Microsoft to live stream Xbox Gamescom 2014 press event August 12

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Microsoft will have lots to talk about, at least in terms of their future Xbox One plans, later this month at the massive Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany. Much of that news will come via a press event that will be live streamed to the rest of the world on August 12.

In a new YouTube video, Microsoft reveals that the live stream will begin at 8 am Eastern Time, and the press briefing will be followed by an after show with even more info on what Microsoft has planned for its Xbox One console, along with interviews with games developers. On August 11, Microsoft will also live stream the world premiere of footage from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare's multiplayer modes, starting at 1 pm Eastern time.

Gamescom is by far the biggest games convention in the world. The organizers claim that 340,000 people attended the event in 2013. Microsoft will likely use Gamescom to announce more specific plans to launch the Xbox One in over 25 new countries and territories, including many in Europe, in September.

What do you think Microsoft will reveal at Gamescom in less than two weeks?

Source: Microsoft on YouTube


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Microsoft to live stream Xbox Gamescom 2014 press event August 12


I hope that Project Spark gets the attention it deserves. Game of the Year on concept and ambition alone.

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Maybe a stupid question - but will it be in German with english subtitling or in English with other subtitling... ? I'd assume English since in my experience (living in Italy for 4 years) - Europeans have a much broader ability to speak, read, and understand foreign languages...

What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual.

What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual.

What do you call someone who speaks one language? American.

Xbox and Xbox 360 games to Windows phone.
State of emergency, crackdown, Sega gt,, shenmue, forza, gears of war, halo, Tokyo extreme racing and more....

Gamescon is the biggest gaming event in the world? I thought that was E3. How do they compare? So much more info seems to get released during E3 than gamescon.

Yes gamescom is because it has more visitors and the size isn't measured on how much info's are released..(gamescom had 340000 visitors in 2013 and the e3 had 48200 visitors in 2013)

I want to see more No Man's Sky and Mortal Kombat X. Mix in some Halo and Gears of War footage and I'll be a happy camper.