Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3

Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3

MacBook Air owners are being tempted by Microsoft to turn in their laptops for up to $650 in credit towards buying the company's Surface Pro 3 tablet via their U.S. and Canadian retail stores.

The trade-in offer, which lasts until July 31, doesn't offer any information on which MacBook Air models are eligble for this deal, saying only that the laptop must be capable of being powered up. The offer's fine print adds, "Water-damaged devices and devices with cracked screens are not considered working devices for purposes of this offer."

Microsoft will only offer the full $650 credit if a person brings the MacBook Air into a brick-and-mortar Microsoft Store location and used that credit to purchase the Surface Pro 3. There is no online option for this deal. Currently, only the Intel i5 versions are available for immediate purchase, with the 128GB model selling for $999 and the 256GB version priced at $1,299.

Microsoft went to great lenghts to compare the Surface Pro 3 favorably agaist the MacBook Air when it announced the 12-inch tablet in May. Indeed, it has promoted the product as the tablet that is supposed to replace the normal laptop (with its optional Type Cover of course).

Are you a MacBook Air owner that might decide to jump ship and get the Surface Pro 3 with this $650 trade-in offer?

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Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3


I can find plenty of MBA's locally on craigslist for the $450-$500 mark so in that case it is a pretty killer deal.

I have a 2013 MBA 11" version. I might just buy one for $450 on CL, then sell mine on ebay, and pick up a SP3!

Anybody think they could stack the student 10% on this as well?

Edit: The highest priced 'used' 2013 MBA 11.6" that actually has bids on it is $535. This actually is a pretty decent deal if your trying to sell your MBA anyways.

The sale price should be separate from the trade-in value of the MBA, which should act as store credit used for a specific purpose, but I would check with a manager before attempting to do it.

icyrock1 -- I totally agree it's a rubbish deal if it's a 2013 model. There is a faulty MBA on Ebay right at this minute -- current bid $430. Please see link: http://m.ebay.com/itm/141327662043?nav=SEARCH

In fact, here is another faulty: http://m.ebay.com/itm/121366844993?nav=SEARCH

A 2013 model in working order is $799. See link: http://m.ebay.com/itm/131218623367?nav=SEARCH

If it's an old one then it could be a good deal. See link: http://m.ebay.com/itm/231260834104?nav=SEARCH

However, Microsoft also state in the small print that "Trade-in value may vary". So could they offer you $200 if they wanted too? If so, then it's not a good deal.

Yea I just called my local store (hr away) and basically got this:

- We can't give you a number over the phone, come in and we will appraise it based on fair market value. (So anybody thinking about getting a 2009 for $150 and trading in for $650 needs to think again)

- Credit will be applied and can be used when the i3 and i7's are in stock. Student discount can then be used as well.

So basically, I might not be able to trade in my mint condition 2013 MBA 11" for $650.

There goes that idea! Will hold out for Mini reveal and decide how I want to proceed.

Slater_GS -- you could always sell your MBA on Ebay for more money. That way you save a hours drive and fuel, and possible frustration, due to a low price trade in valuation. Plus, the potential Ebay buyer pays you, to mail your MBA to them. Therefore, it's a win win situation, and you can get the Tablet you want ;-)
What I would like to know is why Microsoft want them in working order? Do they resell them at a profit? If so, then Microsoft aren't technically lowering the numbers of MBA users. On the other hand, if they recycle them, then I see the logic in trade in. However, if this was the case, then they should allow trade in of water damaged and cracked screened MBA's. Therefore, this suggests Microsoft resell these MBA's.

Anyone know if you have to be a US resident? If I buy my Pro3 in the US instead of the UK, I save practically the cost of the flight, you can pick up an air for less than the discount, so add that on and I've got myself a free weekend break :D

Just have to take the surface out of the box before coming through customs to avoid taxes :)

HarkAtYou -- I'd say you would need an American address. I think there are companies who provide American addresses, so people from other countries can use them, to take advantage of such deals. However, this would come at a premium, and also there is the risk of being ripped off. Maybe you could Bing it to find out the details ;-)

if he stays at a hotel, the hotel has an american address. don't know if they needs a prove, I doubt that because you are not signing any contract.

....and you also end up with a product with no warranty. Microsoft will not honor the US warranty outside the country and a UK warranty does not apply on a US serial number. If you dont like the cost, complain to your government about their taxes and tarrifs.  This is just throwing money away on an initial production run product that would need to be physically shipped back to the US for service.

WOW, so basically Microsoft don't have international warranty? That's absolutely shite -- no wonder Apple do so well with their products, as they have international warranty. It looks like Microsoft need to learn something, if they want to compete with the likes of Apple.

Furthermore, this suggests if you win prizes such as Surface tablet from WPCentral, and you live outside the U.S. your warranty is void, unless you ship it back to the U.S.?

You would need to actually read the warranty info that comes with the product to be sure. I don't understand why they would not cover international since Microsoft offers other products world wide, like the Surface RTs, WinPhones, etc etc.

I imagine one reason not to allow international warranties is the current issue, in order to use a US product in Europe you need a converter, similarly to use a European or US product in the UK. If the converter was faulty it could cause damage to the product which wouldn't be Microsoft's fault. Of course the best thing to do is buy a new power cord for the correct country.

HarkAtYou -- you're probably right. However, it's still pretty stupid they don't offer international warranty, especially with so many people travelling through their work. For example, a family member bought an iPad from Singapore and an iPhone from the states and works in Russia. Apple had no problem swapping his iPhone 5s, when the screen went faulty. All he had to do was ship it to me in the UK -- because they didn't have an Apple Store in that part of Russia -- and I drove to the Genius Bar for replacement. I must admit, I personally don't like Apple products because of the OS, but there customer service is excellent.

At least Microsoft follow the law regarding warranties. Apple were charging Italians for extended warranties to have a second year of warranty, and refusing to replace phones after a year if the extended warranty wasn't purchased, even though by law they had to provide a 2 year warranty. I noticed that Microsoft are providing 2 year warranties on the pro 3, even though they only have to give 1. :)

Yeah, I totally agree mate. I was shocked when the "Genius" geezer checked on his iPad to see if it was still under warranty, and said "yes it's still within the 12 month warranty"? lol. I was going to say something but I was only there on behalf of a family member.

Also, it will be interesting to see what Apple a do about their charges, when they all have to be the same, under EU law ;-)

Oh and when I had to return my iPhone 4, they told me the replacement would only have 3 months warranty, I asked why it would not have 12 months, they told me it was because I only had 4 weeks left of my warranty...Even though i had only bought it 2 months earlier and had my proof of purchase. AND even though the phone had only been released 1 month before I bought it... They said there wasn't anything they could do because their computer said I had registered the device 11 months before... I asked how I could register a device months before my proof of purchase, and months before they had even made the thing, they couldn't tell me, but gave the typical little Britain 'computer says no'. So I had to call customer care, who agreed it must have been a mistake and agreed to give 12 months warranty, plus the 3 I had as an apology. I checked the status online and sure enough it showed 15 months remaining. 4 months later I tried to return it as it was faulty, and to my surprise they told me the warranty had expired, and they had no record of me ever calling in. Bunch of f******g c***tbags! Weeks of calla later, they replaced it with a refurbished handset with no warranty. I gave up at that point, gave the phone to my little brother and bought a new one, which was returned twice as faulty. Now aI love my fault free lumias, Xbone and surface. I was sick of driving to the apple store 40 miles away every few weeks, with my ATV, iPad and iPhones each going back for something or other.

Your local Apple Store sound like a bunch of crooks to me -- like Government employees, who love passing the book, and not owning up to their responsibilities.

Having said that, luckily for me my experience with the Apple Store -- which is also 40 miles away from me too -- was a lot better than what you had to go through. No wonder you won't buy there products anymore, and I don't blame you mate ;-)

Aresjr -- stephen_az is correct, Microsoft don't do international warranties, which is a shame really :'(

I don't really care about the warranty, I did on the first one after having to take my iPad back several times for poor build quality I ensured I bought it from John Lewis for the 2 year warranty instead of 1, but if this one is built as well I'd take the chance :) I was wondering about the address situation as I gather they would want someway of knowing who you are if it turned out to be stolen, I have friends there that I visit every now and then so having an address to give them isn't an issue, and shipping for repairs isn't really an issue either, but I'd have no proof of address to use if required. I'll probably just buy it normally without bothering with this offer, I'll still be able to get it 2 months early as it doesn't come out here until the end of August.

I assume you meant to throw terrible on there, since it's "up to 650$" and that's for the most recent generation. So you're losing money out on this.

seems like a crappy deal considering the prices of the items  are nearly identical.  plus don't macbooks use intel chips?  what with the sudden "trade it in"  buisness model?

The "trade it in" business model is popular because it's profitable.  Companies profit from people's laziness to sell their old stuff at its true value.  ASP for MBA is well above $650 and they don't lose their value that fast.  On the whole the company will make out on the deal, and maybe even bring in some new users that could lead to new sales in the future.

Microsoft really should think about offering these deals to its Windows users and stop going out of their way to cater to apple users who more than likely wont purchase a Windows PC in the first place. They would get more Windows users to buy an SP3 if they offered them a trade in but its always the apple users they prefer.

There are many people that switched from Apple to Windows so why shouldn't they get a break, I am one of them and I am seriously considering selling my MacBook Pro so I can get a Surface and maybe even my Windows 8.1 lap top

They're trying to pull people from other platforms and into the Windows ecosystem. People need a compelling reason to switch

They do. They offered a hundred bucks to whoever brought a Windows XP computer in.

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And how much will they trade loyal users for their Surface Pro 2? Which they bought mere weeks before the announcement. $800?

In the same boat. Was incensed by the announcement ( only 6 months after the apparent "stop gap" Surface Pro 2). They should REALLY offer the above deal to us too

Meh, hard to tell on the web. Too many times I've seen people with no clue what words mean on this site.

Best Buy seems to offer you $387 for 128 GB Surface 2 Pro model (until 6/30). I guess relatively ok price given high depreciation of electronics..

9to5mac just tweeted something to the effect of 'Microsoft is trading it's crap tablet for computers they can actually use'. One of the best dispatches from the Apple bubble I've ever seen.

It's okay, if Apple had fit a full-featured computer into tablet form first, it would have been the best thing ever for people like that. But hey, Macs are totally compatible with the millions of computer programs the surface has access to, right. :P

What gets me is Panos singled out that one lady at the SP3 reveal who had blogged about her desire for Apple to make a tablet computer replacement. The desire is there, they just don't like that Microsoft did it first.

Yeah, agreed. If Microsoft can market SP3 in a way that will overcome (some) people's aversion to their brand name, this could be a home-run product for them. Unfortunate, but, as you seem to also say, Microsoft's poor brand perception in a lot of circles seems to hold them back.

I've refused to always by Apple products and only support Microsoft. Can I get $650 towards a new Surface Pro for that? ;)

nearly 3 grand of a device you can risk misplacing.   I like portable devices as much as the next guy,  but what  demograpihc with  income THAT disposable, are they catering to? 

You don't have to spend 3 grand unless you absolutely have to have the highest of the high end.  I think the $999 I5 option is fine for most people. Are you more comfortable misplacing 1 grand?

I saw Best Buy does have (general) trade-in program. Might be running only until end of this month:

  • Surface RT 32GB: up to $130
  • Surface 2 32GB: up to $217
  • Surface 2 Pro (128 GB): up to $387

You probably get bit more selling yourself but if you don't want to the hassle... I'm thinking we might still see some promotion later on like type cover bundle.

I would like to trade up my 1st gen Surface RT for a Pro 3.  Anyone know of a good offer?  Gazelle is only offering $140, which is about the same they offered me for an iphone 4s.  Is MS offering anything better anywhere?

The RT goes for $150-180 on Amazon (that's beofre their fees). and according to Luc4's comment, best buy gives you $130 for it.

The Gazelle offer is pretty good, I don't think you'll get much more for it. At that value though, I might keep mine anyway or give it away to someone.

I have an old MBA I was going to sell. May have to bite even though I don't really need the SP3.

Went to Best Buy this weekend to check out the Surface Pro 3. The stupid store was displaying it without the keyboard and pen, which really defeats the whole purpose of displaying it.

I suspect they excluded them becuz they would be easy to swipe. Although u r right. It's definitely two good selling points.

The Best Buy I went to had Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, everything.  You'd think that would be a good thing, but...  The display at the front of the store ONLY had Surface Pro 2.  Surface Pro 3 should be front-and-center. 

The larger display further back in the store was just in bad shape.  Most of the keyboards were literally falling apart.  I mean you could just lift up the top layer and see the inside components.  Not to mention the keyboards and tablets were all really dirty from handling.  I'm assuming most Best Buy customers don't wash their hands having seen this display :-)

Microsoft really needs to exercise better control.  Displays like this don't help them sell products.

FYI:  The Apple display was pristine.

Well I use an i7 8GB 2013 MBA so I wont be doing this deal. :( offer me an equivalent SP3 tho and I might ;)

I have a Macbook Air 2013, 13',  i7, 128gb working perfectly, still under warranty... Can I give mine and get a Surface Pro 3 ? :) I could buy the cover :)

Anyways I am going to sell it to buy a Surface, just wondering that would be nice if Microsoft could offer personalized discounts depending on your Air model, like a fair price, right now I can sell mine for 1000 euro.

I called the store to ask the same - if they would take a Macbook Pro . Said that was not part of this deal. Only Macbook Air were part of the trade in value.

But they have an older program - as part pf a recycled products program they would accept the Macbook Pro - but of course that value probably would be much lower.


Devil is in the unlisted details... SELECT MacBook Air models. See store representative for details. I'm guessing they won't take an original model from 2008/2009 that is worth less than 650.

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That's a great deal, but if they are willing to give so much, why not include the keyboard? The keyboard seems to be required for the experience that Microsoft wants you to have.

I was just at the MS store on Saturday. I asked how much my Surface Pro 1 worth in a trade-in...$250 max. ;-(

You probably wouldn't be able to sell it on ebay for much more...not too bad in my opinion . Some money is better than none...I may try to trade my SP1 in for an SP3

If they'd give us a deal on the Surface Pro I just bought last Feb, then I might jump.

I'm going to sit on this one and look for holiday sales / deals or a Surface Pro 4 at the rate they're pumping out the models.

Just had a thought while I was typing this... what if they delayed the Suface Mini so they'd have new hardware to ship during Back to School or Holiday sales time when people are a bit more lose with the wallets? Sneaky :D.

I would never change my MacBook into a Surface. Sorry Microsoft, but I really need my MacBook Pro for work. I changed a few months ago from Windows 8.1 to my MacBook and I will never go back. You can't do "Pro" things with a Windows machine like you can do it with a Mac (thanks to all these drivers required by Windows..)

Most companies do real work exclusively on Windows and use a Mac when going to a client to seem cooler. Stupid.

Right now there's only 27 comments on the 9to5 article, already 77 here so, don't fret, apparently no one reads 9to5 Mac anyway. It's the people reading Windows blogs, who don't treat their Macbooks as religious artifacts, that will go for the trade-in offer.

The cheapest used 64 Surface Pro (gen 1) I saw on ebay was over $300 (auction still ongoing, buy it now was $330 from other sellers). I'm not sure what ebay's fees are now. On Amazon it starts at $390. (prices are without the keyboard of course)

And yet no such offer for those of us who brought a Surface Pro 2, our hell, even a first generation Surface Pro?

Disappointing, to say the least.

It's very dissapointing. I would love to trade in my 1st gen Surface Pro (for the $450-500 you can get for it on eBay/Craigslist). It will be a great way to give back to those of us who bought into their vision early on. It would also let them show big sales numbers for the Pro 3

The key here is that it's "up to" $650. They won't give you that credit for a mac you can buy on eBay/Craigslist for $300.

Even after the fees Amazon/ebay take, you will net more money by selling through them. Microsoft doesn't just throw these away, they use companies like gazelle for the trade in services and these companies sell the devices the same way you would, so you're just giving them a big cut for no reason.

I.e. MacBook Airs are overpriced and are merely only worth at most 650$, jk. They should really offer this to Surface owners as well. Reminds me of the smartphone deals they had that didn't apply to WP7 users but an iPhone 4 could be traded in (even though the Lumia 900 was newer).

It's not that different than trading in a car.  You can get more money selling it privately, but it's more convenient to let the dealership do it for you.  It's nice to have both options, and that's what MS is doing here.  Wise move, I would say.  And the price is not horribly low when you consider the eBay/Paypal fees, and you place some value on the hassle of photographing, listing, answering questions, packaging, shipping, taking a risk that a buyer stiffs you and you have to do it all over again, or that the buyer complains after-the-fact that the item was destroyed in shipping, etc.  It's just a question of the value you place on all that hassle.

As for upgrading SP 1s and SP2s, I'm impressed that MS is willing to do that at all.  Not many computer manufacturers will do trade-ins at all.  Again, you give up some cash in exchange for convenience.   

Now, if they would just do something about that pen loop . . .

If they added the keyboard I would do it. But I have a 13-inch 2013 Macbook Air, I paid 900 for it, and its going for around 800 right now.

Few things to add:

1. They are paying UP to $650 - so you can't just buy a cheap MBA and hope to get the full amount

2. You CANNOT combine this with other promotions - they are giving a $100 education discount, but you cannot combine it with this offer.

I'm curious as to what the different values are for different generation/year MBAs.

Maybe I'll stop by the MS store tomorrow and find out.

What a joke this is! I called the store and was told that any Macbook Air would qualify for the $650. I asked them to double check with the person doing the valuation because mine wasn't the current model. Several minutes later they confirm that if condition is good, I qualify.
I show up with a like new condition 2011 Air and am offered $330.
I questioned this bait and switch and was told that it wasn't up to them, it was a 3rd party. I stated that MS should be increasing the trade-in value if a Surface Pro 3 was purchased and wad told "no", just the trade-in value.
Then they told me that it might have been higher yesterday but as they get more trades the price goes down.
Yes, I'm sure it went from $650 to $330 in less than 24 hours.
What a waste of time and effort!
Sad part is, I own 3 Windows phones, Surface Pro, Surface RT, and a slew of accessories. Got to tell you that I've never felt closer to my old Macbook Air!
What a piss poor execution turning a promotion into a major negative. Microsoft will never compete with Apple like this.

To add insult to injury they ask me to wait for a manager upon seeing my dissatisfaction. I wait more time to be told exactly the same thing by a manager. That was helpful.

Thanks for the info.  So my 2011 MBA wouldn't get the $650, or even close.

It really did sound too good to be true.  But the $80 Lumia 930 sounded too good to be true, and I missed it.

This made my day :P SOOO FUNNY !!!  But it's good for windows that some people are actually falling for this :P Think about it, if they weren't making so much money even after giving people 650 off of the surface pro, they wouldn't be doing it in the first place :P That's how much better macbook air is :P