Microsoft likely to rename Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera

File this one under obvious, but as Microsoft continues to rebrand previous Nokia app releases for their Lumia line, the Nokia Camera app is most likely up next. Nokia Camera is perhaps the most high profile app for Nokia as it encompasses all of their photography might on Windows Phone, offering unique manual controls to mobile shutterbugs.

The apparent replacement name for Nokia Camera is of course Lumia Camera, a trend we saw kick off with the Lumia Help + Tips app. Evidence for the change is found under the app settings in the latest Nokia Camera release from this morning. Below the default settings, reference to 'Lumia Camera' instead of Nokia Camera, is found, giving substantial credence to the expected change.

Microsoft has to walk a fine line when renaming apps in the Store from Nokia to Lumia so as to not confuse customers. Too many name changes could work against them, even though there are still numerous apps left including Nokia Cinemagraph, Glam Me, Video Upload, Panorama, Storyteller, CreativeStudio, Refocus and Play to, all of which still have the Nokia name in their title. Recently, Microsoft dropped Nokia from their MixRadio app and did not add Lumia to the listing since the app is not limited only to those phones.

The big change though comes if and when Microsoft renames the whole assortment from Nokia Collection to Lumia Collection in the Store. Reportedly Microsoft has an 18-month schedule for phasing out Nokia from the product lineup although there are rumors of keeping the Nokia name around in a limited capacity.

There is no word on when Nokia Camera becomes Lumia Camera, though we cannot imagine it is too far away.

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Microsoft likely to rename Nokia Camera to Lumia Camera


As a lot can't even say it right. Most of the times I hear Lumina and Nokia is a pretty old company with a lot of history and a very good image in the public eyes I disagree!
So Lumia < Nokia

Microsoft < Nokia


Lumia < Microsoft < NOKIA

Good idea. Makes all the sense in the world since they're going to keep the Lumia brand for everything

Great, but just as all my friends began to have discussions about my Nokia "Luminia" and how it has the coolest camera... Kinda cool to sit back and see them actually knowing what kind of phone it is, especially here in America.... And, its by the grace of god because WP marketing is absolutely horrible here in Dallas Fort Worth, TX....
But, Lumia camera is cool.... It's not like the others would call theirs "Apple Camera" or "Samsung Camera""...... Lumia Camera sounds more personal, and less corporate.

Oh god, the guy who sold me my Lumia kept calling it a "Lumina" and it drove me CRAZY!

someone at the Gym saw my Lumia and asked "if that's NOKIA ILUMA".. me nevermind YEAH it's NOKIA ILUMA

Yeah, as long as they are recognizing it as a new, and different device... I think when they see the WP start screen they automatically think its a Lumia device, and that I'm fine with....

Doesn't bother me too much, I guess. The only other non-Lumia item in my "L" list is Latte Locator (highlighted by WpCentral). I'll get used to tapping the L instead of N when all of my Nokia apps get switched, I suppose.

If we could get people to stop typing "Lumina" (chevy?) in place of Lumia, that would be great, too. However, "Lumia" is not accepted by the predictive text dictionary when you first start using your WP!

Instead of having resources working on two Camera apps (Default Camera and Nokia Camera). Focus on making the best possible default camera app in Windows Phone shared across all devices.

I can't understand why not just make Nokia Camera the default WP camera! Just add some missing features from the Default to Nokia Camera and is done.

Well, Nokia Camera up until this point has been a Lumia exclusive. We have not yet seen Microsoft ditch Lumia exclusives yet for all Windows Phone.

You also gloss over a serious issue: firmware. You can't just install Nokia Camera on an HTC 8X and expect it to work. There's a reason why Nokia has their Lumia Amber/Black/Cyan firmware, and part of that is to get things like Nokia Camera to work with their hardware. This is not a universal app, so it's not clear yet how you get form A to B in this case.

As Microsoft now own both apps, I would have thought it at least possible to remove the default camera app for lumia phones, and just brand both apps as 'Camera'?  They could then work on merging / making it a universal app baked in app, with lumia specific features only enabled for lumia phones?  They do try, but in the end they really do confuse consumers with too many options.  A little like Outlook, Outlook.com Outlook owa etc etc..

You have it backwards. Merge them first, then remove one. Don't forceably remove one from my phone before then. I don't like that Maps was removed, and I don't want to lose the default Camera app either, as long as it has pros and cons compared to Nokia Camera.

It's already renamed. The latest update to Nokia Camera Beta shows up as LUMIA CAMERA under my phone's Camera Settings

Well, I can't install Mix Radio on the Ativ S, therefore I always thought it was an exclusive? Could anybody else with an Ativ S shed some light on this?

It's exclusive to Nokias at the moment. It's listed as unavailable on my SE in the store (my apps) along with most all the other Nokia apps available to my Icon.

you should check for updates the latest update changes the name under settings to Lumia camera

Well m thinking of to combine in one Microsoft camera rather then having a separate app of app installs. Other wise it is all up to the developers.
With this moves, less change over lenses and saves space and gives list of features together with the trigger of Nokia cam app. I liked this octane app!

It's just as stupid as all the other rebrandings even though it's legally necessary.

The more apps lose the Nokia name, the more apps I uninstall so maybe the 32GB of the 930 will end up being enough.

And it's good that they're phasing out the Nokia brand quickly. The quicker Nokia gets its brand dissosiated from Microsoft, the better for Nokia and it's future devices and services, whatever they may be.



I'm pretty sure that guy is serious. He's ALWAYS serious about anything related to Nokia mentioned on WPCentral.

I said "devices and services" not "phones and services".

At any rate, from Nokia's official website: official aim of the Technologies Division, the one that created all the cool stuff you have on the Lumias, including the "PureView" tech (also, the division that released the Z Launcher for Android) "and exploring new technologies for use in potential future products and services."

Products can be phones, tablets, smartwatches, GPS, cameras, kitchen stoves, anything.


Then both Rajeev Suri (Nokia's CEO) and Riisto Siilasmaa (Nokia's Chairman) have said in interviews in Finland that a return to phones was not at all out of the question.

And then you have the Z Launcher and the answers that Nokia gave about it, namely about being "unchained" from their previous situation with total freedom to do whatever they want.


No, Nokia hasn't come forward and said "We're coming back in 2016! Just wait a bit!". But look at all that Nokia has done since 25th April, look at their direction, look at their business and immense patent portfolio...and then tell me a return to phones in a smaller scale (by, for example, only selling in Europe where they're strong) isn't a logical step for them.

That's the spirit! Nokia was one of the main reasons to buy a WP. Now WP sucks more and more and I will go away and sell my 930 and buy a HTC One.
And in most consumers eyes a WP is a Lumia or more a "Luminia"

Hopefuly there will be a true Nokia device on day. Z-Launcher is a great sign! Nokia ftw!

Exactly. Though I wouldn't exchange the 930 for an HTC One M8. I would (and will if I have to) change it for a Sony Xperia Z3/4/5 though.

Just call it camera and replace the current camera app with this one. Make it compatible with all devices. If ms wants other manufacturers to build WP devices, they have to give the better software to every manufacturer. They cannot keep the better apps for themselves.

If people want Nokia camera then get a Lumia. There is no reason for them to get this camera especially since it is what highlights pureview for Lumia phones.

I like the name!

…and since the Lumia Camera app is better than the WP standard camera app, I think they could make it the default one on Lumia devices. So, I wouldn’t need to have both apps on my phone without the option of uninstalling the traditional one. IMO :)

What does it matter what it's named... It's what it does, how fast it does it & how good the end product looks like...

Makes sense, I was thinking the very same thing, it is encouraging to see practical decision making. No matter how simple.

Let's see how long it takes MS to "update" the app to have a different name. I'd say at least a month.

Is it wrong that it bothers me that Microsoft is just trying to completely do away with the name "Nokia?" Really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Why not leave the current apps alone *looks at MixRadio* and just focus on NOT having "Nokia" in future native apps?

I would like to see "Lumia Camera" replace the default WP camera app on all phones (with other OEM's obviously having the ability to have their own as an option). I would also like to see "Lumia camera" absorb some of the other Nokia related camera applications and just include this apps as features in Lumia Camera. My mom thought her 928 wasn't capable of pano because it was a separate app and on her iPhone, it was just part of the basic camera features.

I just hope the re branding do will not mean that the Lumia devices begin to not reach Latin America.... Like Surface :/

Nokia Camera and the Default Windows Phone Camera App should be merge and become the default Camera App for All windows Phones. Nokia Cinemagraph is already part of Nokia Camera with the similar Living Images so this needs to be discontinued. Nokia Panorama is also unnecessary to have as a separate App, just integrate it into the main Camera App like everybody else. Nokia's way of releasing and orginizing Apps was always a mess and that needs to finally end. The other main example is their Here Mapping solutions. Five different Here Apps, separating Navigation, Maps, Transit etc instead of all be under one main Mapping App.

if I can say the name faster than it takes to launch, it is not a good name. which means it will probably be a good name because currently I can recite the preamble to the declaration of independent faster than the stupid app launches.

we the people MSFT, are seriously lagged to death.

My friends call it Lukia... And yes they don't sell the phone properly here in Colombia either... Plus 930 is a horrible phone. NOT upgrading from baby 920 for now.

Good choice of name, and I think the handset brand name should be changed from nokia to LUMIA instead of nokia by Microsoft or any other intermediate name

Good job with the update, but more interested in Lumia cyan now. It's off topic but seriously my L925 is experiencing issues with dp at times. Nokia India!

Ok I've had it!!! Sorry but I have switched over to the iphone. I have gotten really tired of waiting to see if this phone would really take off and it hasn't. As a peson who works in IT there are just some applications I need to use and Microsoft has not even come close to providing that. I don't care about catching a cab in damn India, nor do I care about a bank app in London. I live in the USA and when you can't even get the simplest app like Candy Crush or wireless printing, which should have been standard, what is the use. Not that I want candy crush I could care less about games but something simple like that is annoying. I reached out to my bank and they emphatically said they have no intention whatsoever of creating an app for the windows phone. At work I use airwatch for email, LanDesk for remote access, Cisco router maintenance and RSA security for my email. None of these you can get using a windows phone. And let's face it, they make everything for the iphone. Windows is a thousand miles away from catching up to these guys and probably never will. I had a Windows phone since 7 and waited long enough. When you can't get something as simple done like wireless printing, which for me is very annoying why it's not on WP, made me change my mind about this. And I don't see sales picking up anytime soon so dev's will not create any useful apps for this thing. And do I have to mention Microsoft's crap marketing!!! iphone 5S is almost 2 years old and you still see commercial's for this phone. Microsoft you really disappointed me and your phone is going by way of Windows mobile.

When I get my Lumia 930, when I've taken living images with the Nokia Camera app, will I be able to see the LIVING images on the Photos app, or will I have to go into the camera, and then go to the camera roll?

Microsoft should use the Lumia brand to replace the "Windows Phone" name. Lumia sounds way better. It's short, catchy and futuristic sounding. People already associate the Lumia name with WP (see how I have to abbreviate it?). Just call it the Microsoft Lumia.

next step keep lumia and remove nokia brand it remind some people of the old cheap phones from nokia

If/when Nokia begins to license it's camera technology to Android phone manufacturers, it only makes sense for MS to distance their Lumia Camera phones from Android phones with Nokia cameras and/PureView.

Sure. MS is gonna change and delete all Nokia-related Name. And that's what MS want since symbian and WM era. And.... AS RUBINO SAID, no Nokia any longer in smartphone segment:-))

All they need to do is make it faster and I'll use it again. I used it in 8.0 because the default camera app sucked hardcore, but in 8.1 I use the default app because it's a lot quicker. Nokia Camera (or Lumia Camera now) has always been slow on my 520 and that's not because of the low end hardware. Even on my friend's 1020 it's slow.

Does the comment here really help and review by WPcentral and doing improvements which commented by end users? Pls let us able to select multiple photos from the photo hub to share into social networking apps like whatsapp, line....etc, instead of go into the individual apps and select the photo. Cuz mostly people are viewing the photos in the album and would like to share them. Thanks.