Microsoft launches India News Center

Microsoft India News Center

Microsoft has just launched the Microsoft India News Center - a portal for all Microsoft India news and happenings. A lot of Windows Phone Central readers comment on our increasing focus on the Windows ecosystem in India (yes, I’m guilty as charged), and this initiative from Microsoft underlines the scope and need for the same.

The revamped press outlet aims to showcase Microsoft products, people, culture, and impact in India, in an engaging way.

The portal is a unified destination for the latest stories, campaigns, and opinion pieces from across Microsoft’s businesses in India. It features not just press releases and authored stories but includes a mix multimedia tools including images, videos, and social media feeds.

The Microsoft India News Center features comprehensive sections like:

  • App of the Week: The section highlights the best of Windows apps. In coming days, there would be another section for ‘Device of the Month’.
  • Twitter Stream: This section features the live Twitter feed of @MicrosoftIndia.
  • Microsoft in the News: This section lists a selection of recent news articles featuring Microsoft across the Web.
  • Video Gallery: The video gallery includes the latest b-rolls, commercials, executive keynote addresses, feature stories, product demos, executive interviews, and statements.

The Microsoft India News Center is not just a good resource for technology journalists and bloggers as well as industry analysts but also for technology enthusiasts and consumers. Check out the India News Center at www.microsoft.in/news.


Reader comments

Microsoft launches India News Center


India is a big market for MS. They should show more love towards us like Bing rewards program and also value for money devices as Motorola is on a roll with Moto e and g.

Moto e is a cruel punch to 630..
And btw, they still dont give India the "track my phone" feature, which shouldn't be much more than an hour or two's job (if there's no legal trouble, which shouldn't be as google already gives)
But i still get it to work somehow using the metro sync app.

Moto e doesn't support html5 I guess. If no html5 than the browsing experience wouldn't be good and only 4gb internal. 1.5gb for system files. It may be android 4.4 but it laggs

Tell that to a guy with 7000 rupees in his pocket, and a first time smartphone buyer. The lower segment needs to have great phones so that first time buyers come to windows (that's how i came :) )

Common. Fair is fair. Moto E is a terrific device for its price. Not to mention smooth because it's running pure Android, more or less.
And what's with the lack of HTML5, lol

The whole yesterday I was thinking about moto e. It's priced lower than Lumia 520 yet beats almost every single spec 520 has. To be honest, Moto e is unbeatable at 7K. We don't have a WP to beat this beast yet. And it's a bad thing for WP growth

Yeah really. Its too bad. I'm sure 630 wont even get as much sales as the 620 even. MS needs a device with no frills and low costs. They didn't need to add sensor core for example, it would've lowered the price. I'm just hoping the 530 is that no frills device which can get the budget minded people onboard. (not that I'd pick it). But... IT DOES NEED TO HAVE 1gb ram ! Even moto e has it !

It beats the L520 at every thing? We have dual core Kraits. The E has A7s. Plus WP8.1 is more efficient than Kitkat still (performance wise).

I'd you load the E, G or X with apps, it will slow down in time. This will never happen on a L520.

That's true. My 520, 7 months old, hasn't slowed down even a bit yet ! (except start screen redrawing which is because i have less than 6% free space so system stops caching some things to the storage) and I'm sure it wont slow down ever. Sadly, android users don't know this thing.

Neither did my 720 or 520 slow down. Thundered with games worth 15gb+ in 720 and apps around 3gb but works like charm. But its OUR experience right? Does that lad standing in the mobile store knows the future of these devices performance wise? He'll just go for the specs... Sadly..
Move the huge apps and games to SD card once you get 8.1 and start screen will be fine. But don't move the game you play the most for internal memory reading speed is better than external no matter whether you use class 6 or 10 SD. (I use class 10, 32gb ,still games from internal memory works smoother)

PS: I know your exams ;) update after that.

Not everything but almost everything I said.
Single sim VS dual sim.
512mb ram VS 1GB ram (better for games if not system performance)
WP8 preloaded (not latest) VS KitKat (latest)
1Ghz processor VS 1.2 Ghz processor
No HD VS qHD display
1430mAh VS 1980 mAh battery

Yet 520 is priced more than Moto e. I'm not an android fan or anything but its the harsh truth, 520 fails among top features when compared against it. A normal consumer has no idea which phone will run lag free after a year of using it. He'll just check the brand, price and top specs (assuming not every consumer is a tech savvy) And Moto e wins by two of these three. I just hope MS comes out with an answer to moto e.

Lumia 520 running WP 8.1 is better than Moto E, both retail at same price online (usually). What Lumia lacks is the hype that Flipkart created over Moto because of their exclusivity.

1. Motto e is cheaper than Lumia 520.

2.You do realize Moto e and g are flipkart exclusives. While 520 is available in almost every corner of India in Nokia(now Microsoft) stores. That's why they are exclusives. Lumia 520 had made lesser sales (than it has made today) if it were flipkart exclusive. But the truth is Moto e is more featured with specs than 520.

Yes I do. My point is Moto without any physical presence getting the limelight because of this exclusivity, while Nokia has been devoting every marketing resources behind Nokia X. Watch an IPL match and you'll know what I mean. When is the last time you have seen a Lumia ad anywhere? Ad sells, not what's available in stores.
Hope this changes with the 630 launch.

Yeah I know Moto e is getting attention because of its exclusivity and that Nokia tried it's best for marketing as well. I agree with your point. But what I'm saying is Moto e is has more specs than 520 and it can beat 520 even when its not available in stores. The very opposite could never be true. End line, we desperately need a WP phone to catch up with its specs and 630 is no near to that.

Lumia 520 black frequently comes down to 7k price online. Even I bought two 520s (white & yellow) from Amazon.in at 7039 and 7148 respectively. And before comparing raw power side by side do realize one runs Android and another Windows Phone.
Additionally 520 has autofocus camera, higher internal memory, ability for apps to migrate to SD card, bundled data cable and headset, while their ages whopping 1yr apart.

Actually, even i thought moto e doesn't have it, but yes, it does have an autofocus camera. And.. Most people dont realise that 512mb in windows phone = 1gb in android.
Btw, moto e has a snapdragon 200, which, though newer, is worse than S4.

All will be revealed, just wait a day or two... my dual SIM Asha replacement (read Moto E) is already in transit :P Going to use it for calling and Whatsapp. Lumia is too precious for sweat and dirt ;)

Why not 630 ? :-P (i know.. Even i wouldn't have bought it as i already have a better Lumia in my 520) And lol ! (sweat and dirt)

I still cant get the free songs, or artist backgrounds (except on the first launch of the app), or any useful thing apart from making playlists. Even on laptop, it was pretty useless withh region changed. What are you talking about ?

They cant do that. Not possible. Tell me, doesn't Xbox music download artist images even in 8.1 for non us users who dont have subscription ?

I am loving the fact that MS is paying equal attention to India as well instead of remaining restricted to USA only.

Dude complaint like that should wait ay least for another half a decade. Remember starting from Bing rewards to Microsoft stores, nothing is here now. :-(

In fact I was speaking to a Nokia service centre representative here in Thane. They are going to convert that into a Microsoft store. So its only a question of waiting!!

I am happy that India is getting Microsoft's love :-) But I would like to have the love widespread instead of just US and Indian centric :-)

After all, I was also one who was shouting when US got most of the love ;-)

Hey Abhishek ? Is there any rss feed of the site i can subscribe to on magnify ? Like that of conversations.com ? (old nokia blog)

Out of topic but any one checked..in the app download again been downgraded to 20 Mb after the battery enhancement update.....or is it just me

Out of topic but any one checked..in the app download again been downgraded to 20 Mb after the battery enhancement update.....or is it just me

What does that mean ? And also, can you tell me how's the multitasking in 8.1 ? I mean, all apps get tombstoned on pressing back, right ? (sorry for offtopic)

I know that. I asked do the tombstoned apps resume fast ? Some people mentioned that fb was much faster when left tombstoned and then resumed.

I am not yet on 8.1, sorry ! :)) due to update after my IIT exam next Sunday.. but its bad if that limit is true.. It cant be actually, MS is not that silly..

Only a few apps which are specially made or updated for WP 8.1 like Facebook,wp central,uc browser does it. Others like reading list which is made for WP 8.1 take 3 to 4 seconds in multitasking,WP needs to catch up with android in the area of multitasking.i am running 8.1 on l520.

In fact I was speaking to a Nokia service centre representative here in Thane. They are going to convert that into a Microsoft store. So its only a question of waiting!!

Oh that's EPIC !!!
Hey what about the availability of the 930 there ? How long ? (in case you asked him) Any idea ? Nokia had said by first week of June it'd be shipping to people, and no details yet..

Yeah, but i'm in for an upgrade really soon, and I really want a 25000 or so phone, which is newly launched (sorry 920/925), but am willing to spend for 930..

May be 1320 is a good one...ppi is a bit low compared to another ones at this range....u can buy it if u can wear cargo pants....because for that Nokia should produce pants to carry that one...i carry it in my head..jus kidding

Sorry that size isn't for me :)) besides, its still just a bigger 520 with 1 gb ram and a bigger battery only. I need something better.

That phone ain't coming for 25k or anything closer bro...i expect a minimum price of 38k at launch...the specs are quite high...

Should be good for the folks needing this news resource.  Now, about Flipboard on WP.  :p

India is a good market for both Nokia and Microsoft in the mobile space, that's why there is more news from this part of the world. You don't have to feel guilty for covering more news from here :)

Guys, who are comparing Moto E to 630, Motorola may be not planning to support the device beyond KitKat, where as 630 is going to be supported till 2017. Such low margins are one possible if such corners are cut. Both Moto E/G have very poor sunlight visibility and very bad cameras

Whatever.. Truth is they are cheap and run android=free and pirated games.. Moto E will sell like anything..

I expected Microsoft-Nokia merger to be a viral add in IPL. Not even NL 630.
I gotta admit India is still a neglected country.

Nokia has a strong brand here in India. But what happened was a person noticed my 1520. He did not say Microsoft or even Nokia but Lumia! I said yes & he smiled approvingly! So even the Lumia brand is gaining recognition.