Microsoft invests millions in Foursquare, licenses data for future Windows Phone use


Microsoft has just invested 15 million dollars into Foursquare, the location-based social network. Not only has it just invested a boatload of cash, but it also picked up a multi-year license contract to data. That data will become increasingly useful in Microsoft’s Bing platform and for Windows Phone. Is this the result of talks between the two companies that started last summer?

The move is a win-win for all parties involved. Foursquare adds more funding (they raised $35 million in December) and Microsoft will get access to some pretty useful data. However, this isn’t your typical location data that Microsoft is picking up. The licensing deal Microsoft struck with Foursquare will give grant data access and technical components that can be used and integrated into Bing, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.

Microsoft is getting more access to Foursquare’s data than any other entity has had. We’ll have to see how useful this data is, but it’s not hard to imagine the impact it can have in improving Microsoft’s services. Microsoft is also hoping this move will improve their position in contextual computing.

Contextual computing is where your devices are aware of their surrounding environment. The hope is to provide users with value by being aware of not only them, but their location. Data provided by Foursquare is one why Microsoft is preparing to improve.

The full details of the integration are still secret between the two companies. Speaking to TechCrunch, both Microsoft and Foursquare stated that we’ll start seeing the integration in the coming months. Which means we’re pretty excited to see this data used with Cortana.

Source: TechCrunch


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Microsoft invests millions in Foursquare, licenses data for future Windows Phone use


They invested money on a company that doesn't wanna fix the windowsphone app,they should have invested on 4th and mayor

Cant wait! Hope its fully integrated into the phone alike the other social networks! Roll on all the advancements this year brings!

Maybe we'll get the ability to tag people from within the app like iOS? Unless I completely missed something.

I really hope this means an update to Foursquare which would bring it closer to its iOS and Android counterparts.

He means that mango was a big update in terms of features. WP 8 didn't add a lot of new features to the platform but it did make it future proof.

Hahaha, right. Just how Skype was integrated so soon after MS bought them outright? We will see four square integration in WP 9.1 Update 4, or some shit. Fine by me, actually.

Seems like a move Google would've made. To much snooping for my taste. I don't appreciate where and what I'm checking into being sold.

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I think its more consumer focused. Imagine you arrive at a club and cortana says "would you like to checkin here chief" you say yes and she does the rest
(omg I just came)

Can we, as developer, have some access to these types of data and make something with it. It is no news if only Microsoft team can use it.

This is a big deal, as Bings POI data is pretty lousy compared to Google. Getting access to all those POI, reviews, photos and menus is really useful. Was hoping MS would do this with 4SQ or Yelp.

I think it is a nice investment, though I would also like to see the HERE platform mixed into this. Maybe MS should share a bit with the remaining portion of nokia to help potentiate HERE on WP

Why don't they update Foursquare for WP for start? It's still missing some basic features...

Although our FS app does lack some basic features, the integrated Here Drive 'Get Directions' feature is definitely much more useful and makes up for the anything our app lacks.

I wonder if social integration contributes big time to the other storage. I have fb, twitter and sina weibo integrated in my social hub and the cache doesn't seem to be cleared even for a long time. They should fix this first before adding new networks like 4square.

Anyway, I also like IG to be integrated but they need to fix the cache clearing first, photos will definitely take up more space.