Microsoft offering developers $100 for new apps

Keep the Cash

Windows Phone has slowly been picking up apps, whether brand new to the platform or older apps get big updates. It’s a nice sign that the platform is picking up steam, but apparently not fast enough for Microsoft. The Redmond company has a new cash incentive to get developers cranking out apps for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

The campaign is called ‘Keep the Cash’ and allows developers to earn $100 per app submitted between now and June 30th. There is a limit of ten apps per platform, so you could potentially walk away with $2000 if you produce ten apps for Windows Phone and ten more for Windows 8. Unfortunately for our international readers, the promotion is only open to U.S. residents. You can get the full rules right here.

While we like the idea that devs get a little incentive to produce some more apps, we’re concerned that Microsoft is giving the impression they’re more concerned with app numbers vs. quality apps. Personally, I’d prefer fewer apps overall if that resulted in better apps.

Either way, the promotion is out there, go take advantage if you’re a developer.

Source: MSDN, Via: The Verge


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Microsoft offering developers $100 for new apps


It is more of an incentive for developers who are already working on an app or are on the fence, to get it out the door by June30th. Think of them as MS returning your developer fee and if you have multiple apps, it sure adds up.

It's more than the .99 - 4.99 most developers charge for the apps they've already developed......you know the one's that stop developing for the platform because not enough people purchase their apps. If it were a .99 app, this would be equivalent to 100 downloads.

For Facebook I still just use the internet on desktop setting instead of mobile and go to m.facebook.com, so much better than any other mobile version of Facebook.

If you download "webapps" it gives you a near exact icon for the Facebook Touch site and when you open the "webapp" there is no address bar so it feels like a REAL app.

It's sad that MS, which has a not insignificant stake in Facebook, can't or won't get FB to build a native WP app and that the platform has to settle for things that "feel like a REAL app".

Why all the hate on Microsoft's Facebook app? Sure it could use a few more tweaks, but it's hardly crap. I use it way more than I use the desktop web version.

OTOH, I consider the built-in Facebook functionality to be an invasion of my contacts list. I see no reason to let FB have uncrontrolled access to my entire list. Instead, each contact should have social media account fields (one for FB, one for Twitter, etc., plus user-defined extras), and FB should only know about what's in the FB fields only.

True quality apps a best but we need to figure out really will turn people to wp8 quality or quantity if I'm right android or iPhone neither have quality but both have great quantity!!! People run to them (and from my experience). doubt its for quality!!

Being an ex-iPhone user and having used my wife's Android phone on occassion, I can say with certainty that both platforms have quality and quantity.

I guess out of all the apps I had on my android none felt like these windows apps on my l920 maybe its the phone maybe not

The selection and quality of apps on WP8 and Windows 8 pale in comparison to both iOS and Android.  I'm not trying to bash the platform, but youre deluding yourself if you truly feel that the apps on WP compare to Android in any way. The reason none of the Android apps feel like the apps on your Lumia is because the Lumia doesn't have most of them and the WP equivalents of the major apps that are there are feature poor compared to their iOS/Android counterpoints.

As long as WP lags in app selection, it will lag in the market. Offering developers $100 is just going to bring an influx of throwaway apps, not the apps most people use on a daily basis.

I did some research for several types of apps that I care about (some as a user and some as a developer planning to publish such apps). I found the Android apps comparable to WP apps in quality but having much larger quantity. Basically both platforms were full of crap. On the other hand I was really impressed and humbled by the quality of the iOS apps.

This might work actually. One of my friend got only 30$ out of his app if you withdraw the time spent on developing the app. I had a good laugh and it was probably mean, but I wouldn't have laughed if he added something like, "and Microsoft gave me 200$ bucks for it". But its highly unlikely since he's lost in a flood of apps in the google play. I'm glad I didn't chose to become a developer, they spend so many hours trying to fix problems and some times it's not even worth it.

"choose to become a developer"

I find that offensive. No one chooses to become a developer! You're born with it. What are you, a Republican?!

I'm from Canada and yeah I liked coding, but I thought it was too much work for too little reward. I enjoyed the 2 little years I spent doing it though. But i leave that to people who have more patience than me.

You ain't born with s**t. This ain't freaking brain surgery dude. It's playing on a computer. Sure it takes talent, you need to be smart and and a good student but it can be learned. That's why they have SCHOOLS for it. It's not like your special because you were born with developer skills. Oh, look at his little fingers he's going to be so good on the computer. Get down off your high horse, your not saving lives . I love developers, just not ones who think there s**t doesn't stink!

I'm a developer, just put out a pretty big update for my FREE app with no ads for the 41 people who downloaded the app, lol.

Ashens, a port of the app available on iOS and Android under the same name. It's a fairly simple app, but whatever gets us closer to app equality with iOS, right?

i hope finnaly people stop giving microsoft so much bs that they aren't doing enough! they are doing a lot in secret and besides microsoft has like a bunch of platforms that they have to pay attention too (xbox, windows, windows phone, office, etc!!) unlike nokia who only has to worry about windows phone and not really even symbian!

The only thing this does is further flood the app store with more low-level apps.
$100 means nothing to the kind of high-level developers we want on WP8.

And standalone books lol or rebranded apps which already exist, but with an XL at the end... This will look like google play soon, a bunch of crappy apps that don't do anything.

Android APIs allow its apps to do more than both iOS and WP, and this is from personal experience using all 3 platforms. They are also increasing dramatically in quality ever since Google released the Holo design guidelines.

I wonder how many here have actually used an iPhone 5 or newer Android device to be able to make the claims they do. It seems a lot of you Iike to bash both platforms with either misleading or inaccurate generalizations in an effort to justify your purchase without acknowledging the disadvantages that Windows Phone presents.

Dallas Weather
New York City Weather
Los Angeles Weather
Detroit Weather
Seattle Weather
St Louis Weather and so on
.......Great, this is just what we need.

**Edit** From the Rules: "Apps submitted with the same code base or clones are not eligible."
Good call MS, good call.

Its easy to be cynical, but honestly its a great little hobby Ive taken up in the last six months. Yes there are a lot of bad apps, but my question to you is why dont you make apps you want to use? I never touched a single bit of code 6 months ago and now I got apps in the marketplace and no for the record it doesnt take up alot of my time.

Actually I have been considering in learning how to develop apps. I am going to look into this further. Its an idea that's been boiling in my head for a while now...

I've tried before but there never seemed to be good direction on how to do it, no good step by step tutorials, they all kind of assume you know a bit to start with, like you a legacy developer moving into a new SDK and they just walk you through it. I'm sure a good newb tutorial is out there, but I haven't found it. I need one that takes my hand and shows me all the steps. I'm computer literate and used to develop HTML from scratch, but I still can't figure this stuff out, even with the WYSIWYG UI. So how did you get started so easily and in short time?

What I did to start was I played around in Blend, mess around with the code, and looked at source code. Maybe you want to try that route. It took me a solid 3 months before I could put out something that was not 100% designed in Blend, so keep that in mind, it does take commitment.

Well its hard to get people to switch to wp when we only have 138,xxx apps in the market. This will get people more motivated to get out apps and honestly I like the third party apps over the real thing.

Give developer account for free, why do I have to pay 100$, it'll be better than this campaign. I'm going to publish an app in two weeks and I'm not sure earn 100$ from it, probably I'll lose my money and effort.

They did that already. Well, I signed up during the $.99 promotion and MS will refund me when my app is complete.

I heard about that, but unfortunately I was doing my military service at that time :-S
Ofcourse this isn't relevant, however they'll offer promotions like that more often. I assumed that Wp just getting more and more interest of developers nowadays.

You have a chance to net up to $1900, and you are complaining?


From Microsoft's point of view, requiring people to pony up $100 to join the party weeds out 90% of the riffraff who won't do anything with their developer account anyway.

This is a rather brilliant move by Microsoft. Incentive for indie developers to not only create apps for Windows Phone, but also Windows 8. Gets more apps in the store, increases app count which is merely a psychological thing for consumers, and gives more exposure to the platform.

IPhones and androids never had quality apps so we get them in with same apps there used to , then we hit them with the quality updates then they will never leave makes sense to me

There are several quality apps on both platforms. Yes, there are tons of useless ones as well, but to say there aren't any quality apps is simply not true.

My fiancé has iPhone I had android sum good apps mostly crap windows apps look sweet I'm sure there gonna get more and better.

Do you have any examples of applications that are unique in either function or design that do not have an iOS or Android counterpart? Can you name 5?

I like the idea (and will be taking full advantage of it), but I wish it was (a solid, no Microsoft % of earnings) $100 as part of your earnings instead of a $100 virtual Visa card (like the rules say).

I know! i will make an app that is a mobile web shortcut to facebook, with navigation buttons replacing the address bar.

No. Just no.

Google and Apple don't need to do this. There's very little incentive for Instagram or other large apps to join the Windows Phone ecosystem due to the constraints and limitations in design choice that would be forced on them and the relatively small audience available to justify development. Windows Phone has yet to provide a distinct advantage over iOS or Android to convince mainstream consumers to switch, and until they do you won't see developers.

I swear I posted something like this a few months back on YouTube. Although I mentioned $1000(and mentioned that since they have so much money they should start building a Store with this incentive)

Thank god they started doing this.

100 bucks is about gazillion times more than what I have made from my apps.
Anyway, such payment would cover one year of membership which would be nice. The last time I hesitated to extend the membership but I was hostage to my own apps so I had no choice.

While I agree with quality over quantity but then I start to think how dumb the average consumer is and realize quantity is good here. Think about the complaints you see online "not enough app, only 120000 compared to Apple or google" even though the later probably has about 150000 fart apps. People just see numbers.

The average consumer is more educated than you think and quantity wont be the primary driver on a decision on which platform to buy. The fart app argument may have been relevant in 2009, but both iOS and Android both have quantity, quality, and selection advantages over WP. They will likely go for an iPhone or a Galaxy phone since those phones are popular and likely owned by family/friends who will recommend them, and Windows Phone wont even be on their radar.

Only for US? If you want to get more apps to the store, you would want apps from developers all around the world, not just US.

My registration as a WP-dev is now on halt, as I have to apply for a credit-card first. Why they have a PayPal option if it requires credit card anyways is beyond me.

$100 is nice, but might not be enough an incentive.
Why charge developers a membership fee when you need more of them to develop for WP??? Wouldn't that sound like an additional and unnecessary barrier? (I do understand the need to filter "serious" developers, but, come on...)
Since the platform BADLY NEEDS developers, and MS has the pockets, I think they should offer more. Since most developers might think they will not sell enough to cover costs, or even their time, MS should offer them enough to sustain them for a couple of years until the platform completely takes off. With enough apps, hopefully, it might be that short.
Otherwise, any haff-ass attempt might seem like even MS is not so sure... :-)