Microsoft launches Office 365 Personal in India, targeting 25 million new consumers

Office 365 Personal

At a press conference in New Delhi today, Microsoft announced the availability of Office 365 Personal for individual users. Office 365 Personal allows users to connect up to two home devices to the service.

Unveiled back in March, Office 365 Personal is meant for the individual consumer who would like to carry the productivity experience of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and One Note on a device of his choice. An Office 365 Personal subscription allows for one PC or Mac, and one tablet (including iPad) as well as your smartphone to be connected to the service. In addition, the subscriber gets an additional 20 GB of cloud storage.

“More and more consumers today are looking for a home productivity suite which will allow them to move between devices and have constant access to important documents online. Office 365 Personal will address the needs of all these consumers.”

- Ram Kumar Pichai, General Manager, Microsoft Office Division

Office 365 Personal is available for INR 3,299 for a year or INR 330 (US$ 5.5) per month. Office 365 Personal is available for sale beginning this week at all major retail outlets such as Croma, Reliance Digital, and Jumbo Electronics as well as online on the Microsoft Store.

If you have multiple devices and users in the family, you might want to go for Office 365 Home subscription which allows one to use the service across up to five PCs or Macs and is priced at INR 420/month.

Office 365 is the suite of Microsoft’s market-leading productivity products offered as a cloud service. Since launch it has been the fastest growing product in Microsoft history and has become a lucrative business within a short span of time.


Reader comments

Microsoft launches Office 365 Personal in India, targeting 25 million new consumers


Most people don't need all the features they offer. They need to have a differential subscription model that starts with like 100 rupees per month.

From where ? I'm still using office 2010, it does my job pretty well, as i dont need my documents everywhere. And when i do need i simply copy to SkyDrive.
(i do have OneNote 2013 as it got free and is much better for online notebooks)

I purchased from croma store with a new Lenovo flex 10 notebook. They gave me 10% discount for office 2013 so I purchased it. I need office for making presentation, doing my task here on Wpcentral (excel ). One note is useful for writing notes ;)

At least the ambassador image on your contact showed a 920, i thought it might be something like a brand ambassador, who handles posts related to 920 :))
Anyway, what exactly is an ambassador's job ?

I use OneNote a hell lot, to organise my doubts, to note down info, to keep important points so i can revise quickly. Its great for me ! And the 2013 version is much better for online notebooks (which sync on my phone)
As far as PowerPoint and excel go, I'm fine with my 2010 versions, they're good enough ;)

This is a great deal. If my tablet and pc didn't have Office H&S, I would have bought this. Totally worth it

They should make pirating it harder... Office is one of the top products pirated in India.

Exactly... You can easily patch your pirated Windows 8 Pro to be exactly the same as any genuine copy. Not only that, but you also pass the 'Genuine Windows Validation' if you want to download something from Microsoft Download Centre which requires a genuine check. The same goes with Office. Office trial can be patched to give you the complete Professional Suite without any hassle. Microsoft should fix these exploits as soon as possible. The people who actually pay for getting software really lose here.

Would buy it but already bought office 2013 last year...
But good to see it arrive here! I'll definitely get when i upgrade my PC in next few months.