any problem so i don't know :(

The wp8.1 is good at its beta mode still or Neha some tweaks be done which we will get in our next updates

Hi, I would like to know why the image in this post have the Windows 8.1 Pro and looks like the tablet Lumia 2520, it is possible to install the pro version on it? or it's just representative?

Thank You