Microsoft re-releases Windows security bulletin after pulling it earlier in August

windows 8.1

Microsoft has just re-released a security bulletin, MS14-045, for all currently supported builds of Windows, after a previous version of the patch was released, and later pulled from circulation, earlier in August.

The MS14-045 bulletin, which was released to fix some kernel related issues, was offered as part of an overall update to Windows 8.1 that was supposed to add some small features to the OS. The bulletin was also released for Windows Vista and Windows 7. In a blog post, Microsoft said:

"A small number of customers experienced problems with a few of the updates. As soon as we became aware of some problems, we began a review and then immediately pulled the problematic updates, making these unavailable to download. We then began working on a plan to rerelease the affected updates."

The patch is currently available via Microsoft's automatic Windows Update feature. There's no word yet if the other Windows update files that were pulled a few weeks ago are now available to download again. As soon as we get more information, we will post an update.

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Microsoft re-releases Windows security bulletin after pulling it earlier in August


My only concern is if you've already downloaded the old one. I'm assuming that would be updated on its own through Windows Update?

yeah, as long as you don't get to see bugs, you are fine.
but for example I had to uninstall it because I was getting taskbar bug with multi-displays... it happened when I did swap taskbars between my displays, it would become a mess, and it would start duplicating them, and then I got to have even 3 taskbars in one display (the usual was two on each display), it was fun but not nice bug to know/have (even if I never really swap taskbars, I just was messing around and noticed the bug)
when I uninstalled august update everything worked fine again, so yeah, you should just uninstall if you get a weird bug you didn't get before.

This is not the Aug Update! This is MS14-045 which is a security update for issues within the NT kernal. The issues you have having is related to the "Aug Update" which is a Windows update and not a Security Update.

Don't think MS has sloved the issues found in the Aug Update!

What problems??? Because for the last month or so my Wi-Fi has been going in and out on my laptop but no other device... To the search engines!

same here.  using the Intel AC7260 wifi card.  i heard there was a windows update somewhere in the last month or 2 that caused this, and i can't seem to figure it out.  if you figure something out, let us know!

I think Microsoft should test their software a bit longer before releasing updates. They can't afford more problems adding to this, the Surface Pro 3 overheating issues and the Bitlocker issue for Developer Preview users.
Even though only a few people were affected by the first two, it made bad headlines. Detractors of Microsoft say Windows is buggy and complicated and we must prove them wrong.
Though I heard testers are part of the layoffs.

There were some (badmouthed) gossips, that from now on the developers supposed to test their own code :) Eat your own dogfood how they like to say.

There's only so much manual and automated testing they can do given the huge variety of hardware Windows runs on. However when it comes to their own Surface lineup there's no excuse at all for bad updates.

The original update worked but completely disabled Windows Update for me. After 3 days and thousands of attempts to fix it, Windows Update remains broken and will not retreive any updates.

It simply stuck "Checking for Updates" for eternity. If you can find it on Google, then I've tried it, short of reinstalling the Operating system, which I just did prior to running Windows Update ......lol.

My Asus running 8.1 has run into this same issue as well, I have 3 updates that will not install, although windows defender definition updates and a couple Intel driver updates were able to install via WU. The error code I kept receiving suggested I tun troubleshooter, of course, and then DIsm scanhealth/restorehealth via CMD Prompt, but no luck still. I hope this resolves that issue.

I installed updates a week ago that messed things up to the point of a system restore, which resulted in the blue screen. Still trying to get everything to work. I wonder if this will fix things.

I had to perform a System Restore on two BSoD-ed desktops (one Windows 7 and the other Windows 8) and have not installed updates since then. I never thought I'd have to be this cautious with Windows Update, but we will have to see. It was pretty bad though, at least on my Windows 8 machine, I wasn't sure if any of the recovery tools would work.

I installed the offending update on 8/13 (1.5 year-old HP desktop that came with Windows 8.0).  Never saw a BSOD or any other issue.

Per this article, I uninstalled 2982791 then sucessfully installed the update.