Microsoft offers Xbox One with Madden NFL 15 for $399.99

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Microsoft has started taking pre-orders on its store website for a version of its Xbox One game console that will come bundled with Electronic Arts' upcoming pro football game Madden NFL 15 for the console's regular price of $399.99.

madden nfl15

The deal offers buyers a digital download copy of the game, rather than a physical disc and will include a token for three Madden NFL Ultimate Team Pro Packs. It also comes in its own special packaging, as seen above. As with all of the $399.99 versions of the Xbox One, it does not come with the Kinect motion gesture add-on sensor. The bundle is scheduled to ship on August 26.

This is just the latest collaboration between Microsoft and the NFL. A revamped version of the official NFL app for the Xbox One was announced on Sunday which will offer a number of new features and improvements.

What do you think of Microsoft trying to court Madden fans with this new Xbox One bundle deal?

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Microsoft offers Xbox One with Madden NFL 15 for $399.99


No I regret getting the one without Kinect..i can't use my cable box with it now , no Skype , no Xbox fitness and no voice control! I want a Kinect now :[

Yeah I feel really sad for the people who are being fooled into buying the cheap Xbox One. Xbox One without the Kinect is crap.

First every one is bitchng about the fact that Microsoft forces XBOX ONE buyes to pay for the Kinect, now they offer the choice and now where all bitching about the fact that XBOX ONE iss'nt complete without the Kinect?


Sometimes! Microsoft is doomd if the dont and damnd if they do... at least thats the way it looks sometimes ;-)

Well, different people - different opinions. Someone wanted one without Kinect, they've got it, they dont bitching anymore. Take me for example, I have a small flat, why would I need Kinect? Skype? Pfff... I can buy web camera a lot cheaper, I have a netbook that already has one, even my mobile phone has one. So, I dont need one, and I'm glad that these a version without Kinect avalible.
Not to mention that videocalls at home are pointless.

The Kinect is great. Being able to watch Netflix without having to hunt down the controller is great. Even through my thick Alabama accent I rarely have to repeat myself unless someone else is trying to talk at the sane time.

I can't live without Kinect. Most days I don't even turn on the Xbox controller or use a TV remote: almost all voice and gesture, sometimes complemented by Smartglass controls too. My Xbox controller batteries typically last 6-8 weeks as a result (I hear the PS4's controller batteries last 6-8 hours in comparison!).

I tried out the Xbox One, but eventually bought a PS4 (for various reasons), but I miss the Kinect's voice commands and skype :(

And the fast app switching.

And the UI (though I thought the UI could have been better).


No, actually Kinect is needed if you want the "record that" feature while gaming. Honestly, Kinect offers the real reason to want the Xbox One.

35 here.

EDIT: Come on, there has to be someone older than me, right? I don't want to be the old guy....

27, but well gaming didn't really started before our generation, so you'd have to be a 80s or 90s kid to fit the console generation. And i dont think our generation is gonna quit gaming just because we're getting older. Its just a harmless hobby like reading, fishing or something else people like to do in there spare time. Dont feel old! Just embrace the fact that your a 80s/90s kid and remember how awesome that time was until eternity!

38 here, haven't took the plunge to One yet, the Madden deal might sell it. Without cable or Sat service I don't think I'd miss much.

Yeah, no! Outside the states, sure. But seeing as how football season is coming back, its a smarter play on xbox's part to have this and go alongside the new NFL app. Makes perfect sense to me.

For Europe, totally. For the U.S., no. It's also a shame there isn't a Kinect version of this bundle too.

It makes sense. Microsoft is capitalizing on their partnership with the NFL to bring in people who otherwise haven't bought a console. Especially if Microsoft does integrate the fantasy teams on Yahoo and ESPN they could sell a bunch of consoles.

None of these moves by Microsoft is surprising. Go where the customers go. In the States, that's the NFL.

That sucks. Thieves are anathema. Totally worth getting another X1, though. This is also a good example of why digital game purchases are better than physical ones: thieves cannot steal my collection of games! Just log in and boom, all of it is there!