Microsoft readies to join the ‘Internet of Things’ with Windows on Devices


We are less than 12 hours away from Microsoft’s keynote at Build 2014. We’re really looking forward to all the news surrounding Windows Phone 8.1. That said, Microsoft will be showing off plenty of other products, devices and services. It also looks like Microsoft is ready to join the ‘Internet of Things’. A website has gone live on the night before Build. The site gives us a little insight into what else Microsoft may announced this week.

Windows on Devices (www.windowsondevices.com) is now live on the internet. The site talks about the next big thing being small and how Microsoft plans to bring Windows to a whole new class of devices.

What sort of devices? A coffee mug, a talking bear, a robot or anything else your imagination can dream up. Microsoft even says they'll demo a connected piano with Windows on Devices at Build 2014.

It looks like Microsoft might be making development tools for developers looking to join the Internet of Things. An SDK is expected to release during spring 2014 with a look at new software and APIs.  Windows on Devices will allow devs to work with development boards like the Intel Galileo.

Anyone looking forward working with Windows on Devices? Sound off below.

Update: And just like that, the website is down. We suspect it'll be up again once Microsoft 'officially' announces Windows on Devices. 

Source: Windows on Devices Via: The Verge


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Microsoft readies to join the ‘Internet of Things’ with Windows on Devices


It would actually be really cool if you could enabe Windows on any (smart)glass surface near you. Whether it's your computer screen, tv, mobile or kitchen window. Where ever you are, just tap the screen and your personal tile-based UI pops up (and syncs across platforms). This reminds me of Nokia's vision for the future video they showed years ago. Btw, kind of strange that a company with such a vision was unable to respond to the iPhone on time (they already saw smartglasses coming).

Yo Doug, We heard you like Windows, so we put Windows on Your Windows, so you can windows while you windows on your windows.

Now you officially been Windowsed ... Enjoy your windows. :p

I really want a smartwatch, especially with a Metro interface. I really hope Microsoft/Nokia will bring such a device before all the Google kids take credit.

Indeed. Android Wear actually looks really nice. Shame that Google is getting credit for a category partially pioneered by Microsoft.

Oooo, interesting. Im hoping for a smartwatch, something classical, even co-designed with a Swiss watch maker would beyond fantastic.

If you saw some of the errors WP can generate if it has a problem mounting its boot filesystem you might not consider that joke to be so nineties.

Actually, they aren't. They are just thinking about it. Nothing has been finalized yet. But SYNC is a mess, and MS really needs to overhaul that with the W8 ecosystem, etc.

Just make sure windows phone works properly. Then think about anything else. 2 & a half years and still not much growth that we can call significantly .

Ok, growing 91% y-o-y is not growth. Or do you mean no significant market share. Becuase wp is growing; i even saw two from two random people at one loaction, the first time :-). I live in jamaica. Plus 30, 000 lumia cooperate deal in spain, i would say that is progess.

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And your point is? I have a cheap android tablet because i do not work (42% youth unemployment). Yet i use onedrive, outlook, bing(yeah it sucked in jamaica until i put it to us)- amd i have experiment a lot, google and bing results are the same with minor difference of course. I visit wpcentral, tom warrn, mary j, even misterxmedia. I know everything msft that i can find online, including the subsidary that makes big cameras to photogragh the earth. So i do not get your point. But miss computing without crippling limitation.

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A smartwatch that doesn't look like a power rangers' watch would be very welcome, but it seems that it might still be months away.. Anyway, looking forward to see more Windows everywhere, just as Google did with android.

The Motorola one looks great, all they had to do was make it round and not square to achieve that

that's going to be a misreable experiance 2G network speed for a high res 3 hour conference think about it

Yeah. I know but i dont have any option. It will be live at 9PM IST so i will not be in my office. So i want to watch it in my phone.

Clever strategy - they're doing what Apple can't do because they don't allow their OS on devices they don't make.

The IoT idea has been around for a while but in the last couple of years it's getting a big push (now that processors are small and powerful enough to actualy make it usable).

Most technologies starts as a hobbiest thing (PCs and the Internet did too and some of us had smartphones long before the iPhone came out)

I bet they're gonna name it Windows Embedded 8.1 Update 1 Handheld for Coffee Mug with Enterprise Feature Pack SP2 :P

Windows conceptual small system standard device implementation featuring the latest in Microsoft Plus Pack with a azure backbone topped off with sp1 2 3 and 4 but to be discontinued to be replaced by silverlite for small things.

Windows for Pants. For the exhibitionists out there. Also allows the flatulent to open various windows to aid dispersion.

Good night from NZ, looking forward to dozens of stories when I wake up, its like Xmas for geeks!

Curious how this will differ from their .net Micro Framework product. Will they release it for .net Gadgeteer?
I love c#, but .net MF is crippled by their lack of generics and or unit testing framework.