Microsoft, OEMs to spend more than $100M marketing Windows Phone

Lumia 900 Mega Marketing

Paul Thurrott has stamped his mark on some information regarding the upcoming expenditure the software giant is set to embark on in the Sates. The details allegedly come from internal Microsoft documentation. Windows Phone has been failing when it comes to retailers and carrier stores, not just in the U.S., but on a global scale and it's a huge mountain to climb to get to a level playing field with competitor platforms. We covered the report today, which BetaNews published, that pointed to the Nokia Ace receiving "hero" status on AT&T. Not only that, but $100 million was said to be going into the marketing kitty.

Thurrott has now "corrected" information published by BetaNews, announcing that Microsoft and co. will be looking to unleash not $100 million, but $200 million marketing and promoting the platform. We're already aware that the plan for all companies involved with Windows Phone are looking to spend large sums of money, especially Nokia with CEO Elop commenting that they're "game". HTC, Samsung (among other OEMs) will also be set to increase budgeting for advertising, much like what we've witnessed across Europe with newspaper adverts and more.

Thurrott also moves on to state that retail sales staff are set to receive incentives (as part of the massive budget) for moving handsets from the shelves and into consumer hands.

"The amount of payments are $10 to $15 per handset sold, depending on the number sold, for some handset models."

This all makes sense and is pretty much what we're all expecting the companies to roll on. But remember though; Mr Thurrott is the gentleman that stated we wouldn't be getting Mango until 2012, so take this information as you see fit.

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Microsoft, OEMs to spend more than $100M marketing Windows Phone


All the buzz right now is about the 900, but I'd be pretty content with the 800, especially if the advent of the 900 makes it a little cheaper. Is there any information when it might launch and where? I've seen the info that it's been approved by the FCC(?), and that the 900 is supposed to be out March 18 on AT&T. So, how about an 800 end of January?

phones like the lumia 800 and the lumia 900 should be on every carrier like the Samsung Galaxy SII phones like these have to make a serious splash seriously whats up with all the damn exclusivity if wp7 is failing due to lack of marketing why not just put them on every carrier then give it hero status to me it makes no sense to single out carriers people want windows phones but not if they have to constantly switch carriers for them jeez man give them options dont dictate what people buy. id give my pinky for a lumia that i didnt have to switch to atnt for.

Problem is that WP isn't the kind of platform every carrier wants. And if Lumia 900 is a big failure for AT&T it might have some long standing effect for the whole WP platform.
Thing is Nokia is pushing WP with crazy marketing money, like in Europe, but AT&T clearly wanted to exclusive access for the phone to take it and make it their "hero" phone. Something that seems to be normal in carrier ruled U.S trhat does not have actual unlocked market.
Again it's not like Nokia and MS would not want it to be sold everywhere.

can someone at the very least explain to me why our carriers have so much power they actually ruin technology for me thats so unfortunatey...and i do agree with you to an extent that it may not be what everyone is looking for but the same can be said for ios and android i used both i hated both so that shouldnt really be a factor in selling wp offers a new flavor or variety whatever you wish to call it and at that it should at least be recognized as something unique and beautiful maybe not by all but by those willing to try something new people need to give it a chance. i had an hd7 and i hate apple but i used an iphone 4 for a good month and i thought it was so boring i mean so absolutely boring that i sold it and got a radar and im extremely happy with it personal flavor does vary but if u dont even have the option to get it where you want it lol whats the point...

The carriers have no power over you. If you don't like what they are offering, move to a different carrier. They spend the money, so it's up to them to decide what to carry and what not to carry. 

thats the point that is power over people because they are indirectly influencing your decisions on what you buy i think instead of exclusivity competitive pricing should be their focus i mean atnt and verizon are super companies compared to little tmo and wack sprint so of course they can spend the money get me

OEMs present their products (concepts) to the Carriers and then the Carriers decide if they want to buy into that particular model. Or, someone like AT&T goes to an OEM and says, 'build me something special, an exclusive". Not much the OEMs can do about that. Thye just want to sell phones to whomever will buy them.
If you want unlimined data, use Sprint. If you want lower costs, use T-Mobile (or Sprint), if you want lots of phone choices (and are willing to pay for that luxury) use AT&T. If you want nothing but a Droid, use Verizon. I know there are a lot of other factors that influence your choice of Carrier (coverage area, business/family commitments, etc.) but this is just the way it is, at least here in the USA.

<<quote>> Mr Thurrott is the gentleman that stated we wouldn't be getting Mango until 2012, so take this information as you see fit.<<endquote>>

LOL, I post this every time someone mentions his name. I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers his Mango predictions. 

Yeah he was of on that one.
But more often than not Paul Thurrot is Right. I am following him on both his site and his podcasts, and must give him credit to know what he is talking about... most of the time.

Thurrott's exact quote concerning Mango's release:
"Mango will be finalized by the end of 2011, and while Microsoft recently promised to ship this release to customers by the end of the year as well, my sources tell me that schedule is a near impossibility."
Rich, if you're going to appropriately capture the ridiculousness of his original claim, please be more accurate in your references.  ; )

Is $10 to $15 alot anyone in the industry know? i work australian retail. For other electronic goods. That a not huge number.