Microsoft nixes MIX 2012

MIX 12 Cancelled

Microsoft has announced that there will not be a MIX Developer conference this year. Instead, Microsoft will merge the spring conference for web developers and designers into the company's next major developer's conference that will come about in the coming year.

A combination of factors led to this decision. Microsoft believes that the notion that the web community of developers is separate and distinct from the community of developers no longer exists. Instead, web discussion should be a part of any development discussion. There was also feedback from the developers voicing confusion over which event to attend.

Posting on the Microsoft Blog Tim O'Brien, Microsoft's General Manager - Developer and Platform Evangelism, states:

"As we look ahead to 2012 and beyond, the goal is to ensure that global Microsoft developer events are of the caliber that many of you experienced at BUILD last September, in addition to the thousands of online and local developer events we host around the world to support communities and connect directly with developers."

There were no specifics on the when and where of Microsoft's new developer event. While MIX began as a web oriented developer conference, it did seem to expand into other areas.  MIX 11 was heavily concentrated with Windows Phone development issues.  All of which leaves us with the question, is cancelling MIX and creating a larger more inclusive developer event a good thing or bad?

source: Microsoft Blog


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Microsoft nixes MIX 2012


Its a good thing for devs like me, who don't focus on one area/product line (I assume most small company devs are similar).  I went to MIX last year for the windows phone and silverlight talks, but didn't have the budget for BUILD so I missed out on some of the core Windows development talks I that would have been beneficial.  Merging these into one giant conference would probably be a much better thing for me.

I don't see this as a bad thing at all.
I Think this kind of thing should have happened a long time ago. The products and tech advancement that can come out of this would move smarts phone and pc/laptop into a whole new era.

I say go forward with this!

This is logical, and in no way a bad thing. MS is consolidating looks with their "3 screens" approach. Why wouldn't they then consolidate conferences, so to avoid confusion over which to attend, and better align their whole developer community.

While I think can undestand why MS made this move I couldn't disagree more about with the other posts--I am very disappointed by the decision to drop MIX. I missed BUILD but I've been to both PDC and MIX and found the latter far-and-away the better of the conferences. I understand that MS doesn't want us to think this way but web development is still its own thing as far as I'm concerned. I really could care less what devices, browsers, OSes are being used to access and MIX reflected this viewpoint. I have near-zero interest in Windows 8. PDC always felt like MS naval-gazing to me--let's pretend we're in a world where everyone uses MS software on MS OS to access services deployed on MS servers. It's an echo chamber. MIX reflected more the diversity of today's web development world.