Microsoft merges official Windows Phone blog into Blogging Windows


Microsoft is doing some housecleaning on their official blogs, with the company deciding to merge three of them, including its Windows Phone blog, into the Blogging Windows site.

Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc said the move was made to reduce redundancy on their blog network. In addition to the content found on the Windows Phone blog, Blogging Windows will also merge posts on the Windows Experience Blog and Extreme Windows Blog. However, LeBlanc said that Blogging Windows will continue to feature Windows Phone content, including major announcements, new apps and games for the OS and more.

Indeed, LeBlanc says that Blogging Windows now has a special filter for users who just want to check out Microsoft's Windows Phone news. He stated:

"If you just want to see blog posts for Windows Phone, just choose the 'Phone' category and hit the apply button. This will sort everything that is relevant for Windows Phone for you. It will also provide you with an RSS feed you can subscribe to in your favorite RSS reader (I highly recommend Nextgen Reader). For anyone who was subscribed to the RSS for the Windows Phone Blog, we have put in place a redirect that will continue to update with posts relevant only for Windows Phone so you don't need to do anything."

The Windows for your Business, Building Apps for Windows and Exploring IE blogs will not be affected by the merge. LeBlanc also said that in the future, all the blogs will have support for threaded comments but those posts will require users to have a free Microsoft Account.

What do you think of these changes to Microsoft's blog network?

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Microsoft merges official Windows Phone blog into Blogging Windows


Yeah right. Do you know how long they have lied about combining windows phone and windows PC. Remember what windows blue was supposed to be? Yeah. Lies and fails.

Lied? Do you even have a clue how complex it is unifying two entirely different Operating Systems? Given the rejection and conservatism they encountered with Windows 8 and RT, I'd say their pace is about right. They are doing a great job.

Arsenic, you are clearly not very bright are you.

Rather being a mouthy kid with no knowledge, lemme give you a bit of insight. Microsoft are intend building their way to one OS. Its a long slow grind, as they have legacy applications to consider. The strength of Windows has always been its ability to run all appications ever made. A tricky task when you are moving SDKs, langugages, and runtimes and APIs forward to create a modern OS, and fit in things like touch.

If you consider Windows Phone itself, it used to use the CE kernel. Now it runs the RT kernel.

8.0 was RT kernel and silverlight, now with 8.1 we have moving to Universal Apps and away from Silverlight. As a small developer, I have had to change code to be Universal - so I can clearly see the path MS are taking.

Maybe Threshold will be the start, maybe it will be another step. But MS are surely and certainly and steadily building themselves toward one target development platform and API so we can run apps across all devices.

So no, not lies, its just alot harder than you actually realise and taking them time. They have no said they aren't. So pipe down with your noise.


Lumia 1520 , Icon and 930 on 100%!! If Windows RT working on lumia 2520 with snapdragoon 800 there is no obstacle :D

I think so, because this time is a fusion of kernels not a complete change (like WinPho7 to WinPho8) and  as I wrote this time is a fusion so the minimum requirements for run the system will be similar.

I think yes
..or else they will again end up having a new store...which i guess is not in sync with there one everything plan...

Of course, but not all the features that new hardware enables on the new phones if the chipset is different from the current phones. Upgrades should be guaranteed as long as the kernel is NT.

Yes they will. WP7 devices could not, but Windows Phone 8 shares the same core as Windows 8 and Windows 9 (or whatever the name) is an extension of exactly the same technology. 8.1 made important steps towards this direction, and more so with Update 1. Doing anything else would be the death of everything they have done so far. Would be more disastrous than anyone can imagine. So for that reason alone, they will make sure to include all WP8 devices.

If they are going to not support Lumia 520, they will loose half of the Windows phone base in dust. I don't think they are going to do that to harm themselves. They pretty much releasing 512 mb ram devices on and off

As long as the next version of windows or window phone needs dual core processor. I think the answer will be yes,but maybe there will be other things might pop up which could change things.but lets hope for the best.

Love is logic,life is tragic,marriage is magic,education is basic but friendship is fevikwik.... Happy friendship day

You want us to brace ourselves until April 2015?... That's a long time to sit in a ass clenched, upright position, holding our breath... You sure that's what you want❓❓❓

Ass clench is a myth. Its always optional for those with loose bowels, otherwise most of us are ok with just upright position, holding breath.

I think they are going to release the preview end of this year for beta testing and to fix the bugs and minor changes before releasing the final threshold update.

Sucks. Looks how bad after merging WP dev and Windows dev library. I want to found something about windows phone specific, but the webpages are all talking about windows

THIS. I can no longer browse the library for ways to do certain things on Windows Phone. Everything is Windows RT or Windows Phone Silverlight (8.x). The only Windows Phone 8.1 RT documents i could find was an API refrence (which was confusing and just a list of code and what it does.) I miss the old WPDev site where i could browse things by category and what they do to easily find the appropriate code. I dont have all day to sift through an entire API refrence (and thats if i can find it again).