Microsoft registers domains using Sony brand

Could Microsoft's recent domain acquisition signify a possible future collaboration between Sony Ericsson and Microsoft? It's surely debatable, but the domain names are so vague that it could cover a joint-venture between Sony itself and Microsoft (in entertainment etc.), as opposed to Sony Ericsson with Windows Phone 7. See the domains for yourself, sony-microsoft.com and microsoft-sony.com (both redirect to Bing SERPs), not really 'WP7 friendly' right?

Forum users at Neogaf discovered the domain names that were registered to Microsoft through Corporation Service Company (CSC), a corporate identity protection firm. The replies in the thread contain ideas that range from the software giant possibly taking over Sony (or vice versa), a Sony Vs Microsoft fighting game, Microsoft trolling, or -- of course -- Sony Ericsson WP7 handsets.

Sony Ericsson, once named as a key partner, had produced prototypes of a WP7 handset (with some cool concepts being designed), but the manufacturer never came to light with volume and a release. We mustn't forget that the two companies may be strong competitors in the gaming market, but Sony works with Microsoft and Windows so something could relate to the Vaio product line. Then again, these are mere domain names, Microsoft has a catalog of registrations. What do you guys think, what's most probable to come out of this should anything actually happen?

Source: Neogaf, via: WinRumors


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Microsoft registers domains using Sony brand


I would bet my hat that it's not a SE/MS collaboration, what with the Xperia Play and the PS Suite coming to newer SE phones along with those two tablets. I'd venture at guess at maybe some new Vaio tablets and/or notebooks and/or netbooks with Windows 8.

Too bad SE sales are piss poor, seems that PS Suite idea isn't paying off, gamers who want to play "playstation" will get a PSP or a Vita.

Definitely not a phone... Microsoft nixed Sony's plans to include a removeable Memory Stick slot in their version of a Windows Phone. :P

Im having a hard time seeing MS and sony togetehr to be honest.SONY has NO reason to do anything with MS , psp phone+ps3+android tablet.. ect...i guess only time will tell.

Except none of those are really selling for them, I heard Sony Ericsson phone sales are bringging up the rear as far as OEMs go. And the phone business isn't tied to the Playstation business, besides hardcore PS fanboiz will just buy a PSP Vita (maybe, guess only time will tell). Oh, and Android tablets? ya, those aren't selling either.

Microsoft is forming alliances and licensing deals all over the place lately. I can see Sony making a WP7. Or this could be in prep for WP8, which could very well be a SoC device running a hybrid Windows 8 for the phone.

It will never happen but it would be awesome if they made a new console using Sony's hardware and Microsoft's Xbox Live service. If dreams would come true....