Surface Mini reportedly to be positioned as note-taking device, include pen input

Microsoft Surface 2

The rumors of a Surface Mini have been floating around for quite some time now, details are still sparse for the time being, but the upcoming device is still said to be on tap for a 2014 release. Some new info has turned up that sheds a bit more light on the slimmed-down tablet.

The 8" Surface Mini will be a "consumption class" device, geared more towards taking in information or dropping a few notes (with supported pen input) rather than pounding through documents on Office. As Microsoft is aiming to make the Mini ideal for taking notes, there may be some new apps on the way as well that would make them more fitting for a smaller device than the current 10-inch Microsoft Surface tablets.

According to reports, production of the Surface Mini is completed, so it could see a release any time now.

Source: Neowin


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Surface Mini reportedly to be positioned as note-taking device, include pen input


Possibly next spring if Windows 9 is really to happen in Spring 2015. Wouldn't make sense to release a brand new Surface product only to leave it on dated software months later.I just hope to see "Windows with Bing" replace Windows RT.

You mean like when Nokia releaed the Lumia 900 even though Windows Phone 8.0 was well known to be released a few months later...

Nobody was forced to purchase an L900.  An informed consumer is a smart consumer and smart consumers waited for WP8.

Maybe I have my history wrong, but im pretty sure it wasn't until after L900 release that MS admitted no one could upgrade to WP8. Certainly I think its time to move on, but people at the time who bought the latest "hero" L900 flagship had a right to be mad.

Around that time, nobody but Apple was even saying that any device was going to be granted upgrades to the software. 

XP computers were not given or pushed upgrades to Vista (most are thankful for this), as software upgrades were considered a paid upgrade path. Macs were cheap upgrades, but you still had to pay for them too. Some manufacturers pushed out updates to fix bugs, but not to "keep the device current". 

Those users purchased a device with say Android 2.3 on it, or WP 7.5. It is the version listed on the box, in the directions, on the manufacturer page. There was no entitlement to having a newer version of the software. You bought it, and that's what it has, and will always have. 

That tide has changed the past couple years, with Google promising 18 months of support, Apple keeping any capable iphone up to date, and now Microsoft saying that ALL wp8 devices can run 8.1 (carrier blocks aside, that's a different story).

Software developers have found it easier to address bugs and security issues as part of the development of further software, as opposed to maintaining an old version and developing the new at the same time. They still don't have to develop the software to work on older hardware. Apple can make ios 8 only work with their x64 cpu, and say that ip4, ip4s, ip5, ip5c cannot upgrade, while ip5s and ip6 will get this new/great upgrade.

I wouldn't say it was a matter of money as I'm sure lots of people would (albeit grudgingly) pay to upgrade from phone 7 to phone 8. The fact was that Phone 8 was built on a different OS kernel and as a result, upgrading was a technical imposibility. To address this, Microsoft released 7.8.

Thank you for a well-written, balanced comment. I agree 100%, and I was one of the Nokia trainers who had to tell salespeople that an upgrade to WP8 wasn't possible. I was hurting pretty bad, but I can understand exactly why.

I happily bought an L900 as I was loving the form factor so much more than my Titan 2. It was rumored that it might not be upgraded to WP8, but this remained an open question. The tone of the official releases suggested that it probably would not, but there was an ongoing effort try and find an upgrade path for it. A noobie to the smartphone world might have let their optimism run away with them and then have hurt feelings. A tough introduction. But anyone who has followed the world of Smartphone rumors should not have been surprised, and it was clearly a matter of the hardware specs were too far from the minimum necessary. That said I think MS missed an opportunity to build some brand loyalty by not giving L900 owners a gift card or something, since they were not clear on the situation up front.

Wasn't the 920 released about a year after the 900? Plus it was about 6 months after the release of wp8 that developers stopped making apps that were compatible with wp7.8. So, People who bought a 900 had almost 2 years of support and the devices still work pretty good but it's harder to get new apps for them.

How so? I bought my Lumia 900 in June, a month before WP8 was announced. The phone had been out for about 4 months at that point. I had no idea that WP8 would not support my "new" phone. 

I think you mean that AT&T released the Lumia 900 right before WP8.  It was an exclusive device.  Nokia released the Lumia 800 several months earlier, but AT&T, like all US carriers, has to screw around and make as many devices as possible limited, exclusive, or locked in some way.

Did MS ever advertise or claim WP7 devices would get WP8? I am still on my Lumia 800. Did I HOPE I would get WP8? Sure! Do I hold them responsible for not getting it? No! They never claimed I would be upgraded.

To me it wouldn't make sense to skip the holiday season. They should release it by October. Chances are MS will make W9 a free upgrade for anyone with 8.

I also t hink they should offer a free Win9 upgrade to all those with Win8. Or, make it very cheap, like the $15 thing they did when W8 first launched--except this time don't make it a temporary offer.

The last two years?

Window updates aren't beholden to anybody. Unless windows 9 comes out a week after surface launches (it doesn't) there's no reason to delay for it.

Could have a cherry trail in it. They're shipping to OEM's but not supposed to hit the market until Fall.

I also have it on android for my nook hd running cyanogenmod. I use it as my "reading" device and to supplement the fews apps not yet available.

An even better question is why does it have to spam us all the time with declarations that it was posted via the WPC app for Android? Who cares? Delete that line.

Does it personally offend you? Isn't an android user on WPcentral better than an android user not on WPcentral? Or does that line cause personal harm to you?

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[Posted by myself via Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center, running on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro with an Intel i5 processor and 8GB of RAM.]

Agree 100%. I find it obnoxious. Not because it's Android -- I'd have exactly the same issue if it was saying posted from Windows -- it's annoying because it's posted into the actual text of the comment rather than shown as a small footnote like Facebook and Twitter used to do.

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You realize it is somebody else's choice to have whatever signature they want, and you can't do anything about it?

Don't get me wrong, I think a big line of text is a bit unnecessary and I like how they're made of footnotes on other places, but there are far more gaudy signatures in the world. Who cares if the developers who created the Android app get a little advertising? Its not exactly deliberately intrusive like the nonsense you purposely wrote. I don't see unnecessary specs or tags, I see a small shout out that makes a lot more sense.

Unless it contributes directly to the topic at hand, then it's irrelevant and forcing people to read automatically generated advertisements is obnoxious. What people can do does not always equate with what they should do. We're trying to live in a society here.

Bro u wanna read the comments read or don't read ... Its their choice they add the signature line or not.... Get over it... Nobody is stopping u to do so.... U cant force ur views and opinions on them.... So live with it.. Or don't read their comments simple... Their comments do relate to the actual topic u don't have to consider the signature..

Apparently I need to point out the irony of you telling me what to do and then telling me I can't tell others what to do--which I wasn't doing, by the way. What I was saying is that automated signatures that post irrelevant information are obnoxious. And they are. If they want to be obnoxious, clearly they can do so. But my guess is that the grand majority of readers on this site would appreciate them being more considerate and deleting that superflous line from spamming the discussion section.

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Posted via the WPC App for Android!

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I've been wanting on such device on the WP line for quite a while. Hopefully now that WP licences are free someone, anyone, will attempt to bring stylus to WP.

No, it was mentioned at build as coming soon but not in Update 1. They even showed a live demo of what it looked like and how you can manage tiles on the Desktop's Start menu.

This. This so much. I'm lucky enough to have not lost my stylus yet, but I'll be damned if having the charging dock and pen holder be the same thing isn't a stupid idea. I love my Surface in just about every single possible way - except for the Stylus/Charger combo port.

So would this be a surface 2 mini or a surface pro 2 mini I wonder?

They definitely need a cheaper tablet to better compete at price level.

I hope its an RT class device with a long-lasting battery and cheaper price point. Cant imagine why the desktop with full win 8 would be needed on such a small device.

I feel the same way. I'd love a tiny companion device to pair with my big Surface. Imagine how cheap it could be.

I really think that one of the reasons it hasn't come out yet is that they decided to skip RT for this mini version and that is the reason for the delay.

I second your theory. I hope that also means Surface 3 will be x86 and based on the next Intel atom generation. I want something like the surface 2 to replace my laptop but win rt is a non starter for me. I still want visual studio, steam games, etc...

No on so many levels.

Wait for the SP2 to become the SP3 and be closer to size of what the S2 is right now and stay away from the RT model. Just because you have no use for RT does not mean it should be put down.

I will not be happy if the mini comes only in x86 and I doubt MS would do that. If it comes in both flavors, then great, but keep the price down, battery long, thin/light, and it will be a great companion device.

X86 is free on 9" and below devices now.

Price down? Check.

Bay trail gets equivalent battery life to relevant arm SoCs. Check.

It doesn't get any hotter than Tegra 4, and probably is actually cooler as A15's are actually pretty toasty.

Cherry trail is going to hugely improve on the above points. I don't see how x86 doesn't have anything that RT does.

Want to keep your kids tablet virus proof? Lock the UAC and only let them install from the windows store. Need to do work? Good thing you can still install your own programs.

The notion that RT was longer lasting than x86 died with the first bay trail tablets. Hell, even the SP2 lasts as long as the S2 in web browsing.

Because most every 3rd party vendor has a desktop app and there is precious little in the RT space or even if they do the desktop version is better. Sonos, iTunes, Kindle, etc...

Desktop works fine on an 8". Bump up the DPI scaling in display settings. That's what it's there for.

Microsoft is trying to avoid direct competition with the other OEMS that's why they have notoriously refused to make an Atom Surface. Anything is possible but it is very unlikely for them to make an X86,64 Surface mini, it would run Windows RT I think.

I think you are wrong there. MS sure didn't mind competing against their own partners when everyone released a first gen RT tablet. But the OEMs have abandoned RT and im thinking MS is finally doing the same. Switching from using RT to Intel atom is the only thing that explains why this device has been delayed so much. Personally I'm looking forward to a surface 3 running on the next atom CPU.

Maybe. I wonder if the delay isn't just them trying to figure out a way to finally remove the desktop from Surface RT.  In a recent interview with MJ Foley, Terry Meyerson just reiterated that Windows on ARM is not going away. Either way, I don't see them releasing a Surface Mini with full Windows.  Sure, all the OEMs are putting full Windows on their 8" tablets, but that's because they need to sell these devices now, and Windows RT is kind of a non-starter.  I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro and really enjoy it, but the desktop experience is not optimal.  It just doesn't fit with what MS is trying to do with tablets (or with x86 for that matter); nor does it solve any of the issues with the current 8" tablets from Dell, Lenovo, Asus, etc.

Windows RT has a bad name for no good reason. It's a great solution and very powerful. I think Microsoft is trying to create a killer product that puts it in a great light, and that's why it's taking a while.

If ever there's a device meant for RT I would think this would be it. If it's not RT then I think we can assume Microsoft has given up on it.

Exactly what delay? It's always odd to see these posts about delays in products that haven't even been announced yet. Based on rumors? Your assumption? Where is this delay coming from?

Direct competition isn't Microsoft's problem.  The entire reason the Surface line exists is because OEM's refused to build a quality product.  The same thing is happenning in the 8" market right now.  OEM's want their margins so they produce plastic and rubber devices.  MS will produce a premium device if others won't.

I'd prefer less than $200 (which I've seen the Dell Venue 8 Pro go for, for a full version of 8.1)...

I would expect it to have Surface build quality which should automatically put it well out of the plastic and rubber venue 8 pro price range.

Would it still function properly as a tablet since it is stated for better at taking notes rather than griding through office, or have lower end specs?

Most likely Bay Trail Atom, which for most tasks, up to and including light Photoshop usage, would be more than adequate.


(Or I suppose ARM is a possibility, which would mean it definitely would be powerful enough for Metro apps unless they used ancient hardware like the Tegra 3 in the original Surface RT).

Much rather have a bay or better yet, a cherry trail. Add Wacom, Surface build quality, HD and it'll be the best on the market.

Considering they don't expect Cherry Trail to be in devices until the end of the year, I kind of doubt it'll be that one. :D

End of the year... Like around Fall of this year when this tablet has been rumored to come on the market?

From the source article:


"We have also heard from a couple of sources that it could arrive soon, as in the Spring, and this aligns to what Mary Jo Foley had heard as well. Specifically, we have heard that the mini is actually done, so it's really up to Microsoft to pull the retail switch to release the device. Knowing that, it could really come at any time, as soon as Microsoft wants to make the announcement."

If the Surface Mini is ready it should be released immediately. There is no good reason to hold off on releasing a completely finished product.

One reason to hold off would be if they planned to improve the OS and refine the hardware/design of the existing Surface devices. I'd love to see a big event in the fall where they release Surface Mini, Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 alongside an improved Windows RT.  

News on Surface 3? Just this:


It basically says, that parts for Surface 3 are being delivered to the Manufacturers since end of 2013 and Production is supposed to start end of 2nd quarter 2014, availability probably agan around october.

Surface 4 would probably be presented mid 2015.

Good competition for the iPad. We have the Surface tablet/pad. Now a Mini. All that's left if for MS to start selling the Maxi.

My only issue with my Surface 2 is pen support since I have been tossed into a terrible BYOD world recently. I would buy this day one!! Would prefer full Win 8 but even RT will work for me. Has so far. Especially with rt office on the way. 8 inch office must be painful as my surface 2 already feels small, looking at you Outlook.

I have an idea for the mini! Make a folio case that can hold two like a book style. Then enable the ability to share information back and forth between the two, perhaps over NFC/Bt or something. You'd just have to come up with a catchy name...maybe something like messenger, or deliverer, or carrier.

Or maybe even Courier.

PLEASE! Let this have pen support (like the Pro, not some dumbed down, not as accurate input)! I will buy immediately. Hopefully, it is powered by a new-Gen processor and not something from the original Surface RT. Include Office and its a winner. Pen input with OneNote on an 8-inch screen is needed.

The Venue 8 Pro stylus is terrible compared to all of the others I own. Most recently Surface Pro and Helix but I go back a few generations of TabletPCs. It doesn't track well and the pressure sensitivity is awful.  

My wife has the Dell Venue with the Active Stylus and its garbage. Sorry, but it is true. I've seen her own frustration with that pen, which leads her to use one of the Surface Pro's we have. She likes the size and weight compared to the Pro, but hates the pen. Same for me. I'd love to grab and 8-inch tablet on the go with PROPER pen input. I'm hoping MS delivers.

The lack of a digitized pen on the Surface really sucks. I was like, what do you mean I can't take notes on his thing? The Pro is just too heavy and the battery life too short to be useful in that way. But I guess I could see myself with a mini and a surface pro 3. That way I've got easy, light, long lasting consumption tablet and a powerful device when I need it. And of course no grocery money.

Production completed? How many? 1000? Where the hell is the docking station? Why will it take them another six months for them to ship it to Sweden.

It would've been terrible to announce during this year's Build.  They need developers to work on Windows Phone right now.  There's tons of new stuff for WP 8.1 apps and diluting that message (which at Build, should be directed towards developers, not consumers) would've been a terrible idea.  Plus, Microsoft has always announced Surface hardware at separate, more specific events.

Crazy decision not to include it with the Surface 2. Would have really sold it to a lot of people I know. My family are Realtors and were super excited by my Surface... Couldn't wait to use it in "the field." Then they were like, oh, I really can't write on this thing...
And you just can't sell a Surface Pro form factor to people like that, they're too on the go to worry about laptop-level battery life and full-on-Windows headaches. A pen would have made Surface 2 a truly excellent device.

already am note taking just fine with Dell Venue 8 Pro and Dell Active Stylus. on full Windows 8.1

i don't need this castrated RT stuff.

I will instantly sell my Surface 2 with Touch Cover for this, should it become real. 

DAMN!! I was really hoping for a surface PRO mini. Display port, usb3, separate charging port, wacom digitizer, kickstand, i5 haswell/broadwell, or even an i3 would do. Dream machine.

I'll rock it only as long as

1) it is LTE

2) it is x64 or x86. No stupid windows RT ARM crap.

chances of this are probably next to nothing for I know MSFT will make it wifi-only Windows RT. yuck.

I hope this is a Wacom digitizer. Would be so epic if it did. Also, no more than £200 for the base 32GB (WiFi only) version with RT and Office? If true I may be having wet dreams of this.

I think this would be great (if available with LTE)! This is exactly what I am needing to use at the office. I tried the Dell Venue Pro 8 (and loved it), but its lack of LTE made it less useful in the field.

Hoping it'll be Atom based. Going from a Thinkpad Tablet 8 to a Surface Pro hurt in the battery department

Nice formfactor indeed. But the statement of it going to be the best tablet for note taking is far from true. I already consider my surface pro as an ideal note taking device. The major issue I am still having is that there is too much focus of the wacom stylus as a note taking gimmick. After almost 10 years of stylus support in the hard/software devices,I think its time for microsoft to put the stylus front and center. Using a stylus on in windows 8 with onenote, journal, onenote app for modern UI and myscript notes mobile are some of the best programs/apps around for this platform, but the issue I'm running into is that the best features of each app is divided among these apps, which interupts the workflow and loses to a less cohesive and productive experince. What would make the surface mini a "true" note-taking device is if they could get serious of giving the stylus some more love after more than 9 years of support of the technology and start making a single app with the best features in a coherent end-user design for stylus use and excellent ink-to text recognition for a more coherent and productive experience. Its the achilles heal after more than five years of using the stylus on windows devices that is still a concerning issue. I'm still noticing that the UI is too much mouse and keyboard layout and input oriented. Also the ink-to-text recognition needs to be more inline and direct, than pressing a translation button after the stylus writing is done. And the recognition of handwriting still needs some refinement. Microsoft should already have over 9 years of data to accomplish this. Untill that software issue is fixed properly, I see the surface mini as no more than a gimmicky toy and a waste of R&D, with little productive potential in the notetaking department.

I'm hoping the Surface 3 Pro will have a bigger screen. 12-13 inches and 4K resolution is all I'm asking, it's perfect for professionals, since that's what its geared towards anyway.

The surface 3 should remain 10 inches. It's perfect for normal users.

Giving that it supports a pen, I wonder does it mean it will be x86 base. Doesn't seem like RT has the drivers etc. to support pen input.

Here is an idea. Surface mini note cover that doubles as a type cover and writing surface.... Letting you keep the screen real-estate and making use of their concept the unveiled with the surface 2.

Ohhh this is sounding like one sweeeeeeet device! Really looking forward to this being released. My guess is they were waiting on the touch version of Office to be done before they release it.

It would be perfect if it was running full-fat Windows 8, but I'm almost 100% sure it will run RT. Unfortunate, but not a dealbreaker.

I'm glad to hear that it has Active Stylus support. That gives it massive bonus points. It wound be nice to see a built in stylus silo. I'm salivating thinking about the possiblility of having a Touch Cover with this device!

An 8 or 8.3" full HD screen with a 16:10 aspect with the stylus support and a Touch Cover would be absolutely amazing!

I actually would preferr RT to full Windows on a smaller device where weight and battery life are more important (to me anyway) than full-blown Windows support.

Actually, it has been rumored since the release of Surface RT and is about as real as the Easter Bunny.  While you are at it, why don't you add a quad core i7, 2160P display, 1 TB storage, free LTE, and two day constant on battery life?  It would have just as much chance of ever being real.  No this site never presents unfounded BS rumors, do you?

I'd like to know whatever happened to the 7" Xbox Surface Mini that was rumored... That thing would've been the ultimate game-changer!

I've been holding off on an 8" tablet simply because of the general lack of pen input. The Dell's pen isn't a true digitizer from what I can tell, and everything else is capacitive. (Just saw the Asus 8" - not sure what that's about...) If this does have awesome pen support, I'll be sold! My wife loves her Surface RT. I'm thinking this only needs to run RT as well to make me happy - I think I'd even prefer RT.