Microsoft may be testing 24 hour free game demos for Xbox One

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Microsoft is rumored to be testing a new Xbox One feature that may allow some games to be played for free for 24 hours.

The rumors began with a Reddit thread where a Xbox One user, who participates in the company's beta testing for new features, took a screenshot showing the game Max: The Curse of Brotherhood listed in the Games for Gold section with the label "Free Play Day with Gold."

So far, Microsoft has not officially confirmed that this feature is coming to the Xbox One, but a post on their official Xbox Support Twitter account indicated that some type of announcement is forthcoming, saying, "We'll be in touch here shortly."

Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One would be getting a ton of new features soon, including pre-orders and pre-downloads for select digital games, a new media player with support for a number of file types, and streaming TV shows to mobile devices in select countries. What do you think of Microsoft possibly offering 24 hour free game downloads?

Source: Reddit, Xbox Support on Twitter


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Microsoft may be testing 24 hour free game demos for Xbox One


The Games With Gold are only free for a limited time (usually 30 days) then they go back to the price they were normally. If you add the game to your account within this period it is free indefinately, if not, then you have to pay.

Awesome, this means I can finish the next call of duty without paying for it!

Why don't they just bring back trials/demos?

Demos are there, but up to the publisher. They aren't there for "arcade" games the way they used to be, but demos are there.

Yeah I know, but not many companies are providing them on the one (sends like ra is about the only one), and with how every game on 360 live arcade had a trial it felt like that was something pushed by Microsoft. I just miss demos, they have always sold games to me, moreso than reviews.

It *was* pushed by Microsoft, in the form of a requirement for any arcade games published on the 360. They dropped that requirement on the One (as part of their "games are games" mantra from E3 2013, where they talked about how all games would be treated equally).

Travelers Tales published demos of both Lego Marvel and Lego Hobbit, and Trials Fusion can be downloaded as a free demo (which is actually the full game, you can even get achievements for it, but only the first few levels are playable).

I do miss the "every arcade game has a demo", too....

It's "24-hour free", not "24 hour free".

Anyway, I saw this pop up on my Xbox One last night too and I'm not in any beta or preview programs. I couldn't try it out, though, because I already owned Max (great game, by the way).

They are full games, and yes most can be competed in less than 24hrs. Its only a test so far and would be better suited for games such as sports or rpg's

Cool idea, but some games can take what seems like a day to download :)  Maybe a free game for 2 days? :P

If it's like every other time-limited service in the world, the 24 hour period doesn't start til you actually boot up the game for the first time, at which point the clock starts ticking,

Timed trials of games sounds a good move. Makes up for lack of demoes that 360 has suffered with over the years. It would be nice for 360 to being this in as a part of MS's supposed on going support for those who haven't managed to upgrade. But certainly for xbox one's future this is. A promising move if implemented well

I'd honestly be happy with 2-4 hours if implemented across the entire game library. I think they'd have a lot more buy in from big name developers

Since you technically have the full game for that 24h period, I wonder if you can get all the achievements too during this time. I'm guessing they will put some lock on it though.