Microsoft reaches out to former Apple MobileMe users, offers 1 year of extra 15 GB for SkyDrive

While we don’t suspect many of you are users of the former cloud-service from Apple called MobileMe, which was cancelled last year and merged into iCloud, we suppose it couldn’t hurt to mention this offer.

Last year, Apple abandoned MobileMe, which had trouble from day one. Those users though did have 20GB of free online storage while Apple’s new iCloud only offered 5GB. Apple did however make up the 15GB difference for one year to those switching over, but alas, that one year ended within the last few days (though some have extensions until September 30th). As a result, Apple sent out “downgrade” notices to people notifying them that they are losing that 15GB. Users can either accept that or pay to keep the extra 15GB.

Now, the SkyDrive team is trying to take advantage of the situation by offering an extra 15GB of free storage on top of the already free 7GB. Granted, it too is limited to one year and those SkyDrive users will be given the same offer: pay or get downgraded at that time. But it’s an interesting attempt by the SkyDrive team to lure new people over to at least try the service—who knows, they may like it and stay?

To qualify, all a prospect needs to do is send the downgrade email from Apple to the SkyDrive team at HelpMeSkyDrive@outlook.com. Will anyone switch? Maybe. But it’s good to see the SkyDrive team trying.

Source: Twitter; via Revryl


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Microsoft reaches out to former Apple MobileMe users, offers 1 year of extra 15 GB for SkyDrive


Skydrive for now. The melting Rupert Murdoch shoved his slimy hand in to say nooo cant call your product SkyDrive. I own the word Sky. Go away Rupert.

If Charlie Sheen had the privilege of renaming SkyDrive he would probably choose WinDrive.."Win" for Windows and more importantly "Winning!"

Wasn't this the same guy that tried going after Skype a while back since their name started with the word "sky?" Looks like the definition of a troll to me.

OneDrive is even better than SkyDrive. It may has nothing to do with cloud but it's the ONE drive that's accessible anywhere, on any device. Even on you Xbox ONE. And it works together with ONENote.

MobileMe was a paid service, nothing was given or taken away. It's actually cheaper to add paid storage to iCloud than it was to subscribe to MobileMe (a win for the consumer).

I don't understand why do the same thing the other guys did...are they going to take away MY extra storage? I got to keep my original 25GB from when they started... =[

No, I don't think so, because I have the 25GB storage on my first account, too. It's just an offer for those who had their account 'downgraded' by Apple.

Neither did Apple. MobileMe was a paid service, it's actually cheaper now to add storage to iCloud than it was to subscribe to MobileMe.

I got my 25 gb as well, plus an extra 3 because I'm a student. Heh. I don't even have much use for all that space right now, but it might come in handy later.

Have fun paying for that once the trial expires. 
Wouldn't want to lock into ANY carrier services. I just want my carrier to be a dumb pipe and nothing more. 

So what I'm wondering is what happens to your data if you refuse to pay up at the end of your free term.  Do they just delete a random section of your data to get you down to your new allocation?
In any case, my advice is to avoid any temporary "free" cloud storage allocation.  You find yourself wanting to utilize your space, but that just means you are making yourself dependent on something you will have to pay for later.
Also, my advice is to go back in time and get yourself locked into the 25GB SkyDrive allocation.  In fact, go to BUILD like I did and get that upgraded to 125GB for life :)

On the Xbox, Msft leaves your stuff in the cloud till you take it down. I would assume they would do the same with SkyDrive.

HAHA! Between the ridiculous new ads and these far fetched ideas, MS is just embarrassing anymore.
Hey, quick tip: If you made SkyDrive a USEFUL or at least LESS SH|TTY experience, maybe you'll actually catch a customer or two, although even then...haha, oh man...

This is actually a really good move, seeing as SkyDrive is an actual cloud back-up solution, unlike iCloud, which basically only saves a select amount of Apple content. Even then, you don't really get to go into the inards and chose whatsup.

So once people try it out, I'm sure they'll want to stay.

No one is going to pay for SkyDrive, Microsoft. I don't know why they bother with these tricks to try to get people used to having more than 7GB.
Luckily I still have my original 25GB SkyDrive from before they reduced.

Just received my code and it gave me 15gb for a year, then I received another email from them telling me to use a different code and it extended my 15gb until 2015!  I beleive when it runs out and you eat into the 15gb, you cannot upload until space is freed up.