Microsoft will open Orlando FL store with help from Flo Rida

Orlando Microsoft Store

Microsoft is set to unveil its Orlando FL store in style with a live performance from Flo Rida to help draw crowds. We previously looked at a list of possible Microsoft Store openings and this one's pretty much spot on with the company opening its doors to The Florida Mall.

The Microsoft Store will open on August 16th at 9:30am with the grand opening ceremony at 10:00am. Complimentary wristbands will be distributed to the first 200 people who visit the store, which are required to jam with Flo Rida on August 18th. Of those 200 wristbands, one will grant the wearer access to meet the artist in person after the live show, which doesn't sound half bad. We wonder if a free Surface tablet is involved (once released)?

A minimum of 1,200 people in line will reportedly receive two wristbands, so it should be a fairly packed turnout. The concert will kick off at 2:00pm on the 18th, which will give the Microsoft Store a perfect end to its opening ceremony. Florida Mall will be hosting the Flo Rida performance and should you be a large Flo Rida fan, you'll want to make sure you're one of the lucky 200 to be in with a chance of pocketing the golden wristband to meet him in person.

Keep up-to-date with the Microsoft Store Facebook page. Are you going to had on down? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Source: Microsoft, via: Blain Barton (TechNet); thanks, Angelo, for the heads up!


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Microsoft will open Orlando FL store with help from Flo Rida


I'm not too familiar with Florida Mall (or anywhere within the states lol), but these are the directions provided by Microsoft, with a nice little icon showing the exact position in the source link (see above in the article).



Should've got KISS instead. Microsoft would've had 10,000 plus people in line. Then again I guess they wanted minor league talent so the mall wouldn't be over capacity.

Minor league talent? Wtf you talkin bout? Flo rida consistently had chart topping hits. Not many people know who KISS are especially those born after 1990. Racist much?

Using the rock band KISS to promote Windows Phone is definitely ridiculous, but how does that make Tbonenga's comment racist?

Take it to the house - You are a sad sad person. The fact that he stated Kiss as a bigger talent  than Flo Rida makes him racist in no way shape or form. He didn't mention anything beyond the talent level of said artist. That's it, that's all......
It's a fact that Kiss is a legendary rock band, can the same be said Flo Rida? Honestly can it? We both no he isn't so that's not even a legit arguement. Maybe someday, but he sure isn't yet (and even then I doubt he ever will be). Kiss has been around forever yes that's true and they have stood the test of time, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that they stand in the same class as AC/DC, the Stones or Arrowsmith. Maybe that's not your type of music but that's not the point here, for who KISS is they are huge. Flo Rida is not. Honestly I've only heard of him mentioned a few times ever and have no idea what he sings. it's not really my type of music but I do know who the big names are and he's barely ever mentioned so he can't be too huge.
Anyway, your race baiting is disgusting. I suggest you look in the mirror the next time you wan't to declare racism because it's plane enough for everyone else to see who is more likely the racist here. On a kinder note i'm sad for you and people like you that have to turn everything and I mean everything they don't agree with into some kind of racism. A lot of people saw through that one trick pony a long time ago.

I don't think anyone has ever suggested Flo Rida would have the eventual longevity as a Kiss, AC/DC or The Stones. But as we stand in today's pop music landscape, Flo Rida is huge.

Or they wanted to skew to a younger crowd. And with about three or four top 40 hits this year alone, I'm sure plenty of folks will come out to see Flo Rida

@ tbpnenga and everyone else.
First of all, I listen to hip hop and rock. I've been listening to rap for over 30 years. But if you never heard of Kiss then you don't know much about music. Kiss is classic rock, and their shows sell out more than any rap group in this generation. The dude is right,, if they got Kiss it would most likely make the evening news. Where will Flo-rida be 40 years from now? Most likely a after thought. I love, and know, hip hop more than most of you, but Kiss would definitely be much larger of a event. Besides, most of the flo-rida fans all ready have iPhones.. Lol. Im so glad I was in my teens back in the 90's. You kids just missed out! Lol

I know who Kiss is and how big they are. I actually like Kiss. But much like technology is all about the here and now, you sort of want someone helping to promote your product that is more relevant to today. And as many on here have expressed, if MS has an image that comes off as old and antiquated, do you really want to perpetuate that by picking an older act. Nothing against Kiss with that. And I am also certain many in that older demographic have iPhones as well.

Exactly my point, classic rock. They wanted someone relevant to today. Only people listening to rock nowadays are the emo crowd. The only rock that's really good presently is Spanish rock.

From the little I've seen he sure has some hotties on his videos. I do hear his song "Wild Ones" every time I go to the gym, LOL!

"Wild Ones" had a Nokia 710. "Whistle" has a Nokia 900 with purple screen. He takes perv shots with it.

I'll be there. Not right at opening but I have a "VIP tour" scheduled later in the day. I also have a friend working as a tech there. They've been pretty secretive with them even. They didn't tell them the opening date until they made it public.

This is so weird. Maybe fate. I'll be there for a cruise leaving that day lol. Im going to take a visit! Do they give away free things at these Microsoft stores? My titan has a nasty crack and I was going to wait to get a wp8 but if I can get a lumia 900 now to tide me over from that store for free by some smoked contest then im there! And my girl has an iPhone and it pains her how slow it is (fb app is atrocious). She wants a windows phone and that would be a great opportunity

Defintely going, I live in Orlando, my friends and I have plans to camp out, so anyone going, see you all there!

Katy Perry, Maroon5, Deadmau5, Nikki Minaj, Flo-Rida. I think Flo-Rida is a great choice. I haven't seen the before mentioned still using Windows Phone.

Well... me and my trusty Samsung Focus (Debating arriving there super early with my HP Envy also) will be there. I'll take pics for y'all. :D
Requested off from work Thursday and Saturday. I think that free surface tablet is a long shot, but hey! Who knows? MSFT is about to make serious push with college age consumers, hence the choise of Flo Rida versus Kiss, ACDC, etc...
Windows Phone fanboy here, been with it from the begining..