Microsoft: No Cortana for UK Windows Phone 8.1 users in July


Microsoft has indicated that the Cortana digital assistant that's part of Windows Phone 8.1 won't make its long awaited UK debut in July, despite earlier hints that it was launching soon in that country.

The message comes from the Windows Phone UK Twitter account, in response to a question from a fan who asked if Cortana would launch in that country this month. The reply? "Hi there, it won't be this month, we're afraid but later in 2014."

Microsoft had previously announced that Cortana, which is currently available just in the U.S. version of Windows Phone 8.1, would expand to the UK and China in 2014, and in other parts of the world in 2015. The company has teased UK residents with messages that Cortana would be launched "soon". On June 14, Marcus Ash, Group Program Manager for Cortana at Microsoft, posted on his own Twitter feed that it would launch it in the UK and China "very soon, Weeks not months."

If you are in the UK, are you disappointed that you won't be getting Cortana support for Windows Phone 8.1 in July?

Source: Windows Phone UK on Twitter via WinBeta


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Microsoft: No Cortana for UK Windows Phone 8.1 users in July



I believed in Microsoft....but they seem to like US people it seems....then you should be selling your phones only in US

If the developers team is in USA seems natural to me they launch stuffs like Cortana in US first. I mean they are basically beta testing it.

Now, I still don't have similar images search in Bing. That's something I cannot understand what would be the problem in enabling that outside USA.

The reason that MSFT should stop pampering to America, is quite simply that it doesn't seem to give the support in market share that the European markets do. Apple rules in US. Support those markets as a priority.

My life, over here in the U.K., does not depend on a Microsoft service. I'm happy with my phone and missing a service, that will probably hit and be much better due to the wait, is hardly making me think about moving platform.


Microsoft is based in the United States, therefore they will distribute there first. Not sure why so many people can't understand that

Because the user base isn't in the USA, that's why.  Look at it this way; if you launched a new type of.....radio system, for example......and your main production facility was in New Jersey but you found over a few years that the VAST (MEGA VAST) majority of your radios were out-selling in Europe, India, the UK, South Africa, Australia.....pretty much everywhere except your own country....would you push product improvements in those countries first or would you persist with your teeny market in your home country?  

The USA has made it's views on Windows Phone clear......the market has rejected the platform in every which way.  For Microsoft to continue to think of the USA as a primary market or the best placed region to launch new conceps is frankly arrogant


The user base isn't there? I read a lot of the comments here and the ignorance is outstanding. You guys need to understand ratio and percentages and what they mean. The US is larger infinitely larger than the UK. It has a larger population of smartphone users. Microsoft can have 3% of the smartphone users here and still have more users using their platform than a UK user base of 40% marketshare. 

And those shouting India. Please, stop it. The smartphone market there is nothing compared to the US smartphone market where most the phones they sell are actaully flagship Lumia and not some 520s. And yes, 3% of a USA marketshare is more valuable than a 30% India marketshare because the flagship smartphone market is considerably smaller.  

And no, WP is not declining in the US. It held it marketshare. For those that cannot comprehend this.... the overall smartphone user base in the US grew. So, by maintaining their marketshare they have added more users! This is not complicated. 

I am not trying to make fun of other markets outside the US but people need to stop with the "Microsoft should stop concentrating on the US because it is not growing there" thingy. If they do that they would have to close shop because that would be some serious RELIABLE revenue gone. The cry should be, "Microsoft needs to treat other regions like they treat the US". That is a reasonable demand. One that Microsoft should strongly consider since nothing good comes out of making a segment of your customers feel like second tier users.


From profit point of view... yes.

But when you think of ecosystem... no. Developers want to see a lot of phones in wild before they decide to port their apps to the platform, and that is why even cheap 520s sold in India, China... count. If you can say that there are 50 million WP devices worldwide - even if 45 million are low-end - you will have much more interested developers in general.

Seriously...thats the response your going with? Windows Phone DOES treat its non US users as lower in the order of importance. If you have reason to doubt that come and fire up your Lumia here in the UK and tell me I'm wrong.

But that's not the point. The reason we non US users are steamed is because we were told back in June that this game changing piece of software was due to land imminently. We've waited patiently. We've supported the forums in opening discussions and threads to do with Cortana. We cheered when Joe took to the stage in April and announced this new thing that was going to be a massive leap forward for the operating system we've all stuck with through thick and thin.

So after all that to be told its not going to happen in the specified time frame sucks massively. Microsoft aren't playing fair....simple as that

"You guys need to understand ratio and percentages and what they mean."

"The US is larger infinitely larger than the UK."


Yes, the majority of us have taken basic geograhpy lessons and have a grasp on the fact the the US is bigger

I have a degree in engineering and have a pretty good grasp of ratio's and percentages and enough fundamental mathematics to get by on.

But all that aside, you're still missing the point.  This isn't about marketshare.

Are you saying that because there are more smartphone users in the US Microsoft should treat the rest of the world as second tier and of less importance?  Do Apple, Google, Intel or Oracle treat the European, Indian, Russian, African and Australasian markets as second tier?

Should we settle for fewer features on our handset's because we're not based in the US?   Should we simply accept that those features are advertised as "coming soon" then informed that it's all changed?  Would you accept it? 



My thoughts exactly.  To use Wikipedia's population figures, the USA's population is around five times larger than the UK's.  5 is hardly equal to inifinity.

because it takes them so long to get around to supporting other areas.

You'd think that Canada would get most of the features, since its just north of USA and they're very similar culturally and linguistically... but nope. it took years to get just some of the features like local scout.

You are missing the point.

People's disapointment has nothing to do with where it is launched first. The problem is the amount of time it takes to reach the rest of the world. Many regions still lack XBOX music and local scout for example. Some countries aren't exptected to get Cortana until 2016.

It's frustrating becasue the marketing power of Cortana will have disapeared by the time it gets to those countries where WP usage is high.

All the while, Google and Apple had their competing services rolled out world wide years ago.

Odd then, that Yanks demand getting any item from anywhere else in the world just as quick as the country it originated in. Typical Yank hypocrisy, Alex

...where the WP marketshare continues to stall at 3%.  It's illogical, infuriating sometimes but also hardly surprising.  Very hard to turn in another direction unless nothing new ships until it's ready for a certain number of regional markets - would probably hold back the platform even further.

Dude I am using Cortana in India and have an Indian accent. 9 out of 10 times Cortana gets it right. It's usually only with Indian names that it gets confused but those to can be dealt with.
Other than this, appointments, reminders, alarms, search, etc work great.

Maybe that's why it is still under testing?

Microsoft can release it at this state but imagine the backlash from the tech press when they found out that it couldn't identify the individual , let alone, call the right person. It'll be a huge embarrassment for them when that happens.

But in my opinion, with or without Cortana, I'd still be content with WP8.1. Just make sure that it is released in a proper state when it comes to different countries.

Frankly, Cortana is much hyped. I've recently changed my region to India from US and I'm not missing much except that my reminder set up through Cortana did not remind me at the proper time when Cortana wasn't there, only my lockscreen is having it. Maybe I'm missing something here.

It's been a bad season tbh. Broken apps. Slow updates. "Official" 8.1 still draggin till this day. No file sharing on Skype in 2014. No rumors about any kind of fix for this. Calendar app gimped for a while. There has been nothing positive with WP in 2014.

Microsoft is doing a Blackberry and will abandon it's loyal base in search for more customers. When that flops they will be wondering why usage has declined so much. Just like Blackberry.

I'm sorry, nothing like Blackberry. Blackberry were very late with their new OS. It was poor at launch, then could not convince anyone with poor sales to code new apps for it.

No Ecosystem no sale of smartphone. It was obvious Blackberry was dead.

Apple, Google, Microsoft. Money, Ecosystem, integration with existing cloud services.

The market can sustain 3. The big 3. Blackberry is not big compared to those listed companies.

Oh no that doesn't sound anything like Windows Phone. No late OS releases or small market shares here.

+820 (and still waiting for a word-suggesting keyboard (!!!) for my locale. won't even dare to hope for swype or cortana  )


Shame maybe they are waiting for the official roll out of Windows Phone 8.1, seems to tie in with the timing of that.

I've given up on anticipating it t be honest. I know they may encounter hiccups, but they need to learn to state a reasonable deadline that allows for mishaps, and then if it comes early people are pleasantly surprised. It's gotten to the point I anticipated the delay, not the feature.

They should be able to g get this stuff out worldwide at launch, it is ridiculous that one of the biggest companies in the world can't manage to release features into all markets. It's not like this is something being worked on by one dude in between uni classes.

I'd be happy to be shown I'm wrong but I sincerely doubt that the team behind Cortana is only a single person, or even a group of less than ten.

Who runs the Windows Phone UK Twitter account, and why would they know more than the Group Program Manager for Cortana, Marcus Ash?

Maybe because the operator of the Windows Phone UK Twitter account is Group Program Manager for Cortana, Marcus Ash!

"Cortana UK, coming soon... weeks, not months... I mean soon... I mean later in 2014" - Group Program Manager for Cortana, Marcus Ash, in an indecisive voice.

"On Android" - adds Microsoft.

I bumped into Marcus Ash the other day in the local Apple stall, and when asked how long for a UK Cortana he responded: "it's been out for weeks, I mean months.......oh I meant...errr, its coming in Jul......August.....gimme 20 minutes!!!"

I would rather a more polished experience later in the year than a half baked version in July. (Ps, UK Cortana will have a British accent...)

I vote for a sultry female Scottish accent but I guess it'll be more like Miss Moneypenny.

I'd rather Cortana sound like Jen Taylor sans fake accent.

This is really disappointing news. I'm tired of Cortana's suggestions being completely irrelevant to me.

That's no surprise!!! With all the rumours about an Android phone in the works, it probably looks like the rumours could well be true about the death of WP.

I truly hope not, but the silence from MS is deafening....

I;ll use my 1520 until end of life, and if  MS shuts up shop on WP, that will be that.

I will still use desktop Windows, but in future I won't be giving any more money to MS. Satya Nadella was the worst thing that could have happened to MS in my opinion. I don't like him. A wolf in sheep's clothing perhaps.

I see MS swallowing Nokia whole, and negating all the good work they have done. At least Steve Ballmer had passion, whatever you thought of him as a person....

I sincerely hope that MS prove me wrong!!!!

I think your right, this is the beginning of the end for Windows Phone :( Microsoft just can't get their shit together. What's the point of half launching products by the time 8.1 and Cortana actually reach the public the buzz is long gone.

Soon they will start pumping out android phones and windows phone will be left behind just like,it already is with so many Microsoft products where its either missing or we are last to get it. There are plenty of examples, Skype wifi is still missing, remote desktop we were last........the list goes on and on.

I'm Microsoft through and through but even in fed up with their bullshit

Except Windows phone 8.1 isn't released yet... They still are developing. They're not launching products for the general public to use and expect to be supported .

Knock, knock. Nokia Lumia 630 says hello. It is available for the general public to use. It's been officially on sale in UK for weeks - posters, print and TV ads and everything. So yes Windows Phone 8.1 has been released. If software is available for consumers to buy then by that logic it has been released.

Actually your wrong 8.1 devices are on sale and therefore it kind of is but isnt released and thats the problem here. for the last 3 months users have heared about great features etc but still dont have them unless they buy a new device or are in a particular country on a certain phone. The whole update process is a mess, apple announces an update and bam its available with only minor leaks. It therefore rides a massive marketing wave for free, the buzz has been and gone with 8.1 not its just constant dissapointment as users wait and wait and wait for it.

Also I know cortana is far suerior to Siri and requires more back end work etc. but only having it in one of the weakest markets! what idiot decided on that? If your outside of the states microsft will let you down look at the level of bing services available its pathetic.

Until they get all services in line working together delivering to all major markets quickly and start keeping things secret and launching straight away with updates they will never gain momentum, simply keep pissing it up against the wall

Also extremely unlikely but prehaps this world is going to change crap is infact an "update" to android for us all and the release of cortana on android - it would be the most retarded move but considering microsofts track record, I wouldnt put it past them

Was there not recently a board debate as to MS going back to being a software company?

As all software is being released across all platforms looks like a possibility more and more....

Then what was the point of posting that image and saying soon? This is MS we're talking about here so they have a skewed idea of what the word soon means.

They are too busy developing Cortana for iOS & Android. Once that's been released then we might get the UK version shipped out.

Agreed. Swype keyboard, notifcation centre, transparent tiles. The big ones for me.

I don't care that much for Cortana, but I do want quiet hours.

Its why i am bummed at this news. MS really do shoot themselves in the foot sometimes.

They should also commit to dates too.

It seems we won't get anything anytime soon. I'm sorry but US to UK shouldn't be a huge undertaking, as Cortana is more than capable of understanding me.

First there were rumours that Microsoft is working on bringing Android apps to Windows Phone (bad move in my opinon). Now we have news of Cortana delay. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with Windows Phone. I went from HTC Radar to HTC 8X. I am now on Lumia 630 due to 8X's early death. With Google and Apple I get the feeling that they both have a vision for their respective platforms. With Microsoft it always comes across as an afterthought.

I think, move to iPhone for the nexr phone is a good choice. Especially one of Nokia PureView stuff has moved to Apple. Hmm... Camera and Apps.

MS will abandon all of its product and give up. Google and Apple win. I'm just disappointed with all of the news today. Lumia Android, Android Apps on WP, Cortana lame progress. Oh.

This is ridiculous, if it's not coming "soon" then don't bl@@dy well tweet that it is. Better to say 'you can have it 2016' and then deliver it early! Combine this with the slow release of 8.1/Cyan and the frankly shocking stock music player, it's seriously putting me off WP. I really want to like it but iOS is looking tempting again. 

No surprise in that statement! WP seems to be flailing around without a clear direction at the moment. It seems Microsoft are unsure of what direction to take with its phone division. Nokia was the driving force behind WP but now it has been swallowed by Microsoft all that's left of its clarity of vision and drive is an eggy burp

Just another shoot your self in the foot Microsoft schedule ... No info on Cyan official Uk launch, Cortana.. Maybe one day but probably only ever US ... Honestly, I'm not surprised !! I'm starting to look forward to the Iphone 6 more and more

What the actual fuck. I'm in Argentina, not in the UK and i'm very disappointed as well. I was waiting for this since in here we can't set up Englis US to be the fucking main language to try out cortana. This would be the way out. Motherfucking stupid. MS looks going 1 baby step forward and 3 giant steps back supporting it's own platform. The Android leak running on a Lumia it's the best thing so far. Windows Phone had so much potential. Aparently they're not inspired enough to make things extremely well to gain market share. Same thing happened with windows 8. Even though 8.1 update 1 "fixed" things for desktop users, is still being fucking uncomfortable. MS delivers pure crap compared to what they can actually do.


India has the maximum number of windows phone users. So why MS is delaying to launch Cortana in India? It seems like they are not interested to make competition with Android.

No offense to you or your nation (I really mean it) but the people from India have a terrible English accent. Do you know how f*ck'd up Cortana will be after she will receive tons of vocal input from users with indian accent? Even the Indians from UK have the Indian accent, it would just make the Cortana service terrible for you and for others. Cortana is self growing based on what users ask from her.

Localization me time lagta h bhai.. Hamara accent samajhna to chahiye na Cortana ko.. And anyways you can continue using it..US region.

Surprise surprise! I'm getting so tired of 'waiting' for things to come to wp....how much longer do I need to wait for things to get better from a professional well established company?

Not sure if this is Microsoft having a holiday hangover or if WPCentral has been taken over by Droidbots. Where is Daniel, what have you bastards done with him?

I imagine just the UK dialects alone, would put Cortana in a spin, never mind localisation! I'm happier to get a UK Cortana that isn't lame, in that case later rather than sooner is okay with me.

I would have thought that the actual voice recognition software would be an extension of what they had already done with Kinect, which IS in multiple markets. It's not like they would have started this completely from scratch there was already groundwork to factor in different pronunciations of letters.

Guys please tweet Marcus Ash (Cortana Program Manager)regarding this. I would rather believe him than microsoft uk. For all we know Msft uk could only be echoing the earlier announcement on cortana's availability which is later part of 2014.

Disappointed... don't understand, how Nokia UK and Windows Phone UK, can make posts teasing Cortana... all that rubbish about Cortana predicting football matches and coming "soon" and then not to release it in July... when everyone was expecting it to be... The only way to counter expectations is to set deadlines... I hate that Microsoft never does it. Why would you just say: Cortana in UK will be released 1st of September for an example, and then no one would expect it and complaint earlier...

In other news, Microsoft are working on their Lumia based Android device which will ship with Cortana out of the box for everyone.

Microsoft officially dumps the current version of Windows Phone / Windows and encourages users to upgrade their OS to Windows 9 (based on android kernel).

Why they don't open Cortana on every market? I live in Greece. I don't mind the US version of Cortana until someday is fully available in my region. Yes I know it's available if I switch phone language and region in the settings but why do that and not just make it available in all regions. When Apple introduced Siri it ran on all iOS devices here even if it was only available in English.

But why don't they still make a worldwide beta? They must've ironed out some kinks by now...they can use the data from that for everyone to have a fine tuned Cortana that understands all accents.

Great, just great, news keep getting just getting better and better, first no clear release date for lumia cyan and now this... I love WP, but things like these makes me angry and want to switch to another platform

I wonder whether MS would like to destory the WP and force people using Android. LOL

What a silly move for MS.

People using WP lose confidence since WP 7

No upgrade from 7 to 8

Slugglish 3 update for WP8

No big update for Skype in WP8.1

When the WP 8.1 release , I really feel MS has changed. They keep up the pace of Andoid and iOS.

Unfortunately, MS still do the stupid things again and again

I feel angry with MS.

Why MS keep makes bad things to their supportors.

Microsoft have never really been able to manage customers' expectations. They need some project management lessons, desperately.

Agree. They've failed at this time and time again. I really liked the look of the x1 when they announced it, by launch I was so confused about what they were actually selling!

They would have been better off never posting the 'soon' thing and then nobody would be disappointed.

Really?? I mean that's more and more bad news for Windows Phone platform! At the point where you think it gains momentum amog customers, it shots itself in the foot! I was persuading people to jump platforms and now all things I promised aren't delivered...

I've already come to terms with wp8.1 not coming to my phone for a while (I have the preview, but I'd be amazed if it officially came to the UK before 2015), but that's annoying. Microsoft, you're starting to annoy me!

Starting to get bored waiting for features on WP that most other platforms have had for ages, I never agreed with the whole "Too little too late" saying, but Im starting to understand it now, could be bye bye to WP from me soon


Though honestly I'd rather wp8.1 and cyan updates actually get here, than wait for Cortana.

That and a 1020 successor with a SD card...

I am so sad that its not coming I am a developer MS is annoying me so much USA get everything it bigger better there are other countries too I'm not waiting till 2015 no way in hell

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I have to echo everyone else. To not be able to use the English version of Cortana in England months after the US release is ridiculous. MS have 3 months to win me back, but after my disappointment in my investment into the whole windows environment (pre-ordered Surface RT and Lumia 920 around the same time) I think my upgrade may take me back to Android.

I'm feeling the same way.... I try to buy everything windows based so it all works together but it always seems Microsoft is one step behind everyone else. Its just getting embarrassing. Sorry ... That's my opinion.

I'm deeply disappointed. Though I'm not in the UK, but I was looking forward to reverting to the UK Cortana in July.

I think MS should release Cortana for every country... Then they can improve their cortana by giving their separate update according to countries... I don't think there are hell of difference between all these accents... I'm from India and I speak in American accent pretty well... Poor MS think about it... You are making us very disappointed. Or they can make cortana li'l bit flexible so the cortana is accessible for every accent... I don't know where the hell MS put their common sense, I'm on the starting point to hate MS services!!!

I am a bit disappointed, as got the dev prev (only recently, a bit hesitant at first) I tried the location "hack" but it still don't work maybe cos I have a O2 64gb exclusive?? Really hoped it would work or not be too long to wait, clearly I was wrong. Surely MS can release it to all English speaking regions and let cortana "learn" as she goes??

Hi Detectionable, I am pretty sure I tried all of that and let the phone do its restart etc, but still nothing, I will try again tonight but this news of having to wait longer is more reason for me to get the hack working. thanks for your input its apriciated. :-)

I have O2 UK 64GB exclusive and have been using Cortana from start, you need to download USA language pack from settings then change region and language to USA

Doesn't surprise me one bit. Still waiting for the 8.1 update. The way things are going i will be due my phone upgrade before it is released.

UK is growing WP ......US is not.....i have had enough of the endless waiting...bye bye Microsoft...anyone want to buy a 1520?....you have exhuasted my loyalty.....you don't deserve me...

I'm not too fussed about this. I imagine Cortana will be nothing more than, at first, a novel pleasure, and later an annoyance which will ultimately be turned off because it will undoubtedly drain my battery like a b****.
What IS worrying are the rumours surrounding Microsoft and Android and Microsoft's lack of interest in a market that is helping the company gain any leverage in the world, it's disgusting. I back Windows all the time, my friends don't understand WHY I have a Windows Phone. I'm starting to wonder too, but wp 8.1 has contended me so greatly I'm really not fussed about Cortana. When wp8.1 OFFICIALLY becomes available is more my concern, the bugs in reading mode are starting to bug me.

Uh well, while not an England resident ... UK Cortana was so far the only way for us international HTC owners. Meeeeeeeeeeeeh

For gods sake Microsoft, launch the damn thing in the places where WP has semi-decent marketshare! 

Why can't they just release it as a "beta". The US version works perfectly fine. Only things missing will be the UK regional stuff.

Wow, yet another FU to the UK from Microsoft. Started to become a regular occurance now on the Windows Phone front.

Disappointing but part and parcel of following a company which seems unable to manage how it addresses the public; teasing us with 'soon, weeks not months' and now delfating us on the day rumours of an Android Lumia and Android apps on Windows Phone are circulating.

Microsoft need to find a spokeperson who can speak definitively on when new features are to be released and to squash errrant nonsense from spreading.

They said 'Weeks not Months'.. but didn't say how many weeks.... I reckon another 10 weeks rather than 10 months... /S

The Only reason I have stayed with WP is because of Nokia (Lumia 920). I had lost faith after HTC HD7... But seeing nokia made me stay... But now Nokia is part of MS and I am pretty sure they will somehow screw things up...

Why are they so slow to develop these things, they are the theird place phone, they need to move it. Seriously my next phone may not be an windows. Always announcing cool stuff and, delay, delay. Microsoft have let me down, windows 8, flop, xbox one, flop, windows phone, flop. I stuck by your flops because the core metro stuff. I loved but really this is getting annoying now. SHIFT IT UP A GEAR.

Oh and if I want android apps Ill get an android. I want native apps for my phone not rip off. As soon as you start making concessions developers wont bother. Offer things that will help development i
Off apps. You should have teams of people making apps for your products.

Sweden in 2020 maybe, we don't even have speech recognition yet (along with many other countries).

I don't really think its fair for people to say Microsoft is preferring US customers. They are really trying to make Cortana such a success that they're taking their time with it. It's speech recognition is fine but its search database for the UK isn't complete yet. The same goes for other countries. If they released it now, people would be disappointed as it wouldn't be 100% functional.

By NOT releasing it now, people are going to be disappointed anyway so it's a lose-lose situation by Microsoft continuing to be a dinosaur.

And It never will be... look at Bing outside US/UK... After so many years, its Map and POI data sucks... In Ireland Local scout shows nothing... They could have integrated Here Maps POI data as they have full license for it.. but NO... They are not willing to look beyong US/UK...

I have a friend who works in Microsoft.. He was saying that ther eis an International push from Satya to bring things to all other countries outside US... But the Managers looking after the product development still have the same old mentality.. When they are deciding stuff and are asked about France/Germany/Spain/Ireland etc.. They are told to hold off on that and do the stuff that US market demand... coz thats more important..

Thing is Cortana works just fine in the UK using the preview providing you change the region / language of course. This used to be a bummer as your news feed would change and everything but now Bing News feed allows regional changes. Its really the store that messes up and methods of payment. I think MS need to review this regional thing as it has been a pain in the ass for years. At the end of the day I can purchase anything from any where in the world using PayPal etc without any issue and that does the job perfectly so why should something as big as the phone store be different. Regional settings should only need to be used for the display format of the device as with language as well and then within an app set the region to another default if required and that way a lot of things which have regional settings issues would work fine. We would not have all this crap now and Cortana would be learning. Obviously only just in preview mode so we expect hicups along the way.

Oh dear i am probably going to be lynched and vilified because of this, if I am to believe the friends and family who told me that they pre-ordered the 930 based on what I told them (that curtana was coming in July) and their hands on experience with Cortana on my 920. Might need to lay low for awhile haha...

My 920 will be my last WP, I've had enough.  Going all the way back to the SD card issues on the Samsung Focus, to the utterly embarrassing sudo turn by turn directions in Bing maps where you had to tap the screen to get the next turn, to the platform reset from 7.x to 8.x, it's been one disappointment after another.

The international support of Bing and other MS services suck this is the primary reason for Cortana's delay, you have to have good data available for each country or Cortana is useless anyway.   Living in Canada I can switch my region to the US and get Cortana but she still uses the same data as Bing, which is far inferior to what you get with Google services like Google Maps IMO.


As a Nokia Lumia owner I am used to getting things later than iOS and Android... or never at all. But then to favour other countries as well takes the biscuit as well if I'm honest. I'm surprised I've stayed as loyal as I have.

Hire some local personnel and get it back on track is what I say, it's M$ - they can't be that short on dollar!

I have a pretty neutral accent yet Cortana constantly struggles at times or more oddly the text appears correctly in the box below then Cortana chooses to say something else.

All that said, Yes I will be disapointed as even with the annoyances it still works pretty well and I use it a lot for location and people reminders already and so would miss this a lot if it was not in the UK release of the update.

I guess I will be YeeHawwwing it a bit for a while longer.

I think it would have been nice to have Cortana launch with the release of 8.1. Good selling point, etc. Disappointed at having to keep USA region settings for a while longer. Can't be annoyed changing back and forth to install the occasional UK only app.

Nothing surprises me anymore with MS..... If they continue to focus on their home market then I'm afraid all their going to end up doing is lose more and more customers and eventually drop so far behind Apple and Android. Proof as MS is looking to add more Android handsets to the market.... For me the Sony Z1 is looking a great buy, slowly losing confidence in MS.....

Good work Microsoft, Carry on, u r really going in right direction.
Now I am not shock anymore, when I went to buy lumia in different operators, service advisors were completely unaware of the new Lumia devices existence, treat ur customers like this n focus in us n dream of surpassing ios & android.

Although I'm in the u.s I'm confused as to why a company focused on developing for other territories including third world countries why most of their products aren't availabe for those users at least in alpha or beta stage

Why is it senseless... This is coming from people who are passionate about MS and have been loyal to WP for So long on the various promises that have been made to us.. Just wait.. Good things are coming.. Our services/products will be best on Win/WP.... Its been years and the gap is increasing...

yeah, what happened to that "surprise" they annouced?! If this is it, then its like being kicked in the teeth!

I guess whole MS staff is on a group holiday, they are not working at all and playing with us... Enjoying watching us waiting eagerly for new releases....

I just cannae believe that they make us wait! Ugh, I really wish Microsoft actually gets things that they say on time! This is an absolute disgrace!