Microsoft to rebrand the Marketplace as Windows Phone Store?

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In the recent announcement of Microsoft launching the new Developer Center for the Windows Phone community, the company has also revealed a potential rebranding of the Windows Phone Marketplace. This is an expected move, which we'll rate as a strong possibility. The Windows 8 Store is present in the next version of Microsoft's desktop operating system, so to remain consistent it makes sense to bring in a new name.

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Windows 8, which will be powering not only desktop and laptops but tablets as well, will sport Microsoft's first real attempt at implementing an app store on its platform to rival the likes of Apple with its App Store. As well as that, we've got the Xbox Music Store replacing the Zune music service. "Store" appears to be chosen to brand Microsoft's online stores providing content to consumers through its products.

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So what's happening with the mobile platform? Say hello to the Windows Phone Store. This will look to be the new home for all Windows Phone apps once Apollo is launched later this year. Microsoft has yet to announce the change officially, but we can safely expect it to become reality.

What do you make of the Marketplace rebranding?


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Microsoft to rebrand the Marketplace as Windows Phone Store?


the new dashboard shows
Browse Video
Browse Music
Browse Apps
when you launch any of these it show 'Browse  Videos', 'Browse Music', 'Apps Marketplace'.

..i see what u did there! I like the name, just don't see them doing it, too confusing to name UI same as a single device (think iPad UI, Galaxy S34GInfuseNote.1 UI..)

But please save it as a PNG file, the JPG compression looked terrible on the previous one. And you'll get a smaller size probably too.

Maybe the new name will even come in 7.8! (That is, if it doesn't require dual-core, NFC, etc. just like in-app transactions lol.)

It's simple and most of the common folk out there (read: people who will be buying my apps), will identify with "store". I like it and it solidifies the Win8/Xbox/Windows Phone ecosystem.
Well, at least until Apple comes along and says they were ones who invented the word "Store"

It really isn't that dramatic. Depending on where you go, one might call it a store. Someone else might call it a Marketplace. Chances are, most people aren't looking that deep into it when it comes to what to call the app/music/video/gaming stop on a smartphone

I also like Marketplace and think it fits very well, but I would rather them label it, "Extras" or "Microsoft Extras" over plain old boring store! this is because we already have a music and games hub, so essentially the apps are extras. (Extras just sound better than store)

Store is definitely generic and it has several definitions, unlike Marketplace, which only means one thing. I vote to keep Marketplace.

We should have a poll for this. Microsoft should create polls for things like this. Let the votes decide.

i kinda prefered marketplace.. but i guess with a little getting used to, windows phone store will eventually become acceptable. i've vote for marketplace to remain i were asked to.

Man! Microsoft should stop renaming products left and right. Whats up with this thing? It does not look like a marketing move.

If they kept the whole naming system simply it would be ok.
Store, Video, Games, Music, Photo, Mail and Search
but instead they have
Marketplace, Music+Video (now Xbox Music, Xbox Video), outlook and Bing
They shoud just kept  it simply and used:
Bing as a portal to the market place, music, videos, apps and mail
xbox as a hardware entertainment.
Windows as just the OS.
Once again MS is all over the place.

Store will be great and an obvious change:
a known word for a place to get apps.
a short word
a better word for all non english speakers

I don't know, just name it, "Microsoft Extras" or "Extras" because we already have the music and games hubs. So esseciallly, they are extras.

That's some bull. Play store, apple store. Come on innovation is the game and that store bull isn't innovation. Yes naming schemes is innovation and Microsoft needs to stop with the late catch up game. "buy all your shit here" is better that using "store"

If they are trying to unify everything why have Windows Store & Windows Phone Store in the first place. The store should be the same name regardless of the device you are on.

All the renaming and branding is getting pretty f-n annoying. Market, marketplace, play store, app store... Nobody cares. Just name it and move on. The only news I want to hear about windows X market is that if you own it on all platforms whenever you purchase an app.

I would like to see Bing being used more.
I hate that MS is attaching Xbox to anything out side of Xbox. I think Bing Music would have been better. Xbox music doesnt even make sense to me since I dont own one. Plus, it seems a little cheesy for me to have to tell people that I get my music from Xbox music. Im in my thirties for christ sake,lol. ( To be clear I play video games as well. I just dont want my other forms of entertainment having some sort of attachment to video gaming).
Now renaming the Marketplace to Store is fine.
EDIT: Totalfixation, good post. This is exactly what I would like to see.

I guess the hang up for me is that it seems too fanboish. Xbox is its own brand. I dont understand why they would name their music and vid store after another product? I have nothing against the Xbox. I just dont want to be looked at like an Xbox fanboy because everything I do is going to have an Xbox name associated with it. Im getting a little too old to have Xbox splashed every where.

I no longer see Xbox as just gaming, but as media. So for me it makes sense that Xbox is for Games,Videos,Music, & other types of media consumption.

I don't think they should use Windows Phone Store, 'cause that would sound like a actual store, where you buy Windows Phone .

Hello how about leaving it the way it fuxking is why the hell would u change it now after 2years stupid stupid stupid stupid

What does this mean for the current marketplace on 7.5/7.8? Will there be two seperate markers then and what will Microsoft do for the current useradopters in terms if enduser friendliness?

Will Microsoft consider support for different paymodes as not all countries adopt the creditcard system. I think it is high time to support inline banking and paypal support. I am willing to pay but Microsoft has created a major Barrier with the creditcard system.