Microsoft promises a sneak peek into the future of Windows Phone on June 20th

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Today, in conjunction with the plethora of E3 announcements, Microsoft has revealed the final plans for the June 20th Dev Summit happening in San Francisco. 

The event initially spanned a couple of days but is now down to one and while details are unannounced, Microsoft teased that this will be a "a sneak peek of of the future of Windows Phone". That can of course only mean one thing, Windows Phone 8 aka Apollo will be revealed, at least in part.

In speaking with some publishers here today, we can expect some demonstrations of some new games for the new OS as well as details for developers. Windows Phone 8 is thought to be introducing 4 display resolutions, dual-core support, native access for gaming, integrated Skype, NFC and other more "high end" features in addition to a new base layer for the OS. Make no mistake, this is a new OS not just an update.

The big questions on everyone's minds revolve around device updates and how much of a "break from the old" developers should expect. No word if this summit will answer all of those questions but at least we'll get a "sneak peek" of what's to come.

Of course, myself and Rafael Rivera will be there to cover the event, providing perspective of what the new changes mean in layman terms. So stay tuned.


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Microsoft promises a sneak peek into the future of Windows Phone on June 20th


I'm really excited about SmartGlass.
One of the great things about the Sega Dreamcast was that there was a little screen on the controller.  In some sports games you could set up plays and the opponent sitting next to you couldn't see it.
Of course with most multiplayer games being played over the internet, the need for this isn't there anymore.  But SmartGlass shows other awesome uses.
What I didn't see, however, was the ability to use the phone or tablet keyboard to type stuff.  I hope that's included.  Well, at least on the Windows 8 and WP8 versions.

Hahha I can't wait to attend the wp dev summit. Looking for seeing awesome wp 8 in hand. IPhone & android can just kiss there ass goodbye because wp is back. Also glad wp killed BlackBerry rim

I'm for haven BlackBerry still out there I don't use it but keepn it 4 instead of 3 OS' is good for the people who wanna choose if anything android and apple need to slim down and equal out everything in still gonna be a Nokia WP guy tho ;) maybe an alienware WP guy if they make one glowing alien head on the back would make apple phones look weak

I'm for having BlackBerry still out there. I don't use it, but keeping four instead of three operating systems is good for the people who want to choose. If anything, Android and Apple need to slim down and level the playing field. I'm still gonna be a Nokia WP guy though ;) Maybe an Alienware WP guy if they would make one with a glowing alien head on the back. That would make the iPhone look weak lol

Looking forward to seeing what all the secrecy is about.  Any thoughts as to why they cut the event down to one day?

Ms needs to do right by the early supporters and give us all the update. Otherwise they're just shafting us.

second generation of devices will get wp8 , dont worry but might not be as smooth as current, because UI is very different

Am going to so strict with windows phone 8... It better have the features I have on my phone already from other OS providers. Also as a titan user am not prepared to wait again for wp8.5. This really needs to be it.