Microsoft releases the Help And Tips app for Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft's Help And Tips App

For those needing a little help navigating around Windows Phone 8.1, you now have at least two options. First, you can head over to the WPCentral Windows Phone 8.1 topic page and read up on tips, tricks and news items about Windows Phone 8.1 or you can install the new Microsoft app, Help And Tips.

The app covers tips from how to make a phone call to dealing with Cortana. The app can come in handy for those just starting learn about the updated platform or for those who are already old pros with Windows Phone 8.1.

The main pages of the Help And Tips app includes a Home page full of articles plus pages for tips, video tutorials and frequently asked questions.

Help And Tips

Not seeing what you are looking for? A search button is located at the bottom of the main pages of Help And Tips app to let you search the knowledge base by keyword or by a wide range of subject matter categories.

The Help And Tips app is a free app and does require Windows Phone 8.1. You can find the Microsoft Help And Tips app here in the Windows Phone Store. Don't forget to check out the Windows 8.1 version

Thanks, Mohamed, for the tip!

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Microsoft releases the Help And Tips app for Windows Phone 8.1


i would have emailed you but i do not know what your email address is.

I downloaded the app hoping i would be able to find out how to put parental controlls on the phone and there isnt any! this is rediculous. They have controlls for the windows 8.1 phones that access vpn networks, they showed it when they announced windows phone 8.1 that they can block apps and stuff, why cant we do the same things for our children. I thought this would translate pretty easily into parental controls and yet there still arent any.

We need to make a petition to allow us to block apps and stuff for our children. or at least allow develepors create an app like they have on android "app blocker"

Search in the store-help and tips, it's available to download. Has a blue rather than the orange colours icon found in Windows 8.1, though.

Much better than the old "app" that came with WP7 and WP8. I just wonder I it will come preinstalled on new WP's.

Damn, with all these new apps coming out I need to do some serious app management so I have more room.

Doesn't Microsoft know we already have a help and tips app and they do a fantastic job: It's called WPCentral.

I could make a long forum post about this, but many, if not most, people don't know they can rearrange their tiles(!)

9 times out of 10 when I spot someone with a Windows Phone they either have the default tile layout or they have a disjointed arrangement with huge gaps where they either mistakenly moved a tile or uninstalled an app and left a blank space. it's really unfortunate given that live tiles are the highlight of the WP experience.

I think MS needs to introduce a Customize Start Screen entry in the settings which would give users an obvious way to rearrange tiles and pin apps. without this, WP will just looks like a confusing mess to these users.

Hello guys my name is Deepak I just want to know whether Lumia 520 is included for the 8.1 update and if yes then plz somebody tell me release date!!!