Microsoft launches official #wpdev Windows Phone 8 app for developers


The best thing about being a developer in the Microsoft technology ecosystem is the terrific support that the company offers to the developers. From dedicated forums and learning resources to public events, the community feeds off this support and grows further.

Microsoft has just launched an Windows Phone app for developers that aggregates official Microsoft resources related to building apps for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. The app is titled ‘#wpdev’, picking up from the popular Twitter hashtag that Microsoft and the developer community use on Twitter for sharing development resources and insights.


The app provides latest blog posts, training resources, and partner resources. A Twitter timeline with all tweets tagged #wpdev is also included. Also, the app helps the developers to connect with technology advisors who are experts in developing apps for the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store.

Microsoft also has another app for Windows developers – Dev Center – that allows developers to access their developer dashboard to see how their published apps are doing.

If you are a Windows developer, download the free app for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store. It’s a simple, yet useful, app and a handy glance once in a while. Give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

QR: wpdev

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Microsoft launches official #wpdev Windows Phone 8 app for developers


MS must start leveling the support for VB and C#.
I am sick of C# getting all attention and love. Actually there are more MS developers with VB skills than C#.
Don't get me wrong. I so use both languages. C# is good but productivity of VB is unparalleled. That's way I find myself using more VB than C#. (unless I have to write 'un-managed' code).

This is great for developers.. I just wish MS would give developers more access to the OS so that they can build even more functional apps...
Simple things like developing a clock that can show seconds shouldn't be an issue by now.
Another thing that would be cool is if MS kinda did for XBM what they did for the camera application with lenses.. Except,, there could be a "Audio Profiles" section in XBM where developers could make apps that had their own control over audio enhancements... Developers could make apps with multiple audio racks, and equalizers that could add effects, compression, presets, and custom equalization... The possibilities would be endless...
That's just a "for example" idea, but I seriously think opening up parts of the OS, tastefully and within reason, would greatly benefit WP.

Yes, waaay better. Unknown nummers will be auto searched and displayed during incomingcall so you can see whos calling. Then you can save the number or block it.

Yeah. This is originally a Windows Mobile app. Its a important app here in Sweden steering customers away from WP. Very practical. The Truecaller app team have said that they will update the app as much as they can. They been on the WP platform since the start, gravely crippled, but still loyal.

The equalizer and other enhancements in Nokia,HTC and Samsung phones are more than good enough on the audio enhancement front.

Maybe for you... But, some people might want more.. What's your problem with that?
I hate that old school, minimalistic, WP7.0, the OS doesn't need this, way of thinking... Please don't force that closed minded BS on us... Lol!!!!❕❕❕❕

Nothing, I'm just saying that most people in Android use those because their phones don't have that built in.

And, in return they get some really great apps that give them ULTIMATE CONTROL over audio... So, with WP8.1 we have ULTIMATE CONTROL over the camera, and ULTIMATE CONTROL over video.. The only thing missing is ULTIMATE CONTROL over audio... And, buy audio I mean capture, and playback.... Now, marinate on that my friend!!!!.. Would be awesome, right❔❔.... Lol.. Yeah..
Just imagine me saying ULTIMATE CONTROL amplified, with reverb, everytime I say it... You like what I did there❓

And Microsoft needs to add a stopwatch and a timer in their official alarms app. It is in their windows 8.1 app, so why not WP? Is it that hard? :-/

If someone can make a smart dialer I'll be sooooo happy!

Deeper level access, as long as it doesn't compromise the os, is no bad thing. Nor are options, people!

Don't know if he's meaning the same thing but on Symbian and I believe Android too, you can, in the dialer, instead of punching in the number, use the letters (below the numbers, they are there in WP8 also) to start spelling your contacts name and you will get a list of matches, narrowing down with each letter you enter.

With this it doesn't really matter how large your phonebook is. Most of the time you'll have found your desired contact by 2 or 3 taps. This makes "favorites" redundant for me as I will simply pin the dialer and have access to everyone within a few taps.

Had it on the Nokia N8, missed it on the N9 and I miss it in WP8. The lack of this feature, proper file management with network share connectivity and a functional music player has gotten me to seriously consider an Android phone next. It's the little things I guess... but I still have some hope left!

So yes, I agree... MS needs to start opening up the API. Apps are a bit too restricted.

Yea but things like that take time if you want them done right, you gotta factor in thing like reliability, performance, and safety, if not you can go with android and fight with that os, I had a convo with an avid Droid user, I love how he says simple then goes on about having to clear this, boot in this mode add this mod, download this just to keep his phone halfway stable

Heh, Android is a lot of things but when someone mentions simple and phone, Android is not what comes to my mind. Anyway, in these cases I don't think time is the issue, rather the feature itself, it's not really what the average user would benefit from or asks for. But if you are talking about the API in general, then yes I agree, that takes time and effort to extend properly.

They are already working with Whatsapp to bring it back.. MS does the most to help developers, who are dedicated to WP, succeed... Most likely because they have to, but they do a really good job.

They may already be working with Whatsapp - but it's a farce that it has taken more than a week for Whatsapp to return!
Not having the biggest messaging app for 1/12th of one financial quarter. Lunacy. It is already affecting sales...

I personally have allowed two people to buy phones running on different OS's. They are both heavy Whatsapper's...so I simply could not recommend WP (whereas once I would have done).
In trying to work out when the fix would be released, I came across dozens and dozens of individuals (particularly in India) who were incredibly frustrated by the lack of Whatsapp. Clearly the app isn't a big deal in the US, but it is a deal breaker elsewhere...
& frankly, given how poorly WP is doing in the US, Microsoft should give a much higher priority to pleasing its users in the many markets around the world that are supporting Windows Phone.
Whatsapp is my most used app. If I had to buy a phone tomorrow, I would seriously consider whether to buy into Windows Phone given the terrible way MS/Whatsapp have dealt with this issue.
There's only so much we should be expected to accept before we start voting with our feet.

I would love to say I knew just as it would allow me to say 'yes, buy the phone & enjoy the platform...you will have to wait xx days though to get Whatsapp'.
As it stands, there is just no information coming from MS or Whatsapp - and that is inexcusable. The Windows Phone help thing on Twitter are just dismissing this as Whatsapp's problem...when it is a WP notification system problem.

No big deal for you. For others, this is THE app they download first. It is the one that keeps them connected with friends and family around the world.
Being dismissive is just silly. I don't expect any smartphone platform in 2014 to be missing such an app for any length of time...

How long has it been now?...
And, what did Android, and iOS, users do back in 2010 before Whatsapp was so popular?.. It's not the end of the world.. I understand the importance of having the app, but seriously?

That is an utterly irrelevant argument. Whatsapp has been shoddy on WP ever since it was released. To now pull the app completely is rubbing salt in the wound - particularly when iOS and Android have perfectly functioning apps.
Stop defending the status quo. It is the reason why we have such poorly supported first party apps. MS has a mountain of money - how about they use it to help tier 1 apps like Whatsapp become competitive on WP.

Yeah, we all hate the fact that some WP apps get less attention than the other platforms, and it sucks, we don't like it, we point fingers, whatever... That's a dumb argument IMO... Not really interested in talking about that because we both agree there... But, MS does not control Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, or SnapChat... And that's the bottom line.. The app is broken, and it's going to have to take time to fix it... Either deal with it, or not.. Do you think that MS broke the app intentionally?.. I didn't think that you do......
I think that your beef should be with Whatsapp.... Root cause dude!❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

Root cause....Windows Phone 8 GDR3 notification system...
Therefore, it's a Microsoft issue. It also explains why so many WP8 apps have issues with notifications.
I don't care who is at fault right now - what I care about is Belfiore etc not informing us at all about when a fix is incoming (or ANY information whatsoever!)

Perhaps to you but to many o us, we use Whatsapp t communicate for work.

I am stationed in Hong Kong and a lack of decent whatsapp support is a dealbreaker here.



I think you're a bit confused. Microsoft DOES NOT own Whatsapp. Where does it say that Microsoft is obligated to write an app for another company. If this is the case, I'm having trouble with an app I've been working on and I should force Microsoft to write the app for me.

No, Microsoft are trying to build an ecosystem. Problems with THEIR notification system are causing terminal problems for Whatsapp's app! So Microsoft should have committed serious resources to fix the problem. More importantly though, they should have communicated with their customers about when a fix would be released.
The deafening silence is inexcusable

WhatsApp had the same access to the new APIs just like the rest of us. Blaming Microsoft on something they implemented (because they were begged to by consumers) is poorly thought out. It was up to the devs to update the app to work with the notification center instead of ignoring the issue till I was too late.

Whatsapp and MS have already confirmed that this is a WP8 GDR3 issue....NOT a WP8.1 issue!
The app has been pulled for all users, even though 8.1 is running pretty well....
As I say, the lack of information and clarification is the biggest issue here.

Ok, then go bug the hell out of FB about it and tell them. Hijacking every single thread on WPcentral, boohoo where's my Whatsapp, is just silly and childish.

No...I have been and still am a big WP advocate. But I just cannot see why Microsoft are staying quiet on this. They are selling their first WP8.1 phones right now...yet all of the good things about this OS update are going to be undone by the perception that developers don't give a damn about Windows Phone.
Once again, it may not be important to you, but this app is - for many people - THE most used app.
Microsoft and Whatsapp need to start communicating with their customers.

Why are they working on windows phone 8 i guess wp8.1 will be out soon they should rather start working on wp8.1 version.

Pretty interesting how every other similar service is up and running and their apps are working flawlessly. It must be the Microsoft notification service, for sure!!

Microsoft is a fairly sizeable shareholder in Facebook. Speaking of which, Microsoft builds the official Facebook app on behalf of Facebook....so they already have a working relationship....
As I said though, the biggest issue for me is the complete lack of communication.

What doesn't work like that? Nokia commit developer time and resources to helping developers. Microsoft does the same...
Seriously, where is the issue here? Time, effort, money....if Microsoft had committed any of those things, they could have helped Whatsapp solve this issue.
More than a week to fix the app. Rudy Huyn could probably have built the entire app in less time!
Stop excusing Microsoft. If MS want to be relevant, they need to ensure that these developer issue happen in the background - and don't impact our consumer experience m

Wrong... Remember Instagram?.. All the money in the world couldn't help MS get instagram on WP.... You just don't understand how it works.... Whatever dude..

Well, it is on WP....it isn't on Blackberry 10. I would say money & help from Microsoft's devs had at least something to do with it!
I would therefore contend that your understanding isn't quite up to par either.
The big difference though - Whatsapp IS on WP...and it is only broken because of some inherent problem with the notification system in Microsoft's operating system. That therefore makes it a Microsoft issue IMO.
The lack of communication is inexcusable

Lol!!.. Ok Spinzero... I understand how you feel.. You really want Whatsapp fixed, and working great, and for it to never get to this point again... I agree, and I hope it gets fixed soon... No need in you, and I, arguing a out the political BS,,, we just want the apps we want... Agree?❔❔

If my understanding is comical, why have Microsoft confirmed that they are helping Whatsapp provide a fix?!
They have confirmed they are helping Whatsapp...but they haven't given us any kind of timeline for a fix.
As consumers, we shouldn't be left in the dark like this. It is bad for business...and bad for the future of WP

Blah blah blah. It isn't Microsoft's app, gtf over it. Your blaming a company that's trying to help the company that's responsible for the app because they wont give you a minute to minute play by play, what are you, 10. Minute 1, Hey everyone: We just inserted two lines of code. Minute 2, Hey everyone: Facebook\Whatsapp developer are complete dumbasses. Minute 3, Hey everyone: We inserted another line of code, here's a preview: For each DumbassFBDev as string in ScrewedUpCode.....

Speaking of dumbass devs....Skype, Xbox Music, Xbox Video........
Whatsapp works perfectly on the other two OS's. It has broken on Whatsapp because of inherent notification issues on Microsoft's OS.
It is a hugely important app....Microsoft should be telling us when it is going to be fixed (not step by step code updates - just when it will be back in the store).
You should step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Windows Phone is missing an app that it absolutely needs because of notification issues caused by WP8 GDR3. Consumers' don't give a damn about who is at fault...we just want to know when it I going to be fixed.
Is that so unreasonable? Or are we to just to idly sit by and wait?! I am.prepared to do so...others will just go to iOS or Android.

From what I read in WPcentral the problem was on WP 8.1 and not in WP 8 GDR3.
Also, they may not say when the fix is due to come out cause they may not know yet. It makes sense to me.

So hard to recommend WP with such a shitty WhatsApp experience. I even show an convince people how cool is to run a third party app for YouTube because they're good but how can I defend WhatsApp on WP? How? There's nothing to brag about, horribly developed piece of $hit.

So hard to recommend WP with such a shitty WhatsApp experience. I even show and convince people how cool is to run a third party app for YouTube because they're good but how can I defend WhatsApp on WP? How? There's nothing to brag about, horribly developed piece of $hit.

But we want 5 billion apps, that's how you get all the dumb People to switch to the platform

That WhatsApp could hurt sales for the common user that's the app to go, nobody buys a phone with the intention to convince their friends to try different alternatives but rather.

Hopefully we will see more API access before the end of the year. There are a few basic API I know I'd like to have access too.