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Microsoft pushes out another Facebook Beta update for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has pushed another update out for its Facebook Beta Windows Phone app. Unfortunately, like before there's no change log supplied. We recently covered the release of version and today we're looking at, so it's not a massive jump but there's bound to be a bug fix and minor improvement here and there.

If you happen to notice anything new while using the latest version, be sure to hit us up in the comments. You can download Facebook Beta from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks to everyone who tipped us!



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Microsoft pushes out another Facebook Beta update for Windows Phone 8


The beta app notified me when I logged in that there was an update. They must have introduced this in the last version?

Another update was released last night, still having some issues. I have no idea why are this guys having so much problems to make this kind of app. There are critical features missing: if you pin the check-in button and you tap on it then there is no way to get into the main app.

Yes, also 3rd party apps being removed from the WP Store also has this feature even on images sent thru private messages. It's basically part of touch.facebook.com functionality...

Still jumps to the top of news feed, so still annoying as crap. Still lags a lot too. Maybe we need Rudy Huyn or Daniel Gary to make a Facebook app for us.

That's only true about Daniel Gary.

Rudy updates his Apps regularly and many times to fix things before you even notice they were broken.

And it still has 13 filters, though they can be updated daily, says the Instance's description when I was downloading that one.

@Josh: Right, but not only WP7.x Lumias which don't get the storage check feature, the x20 Lumias prior to 1308 firmware don't get that feature too.

13 shit filters. I emailed him my code for some better ones but I'm guessing he gets too many emails to reply. Ah well I tried to help. :)

I do agree that instance needs an update as soon as possible. With that said, this Facebook app still lags alot, I barely use it cause of that.

I'd much rather it jump to the top than where I left off. So many things going on in my news feed it takes forever to get to the too.

But it is a pain when I'm down the news feed a long ways and suddenly it jumps to the top and I have to scroll all the way back down to continue reading where I left off. Start at the top when launching but don't jump to the top every time a new item crops up.

Agreed. The worst in when you're looking at something and when it jumps to the top the old thing you were looking at gets pushed out. They already have the notification bar at the top when there's a new story. That should be enough. Also they need a way to keep going through older posts. If you have a busy day you can miss a lot.

Does that actuay make the app behave like it should even though it jumps to the top even when the phone is perfectly still? I just went in and changed it but I don't think it will change anything. If it does I'll repost here.

Thanks for the extremely insightful and ridiculous comment Cory. Yeah, my 7.8 phone still works. Quite well mind you unlike my old iPhone that newer versions of IOS basically shut down. It's getting frustrating though for those of us that bought L900s that we can't use any of the advanced features of WP8 and it seems that 90% of new apps are WP8 only. And I still have many months on contract.

First of all, was I being "insightful" or "ridiculous"? I felt as if your sarcasm was lost when you gave me a compliment and labeled it as "ridiculous". Secondly, I had a Lumia 900 as well, now I have an HTC 8X. I bought my way out of my AT&T contract, cost me $655 for 2 ETFs (early termination fee). My HTC 8X cost me $99.99, that means I spent around $750.00 to reach 'Windows Phone 8' status. If I can go to those extremes, surely you can buy a Lumia 920 or an 8X off of eBay or Craigslist for less than $300.

We WP7.8 users also don't have a storage bug. Be grateful you haven't "upgraded." When your contract is up WP8 will likely be more stable, so I'd say you're in a good position.

I have 80 GB of storage (including SD card) and less than 2 GB of other, I think I'll be OK. Thanks for the concern though.

I'm sorry, but you must be confusing me for someone else. I assure you that I haven't the least bit of concern for you... LOL

Storage check, for Lumia devices has fixed this problem. That said, WP8 is still far from a polished OS and many will agree that Zune provides a better experience than Xbox Music.

I keep hearing about a storage bug but I have no effing clue what people are talking about. Whatever it is hasn't affected me in the slightest on my 920. Wp8 is stable. Take your sour grapes elsewhere. :P

There are no sour grapes here. I can migrate to WP8 at any time as my contract expired in April. I have chosen not to for many reasons. I will buy the next Lumia on ATT for a penny, sell it to one you guys for full price, then continue using my Quantum.

Good job, I did as well.
I was actually pushed the update through the store on Thursday along with updates for Indigo, Handyscan and Hike & Bike.

Hopefully MSFT gives developers and easy way to do this in 8.1 along with giving users the option to auto update and auto update over WiFi only.

Runs a bit smoother, and in-app alert.
When will we get a proper fb chat? This app's chat sucks, as I have to refresh it all the time if I want to see new messages, and no photo sending in chat.. Can't send photos in integrated fb, too... It sucks. iOS and Android have it..

You can't send photos, can't send videos, can't see if someone's typing, can't know when someone has read your message, your FB chat groups won't sync to it, it's slow as hell.. No, I won't.

Update has a bug, I'm unable to post comments at this point.  The circle after send keep spinning.  Restsrted phone, reinstalled FB Beta, no luck.  How hard is it to get this right?

Well...it doesn't help that you're using the cheapest windows phone available either. You get what you paid for.

Yeah, I also have it on my L620 and also works well. But the 620 is miles better than the 520.

Yes, hope it has a new option to make it landscape in the next update, but I'd still prefer typing on portrait.

Features I miss:
ability to unlike pages
hashtags and mentioning
commenting with pics
seeing birthdays
ability to upload vids to groups

It's so frustrating how slow the app is to use. It's so slow that I prefer to just not use it at all.
They seriously need to completely focus on making it perform fluidly, even if they take a whole month to do that and then push out an update. For now I just use the mobile website because the app is incredibly annoying to use, need to press things like notification 2-3 times and everything seems to take .5-1 seconds to respond.
I love that we've got a new FB app that matches the gui of other platforms but I hate the performance, 10 or beta updates later it hasn't really improved much at all, performance wise anyway. It was terrible to begin with and it still has terrible performance. 
Please Microsoft, fix the performance of this app as a priority, if the app doesn't feel fluid I don't even care about the features because I just hate using the app.

It is much smoother now and sharing works on many of the posts I tested. However, it still gets back to the top when it updates, chat is still not good and no support for messaging photos.

Still, a considerable improvement over the previous facebook app and even over the first iteration of facebook beta. Seems like microsoft are heading in the right direction. For me, this app will be ready for full normal release as soon as tagging people starts working and news feed doesnt return to the top. The rest of the features like chat improvement and adding photos in messages are secondary features in my view!

It's a link on WP Central that you can get it from. Check through the Facebook forums that were posted by WP Central.

It's merely a bug. Just send your feedback to Microsoft via Settings > About > Send Feedback on your Facebook Beta app.

the interesting was, I got the prompt for update while using the fb last nite. I opened the fb app and it said there was a new update. Didn't had to go marketplace and look for update.

Basically, I don't understand Microsoft devteam not implementing first all of the functionality of the site touch.facebook.com before releasing and updating this beta app. An app is not just about UI, functions and features are as beautiful if not much more beautiful. The number of likes and who still does not match when viewed thru the user's Wall aside from thru notifications. We can't upload images thru private messaging, still can't even view/download one. No hastags support, no colorful emoji/emoticons, no fb moods/activities support yet, no @mentions support, viewing an item in your News Feed and going back is a hassle because it always refreshes back on top... Can't share yet from News Feed to private messages... Development, feels somewhat stagnant and no "real" progress that it just taking them too looooonnngggg. And also, when are they gonna realize that stickers is a thing of beauty when it comes to Fb chat and messaging.?? Even a Nokia E5 has Despicable Me stickers for Facebook private messaging.. This is ridiculously slow. I'm a fan, but can't really help but to be critical of them at this point.

Yeah, I agree, and it will be better if MS puts a code routine on each post update to check whether the post is private or not, before showing the share button.
But, hashtags is natively supported as you just type # followed by your topic. Just try it.

I have many posts that have hashtags w/ them and they still don't show up blue (as a link). Especially Fb-posted Instagram photos, the hashtags just shows as regular text, when they should be a link, also, Instagram photos still won't show on my Fb Wall... I either have to use notifications or go directly to the Instagram album.

Its probably Facebook causing them to change the code because of the constant API changes, its why so many devs have given up trying to support twitter as well!

Clearly you're ignorant of quite a few things. This is a NEW fb app for WP8 that will replace the current one once it's our of beta.

And there are many, many users on Facebook. It's actually quite a big deal.

Still cannot add people to group. Also the link to group message post doesnt take you to the message itself but to top of group page. Annoying. Always have to you the m.facebook.com to do that.

After seeing notification 10 timets it's not marked as read and every time i open the app it says there is a new notifiation but it's the same one.

That damn problem is old and still unfixed. I keep reporting the bug and still no fix. It's very frustrating.

No. MSFT can do that, as it's the main developer of WPs. But it's much better if it teamworked with Facebook to make that app.

Faster on a data connection the same on WiFi, bug when resizing profile picture rectified and faster deletion. Have not noticed anything else since download yesterday

Mmm $40 000 update.... Still can't believe that shit, wonder if your release is in beta that 40k still applies to subsequent updates?

Clicked on Fiancé to IM, brought up old high school friend I haven't talked to in years. Sent IM before realizing this.

Just go to WPCentral app and download the app. But if you refer to post updates in the app, just shake it and it updates.

I still don't see it. I tried the download app from the WPCapp and I scanned the code on the site with bing vision and there's still no option to update.

Then your app is up to date. Is your app version If you don't sure, check via Settings > About

When you go to messages, a few icons pop up on the bottom and you can pin messages to the start screen. Was this there all along? I feel like there was only a refresh button before and now there's more options for messages...


Windows Phone also has a cap lock that you can unlock and type as if you're not yelling...and you can multitask last time I checked.

Is anyone else having battery issues with the? My ATT 920 is blowing through the battery like in 8 hours with this installed. If I uninstall battery life is fine. Very odd....

Mine too! After i installed it.y battery died after 5 hours. And my lumia 920 turns hot after i installed it. Odd indeed

I wouldn't consider this long at all. They are just getting started..I've seen software that remains in beta for years, but probably by the end of the year it will come out of beta.

My HTC Diamond isn't working for some reason?!? Should I update?! What's wrong with "insert company name here"

~says everyone not on WP8

My biggest complaint isn't addressed. If I click a link from my news feed, it jumps to the browser as expected. When I hit the Back button it jumps back to the top and fetches new items. PLEASE RETAIN POSITION!

That's not a "bug". It was designed that way for a specific reason. Probably for efficient code.

Still have a notification bug... If you uncheck all notifications leaving only message... the notification stop working...
I'm trying to leave only message on...

After the updare the offline-time of friends isn't shown correctly anymore.. It seems as if the numbers were cut.

when i get new notifications..phone doesn't rings a sound..is there a setting for that..even when messages come the same happens..
also notification count doesn't comes..it started when i first installed but after update notification count, sound for notifications and fb chat msg are gone..
if there are settings please help.

Off topic here but does anyone know how much Nokia charges for repairs my 920 been sent Monday to them as the usb charge port somehow fried over night wile recharging only had the thing since the beginning of this year got proof of purchase and that still of course

I wish there was a way to disable messaging when you have the mobile app cuz I'd rather have all my Facebook messages go to the built-in messaging. I usually only get one Facebook message through my contact messaging and then I have to go to the Facebook app to chat. It's kind of inconvenient to have to switch through two messaging services.

A bit smoother but still buggy, and why on earth is it not fullscreen? Im still going to use webapps with the touch version of Facebook instead!
/* Larksyrm */

I am a casual fb user and for me people tile tell me fb updated news and built in messenger is too good for fb chatting.That's why I haven't downloaded any fb app in 2 years. But ya, it depends on requirements
Edit: photo album and people tile allow me to view videos and pictures and allow me to save them

People it isnt,,,, the newst version is, I got the update recently today here in India.
Please check your versions!

providing you have your facebook account linked to your windows phone 8s
to view and send pictures in facebook private messeage do the following

1 swipe left and tap MESSAGING
2 tap the 3 DOTS bottom right
4 swipe down to USE FACEBOOK CHAT turn ON
done worked for me it enables you to message facebook online/offline contacts view and save videos and pictures from the messaging tab although you still have to use a 3rd party facebook app to send photos through private message. hope it helps